Saturday, 27 August 2005

Go Explore

40 Cub Scouts, * teachers and 4 parent volunteers went to the National Exploration Challenge 2005. entitled "Go Explore", it was aimed at helping cub scouts find fun in exploring different levels. Our Group Scout Leader, Mr Clarence Hoe was also in the organising committee, handling the Cub Scout Exploration Events with 3 PSA candidates who were on the team for their PSA project. Soaring Eagles won the silver award for Treasure Hunt; 1 team won the silver and the other team won the gold award for Trailblazer; 1 team won the gold award for Model Making, 2 teams won the silver award for the Bug's Hike and the gold award for Scavenger Kim. The above results put Soaring Eagles in top Position overall and won the National Exploration Challenge Totem!!! Our first National Champion titleship.