Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Naturalist Proficiency Badge

Tan Jia Hui completed all the requirements for the naturalist proficiency badge and will be invested.

Sixer's Council

From 27 to 28 December 2004, the Sixers and Assistant Sixers met in school to complete all the test items for their Silver Arrow Standard. they completed all the requirements on 28 December and were invested immediately. Following the investiture, Mr Hoe, announced the changes and targets/plans for 2005 at Sixer Council. They include:
  • Mr Viknesh being appointed as Assistant Cub Scout Leader (PM session)
  • Md Ridhuan will work with Senior Sixer Wei Xiong in leading the Red Six
  • Tim Wei Loke will replace Purabudevan as Sixer of Orange Six
  • WRPS Cadet Scouts will be renamed "WRPS Soaring Eagles Cub Scouts"
  • In 6 months (2004), we qualified for (Bronze) Frank Cooper Sands Award. We hope to get it.
  • We will aim to achieve the Frank Cooper Sands (Silver) Award in 2005.
  • All P5 and 6 are required to complete Silver Arrow by June and Gold Arrow by December 2005.
  • P4 and 3 will be recruited in 2005 (Target:30)
  • Overseas Camps are also in the pipeline.

Friday, 10 December 2004

Inaugral Annual Combined Uniformed Groups Camp 2004

The theme of the first ever Combined UGs Camp was "Esprit de Corps". Esprit, a noun which means "Spirit, morale, enthusiasm, dedication, joyfulness, camaraderie, bonding" and the common feeling of purpose, pride, loyalty and responsibility that unites a group was to be a camp for members of the various uniformed groups in Woodlands Ring Primary School to get together, share knowledge and learn new skills; strengthen friendships by working together; and have a great deal of fun.

It was held from 29 November 2004 to 1 December 2004 where else, but in our very own school. The three uniformed groups got to know each other better, even the teachers did too! One of the highlights of the camp was our hike through MacRitche Reservoir and the HSBC Treetop Walk. It was an amazing hike fill with wild monkey chases, literally!
The Guest of Honour for the Campfire was none other than Mr Khor, our Vice Principal, who was more than impressed with the outcome of the camp. This marked the beginning of a new chapter of combined UGs activities like this one.

(Originally written by Ngai Chin Pang for Unit Logbook)

Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Camp Leaping Wolf 2004

Camp Leaping Wolf was held from 3 December 2004 to 6 December 2006 and was opened to graduating Cub Scouts and Brownies, in a bid to expose them to Scout Activities so that they will leap from the Cub Scout programme to the Scout programme.

Linus Quah and Angelo Lau and 3 Brownies represented WRPS at the camp which was filled with good wholesome fun.
(picture scanned from unit logbook)

More than 500 scouts and Brownies attended the camp where they got to experience more than 30 outdoor scout activities. The participants were broken into the East and West Camp, each consisting of schools from the respective areas. The camp climaxed with a campfire. Each camper also received a camp T-Shirt, scarf, badge and water bottle.