Tuesday, 21 September 2004


Mr hoe invested the new cub scouts who had just passed all their admission tests and had bought their uniform on 21 August 2004. They were invested and welcomed officially to the brotherhood of scouting.

Monday, 6 September 2004

Unit Leader's Training

(picture scanned from unit logbook)
Mr Clarence Hoe attended the final phrase of his Unit Leader's Training Basic Course (ULTBC), a 3-day camp at the Sarimbun Scout Campsite.

Saturday, 4 September 2004

Famboree 2004

23 cub scouts attended the Famboree 2004 accompanied by Mr Zechariah and Mdm Gan Ai Lee and some parents.

It was a 3.5 km trek from Lower Pierce Reservoir to Famboree site in Bishan Park where the Cub Scouts viewed the pioneering projects build by the Scouts, some even got to climb up for a bird's eye view!

The Famboree ended with a campfire.

The following cubs attended the Famboree:
  • Tan Jia Hui;
  • Zia Syazwan Khan;
  • Pirabudevan;
  • Md Irwan Shah;
  • Karthik;
  • Zulhilmi;
  • Ammar;
  • Shaun Tan;
  • Md Zaidi;
  • Ezra Jose;
  • Yeo Kuok Wei;
  • Md Ikrimah;
  • Kenneth Lu;
  • Koh Rong Jie;
  • Matthias Siew;
  • Lee Jing Sheng;
  • Nur Asri;
  • Md Danial;
  • Md Solihin;
  • Md Idris;
  • Saiful Azhar.

Friday, 3 September 2004

WRPS 3rd Water Carnival

11 Cub Scouts help out in the WRPS 3rd Water Carnival at Yishun Swimming Complex.

The Cub scouts involved were:
  • Ngai Chin Pang;
  • Yang Wei Xiong;
  • Tan Jia Hui;
  • Zia Syazwan Khan;
  • Pirabudevan;
  • Md Alif;
  • Yeo Kuok Wei;
  • Md Ikrimah;
  • Lee Jing Sheng;
  • Md Asri;
  • Md Solihin.