Thursday, 31 March 2005

Yeoman Service at WRPS 8th Athletics Meet

15 cub scouts fromP4,5 and 6 went to do Yeoman service at WRPS 8th Athletics Meet.

Sunday, 20 March 2005

Malacca Goodwill Tour 2005

From 16 March to 18 March 2005, 5 Primary 6 Scouts and 4 Primary 5 Scouts went to Malacca for a Goodwill Tour. The objectives of the tour were:
  • Establish links with the Scouts of Anglo-Chinese School (ACS), Malacca and provide a learning experience for Cub Scouts (exchange, joint-activities which included a campfire).
  • Make new friends with scouts from the other participating schools of the Yishun District as well as Scouts of ACS, Malacca.
  • Expose Cub Scouts to the culture and way of life in Malacca; a Malaysian school; and Malaysian Scout unit.
On the morning of 16 March, we assembled in Woodlands Ring Primary School at 6.30am. We then went to Woodlands Primary School where we met the rest of the 80-something participants from Yishun District. We finally boarded the bus at about 8:30am and we were on our way!

We crossed the border into Malaysia through the 2nd link at Tuas. Our first stop in Malaysia was at Gelang Patah (which is literally translated as “broken bracelet”). It is a Rest and Relaxing (R&R) stop. We had our breakfast there.
We continued on our way to Malacca, a 2 hour bus journey from Gelang Patah. During the journey, Mr Ivan, our tourgide, told us many things about Malacca. E.g. How Gelang Patah got its name, etc.
Finally we reached Malacca and we stopped at a Bee Farm. We tasted lots of honey there. It was good.

In Mini Malaysia, we found out more things about the different cultures which influenced different parts of Malaysia.

It was time for our lunch after the exciting dance performance and bull-cart ride. We had McDonald’s.
Then we went to Christ Church, St. Paul’s Church and St. Xavier's Church. We bought some souvenirs from there too. From there, we proceeded to check into the Tan Kim Hock Hotel, had a shower and then assembled for dinner.

We had our dinner at J&J, a Portugese Seafood Restaurant in the middle of the Portugese Settlement in Malacca. It was a sumptuous seafood dinner and we enjoyed ourselves toasting to our friendship. After dinner we went to Mahkota Parade to shop. Then we went back to hotel to sleep.

On the 2nd day,we woke at about 6.30am,After we took our showers and packed our stuff,we assembled downstairs.We went to Selvam to have a breakfast of pratas.

Then, we went to a Scout shop called Bee Loon and bought a lot of stuff. We then went to the paddy field. We learnt a lot about the paddy field. Then, we went to a rice mill and I saw how rice is made. It’s really a lot of work! The we went to ACS. We had lunch there. After lunch, we exchange games with the Malacca scout. After a rest, we played some games like soccer, sepak takraw.
We had a not very nice dinner but at least it was over with quickly. Finally camp fire. It is very difference as what we have as there is only fire for the starting and not the whole camp fire. Then We bath and we sleep.

The last day came really fast. We spent it at Jonker Street, also known as Jalan Hang Jebat, this used to be the rich man's street during the Dutch colonial period. Today, the street is popular with antique hunters and collectors worldwide. Some of the shops have a collection of antiques which date back as far as 300 years. Strolling along the street, you will notice that the buildings are immaculately constructed with elaborate carvings on the pillars and walls. These intricate adornments reflect the rich heritage of the Peranakan or Straits Chinese community.

Monday, 14 March 2005

Jobweek 2005

It was during the March holidays when some of the scouts came back to school for the car wash activity organised by our unit as part of our annual job week activities. The aim of job week was to teach us the importance of honest work and value of hardwork. Thanks to the support of many teachers and parents who had faith in out washing abilities, we raised more than $200 that day while havin alot of fun.