Friday, 25 November 2005

Yishun District Camp 2005

The "Pirates of Yishun" District Camp took place from 19 to 21 November 2005 at the Raffles Marina was organised by Soaring Eagles Scouts. Over 50 Cubs and Scouts from Soaring Eagles formed a part of the 243 participants of this years camp which was mainly run by InnoTrek Pte Ltd who did a great job getting all of us into character.

The patrols were named after Notorious pirates in history, and each patrol had to come up with a patrol pirate cheer. For the first time, Scouts were not used as camp instructors, but encouraged to participate and have fun! It was certainly a well-received idea. Highlights of the camp include the usual Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Raft Building, Archery, Low Elements as well as traditionally Scouty activities like Outdoor Cooking, First Aid, Footdrill and Campfire.

The most difficult thing we had to do as organisers was to prepare the certificate of participation. Aye, pirate!

Sunday, 20 November 2005

Cub Scout of the Year Awards 2005

The first Cub Scout of the Year Awards were given. The nominees were nominated by the Cub Scout Leaders, then voted by Cub Scouts and Leaders based on the following criteria:
  • Participation and Attendance
  • Discipline and Example
  • Enthusiasm and Courage
  • Leadership and Initiative
  • Keeping the Law and Promise

Monday, 14 November 2005

Clean & Green Week Festival 2005

About 20 Cubs and 5 Scouts from Soaring Eagles, led by Mr Viknesh went to Bedok Reservoir on the morning of 12 November 2005 to participate in the Clean & Green Week carnival, organised by NParks in collaboration with the Singapore Scout Association.

The Guest of Honour was Mr Mah Bow Tan and the highlight of the day was the planting of 40,000 Beach Morning Glory saplings (Ipomoea pes-caprae) along the banks of the reservoir by not only the Guest of Honour, but also the Cub Scouts and other guests.

Sunday, 13 November 2005

What do the Scout Names Mean?

Scout Names are traditionally given to Scouts who have contributed significantly to the Scouting movement through what they do in their own pack/troop. It is a means of recognition bestowed on outstanding Scouts who truly deserve it, by Leaders who themselves have had Scout Names bestowed on them. These animals names are given because Scouts also display the characteristics of the animals and done so with the hope that the Scout will take-on after and personify the positive characteristics of the animals they have been named after.
Mr Clarence Hoe (Fiery Serpent)
Intensely ardent, impetuous, passionate and charged with emotion, easily excitable and emotionally volatile, spirited.
Serpent: Represents transformation, prophecy, letting go the things that no longer serve him, impulsiveness and wisdom.
The name was given to Mr Clarence Hoe because he possessed and displayed these qualities during his tenure as a Cub Scout, Scout and later on a Leader. Mr Clarence Hoe was given the District Commissioner's Award in 1989. His highest award as a Scout was the 1st Class Scout Standard which he completed in 1993. He went on to work on the Chief Commissioner's Award but did not manage to complete it in time.

He became a Cub Scout Leader in Woodlands Ring Primary School years on in 2003, and was appointed Assistant National Cub Scout Commissioner in 2006. Over the years, he has successfully groomed 7 District Commissioner's Award recipients, and when that was phased out in 2006, he went on to groom 9 *and 10* Akela Award Recipients in 2006 *and 2007 respectively*.

His training as a warranted leader began when he attended the Unit Leader Training Introductory Course (ULTIC) in 2004, followed by the Unit Leader Training Basic and Advanced Courses in 2005 *and 2006 respectively. He was later given the Woodbadge Award in 2007 upon successfully completing the on-the-job training reports, assessment observations and interview by the National Training Commissioner*.

The Old Testament story of the Fiery Serpent on a bronze Staff, being used to bring about healing to the Israelites who had deadly snakebites in the desert, increases our understanding of the reality and power of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The description and symbolism of the Fiery Serpent is hence one of healing (major medical corps, services use the serpent on staff as their insignia), one who inspires a move towards the salvation brought about by a God who so loved the world, He gave His only Son in atonement for our sins.

Mdm Madelene Seow (Akita)

Mr Vikneswaran (Raging Bull)

Mr Koh Min Zhuan (Black Weasel)
Seeing beneath the surface for intent/meaning, developing clairaudience, ingenuity, paying attention to inner voice, keen, tricky, revenge, cunning, playful, observant

Tim Wei Loke (Hathi the Elephant)
Wei Loke was one of the latest addition to the Cub Scout family, in 2004 but he was able to catch up quickly through intensive training. Through his efforts, he was also among the first seven Cub Scouts in the history of the Soaring Eagles Scout Group to be given the District Commissioner’s Award in 2005.

His success and natural leadership inspired many of his younger brother Cub Scouts. He is a good planner and is able to look at every situation from both the macro as well as micro levels. It is not surprising then, that he has taken the lead and made outstanding contributions to every major unit initiative, involvement and achievement. Wei Loke is a matured and has a mentality that far surpasses other people his age. His passion for Scouting is evident in the way he carries himself even in normal day to day life.

The Elephant is the symbol of discernment, affection, loyalty, caring for others, strength and wisdom. It is most apt that Wei Loke shall henceforth be known as Hathi.

Tan Jia Hui (Noble Ant)
Tan Jia Hui was a Cub Scout since 2003 and was among the first seven Cub Scouts in the history of the Soaring Eagles Scout Group to be given the District Commissioner’s Award in 2005. His determination, industrious nature, hard-working character throughout his tenure as Cub Scout and later on in Scouts made him an indispensable asset to the unit. He has made significant contributions to most, if not all major unit initiatives, involvements and achievements without comparing nor counting the costs of his contributions.

In addition to sheer determination, having an industrious nature and being hard working, the Ant is a symbol of action, patience and being a team player. It is most apt then, that Jia Hui shall henceforth be known as Noble Ant.

Cheong Ze Ken (Vigilant Falcon)
Vigilant: Watchful and alert
Falcon: New beginnings, adventure, leadership, healing the soul

Although Ze Ken is new to Scouting, and is one of the two Scouts in the unit who do not wear the District Commissioner’s Award Badge, he has in the true spirit of Scouting adapted quickly and put in his best efforts to be on par with the rest of the group. Ze Ken has displayed a strong sense of personal pride in the way he approaches his work, paying attention to the details and being alert in pre-empting potential problems.

The natural leader in Ze Ken was exemplified through the projects, which he undertakes readily. He remains calm and in control even in the most stressful situation. His outstanding contributions to major unit initiatives like the Unity Primary School’s Father-Son Camp and APR Reunion Campfire has certainly won the respect of his brother scouts. The Falcon is the symbol of new beginnings, adventure and leadership. In recognition of his contributions, he shall henceforth be known as Vigilant Falcon.

Shaun Tan (Spirited Scorpion)
Shaun was a Cub Scout since 2003 and was among the first seven Cub Scouts in the history of the Soaring Eagles Scout Group to be given the District Commissioner’s Award in 2005. Although he is jovial and fun-loving, he learns through quiet observation of what the others do. He did not show the leader in him until much later on. Despite this lack, he was able to make significant contributions to most, if not all major unit initiatives, involvements and achievements.

Shaun is constantly battling within himself to discard the characteristics which he considers to be negative and challenges himself to be better than the day before. This has moved his peers and leaders. The scorpion is the symbol of both wisdom and self-destruction so henceforth, Shaun shall be known as Spirited Scorpion.

words between * updated in August 2007.

Saturday, 12 November 2005

Investiture and Moving On Ceremony 2005

As 17 new Cub Scouts, 7 moving-on Cub Scouts and 2 new Scouts were invested, they got ready for challenges for year 2006... On Tuesday 8th November, Soaring Eagles' Scouts Investiture and Moving On Ceremony took place. The 7 new Cub Scouts and 9 Scouts placed their left hand on the Singapore Scouts Flag and took their Scouts Pledge. Every scout then later received the Soaring Eagles Scouts Unit Badge.

(originally posted on by Vigilant Falcon )

Friday, 11 November 2005


Two events will take place concurrently on Saturday, with 2 groups of Cubs and Scouts going out. Here are the details of the annoucement made today.

Meet in front of the General Office at 7:15am in Full Scout Uniform. Bring your own waterbottle and an umbrella in case of rain!

Meet in front of the General Office at 9:00am in Full Scout Uniform. Bring writing materials.

Monday, 7 November 2005

Reminder: Investiture and Moving On Ceremony

Tuesday 8 November 2005 is a red-letter day for the Group. We will welcome 17 new cubs into the pack, and 7 cubs will be moving-on as the pioneer batch of Scouts in the newly formed Soaring Eagles (Open) Scout Troop. 2 new Scouts will also be welcomed into the Troop.

The P3 Cubs who will be Invested are:
1. Terry Lam Bin
2. Radin Nabil Hakim B Shahr
3. Robin Sim Teck Chye
4. Jin Yijian
5. Nur Hidayat B Zainal
6. Sampson Choo Meng Yew
7. Theodore Chiang Eu-Sean
8. Md Faizan B Md Farid
9. Md Nurirfan B Rosni
10. Nuriman Putra B Zainal
11. Samuel Lim Zi Xuan
12. Afif Mushowwir B Jalal
13. Dinie Syahmi B Samsuri
14. Shaun Eio Jun Wei
15. Md Danial B Zambari
16. Md Haziq B Sasman
17. Md Hazim B Zolka'ai

The P6 Cubs Moving-On to the Scout Troop are:
1. Aaron Teo Yeow Wei (Valiant Cougar)
2. Tim Wei Loke (Hathi)
3. Ngai Chin Pang
4. Tan Jia Hui (Noble Ant)
5. Zia Syazwan Khan
6. Shaun Tan Yikang (Spirited Scorpion)
7. Sean Lim Zi Han

The New P6 Scouts who will be invested are:
1. Cheong Ze Ken (Vigilant Falcon)
2. Kelvin Tan Chun Long

Soaring Eagles Scout Group

Investiture and Moving-On Ceremony

8 November 2005

2:00pm Arrival of P6 Scouts

- Setup for the Ceremony

4:00pm Arrival of P3 Cubs

- Briefing of Investiture and Moving-On Ceremony

- Short rehearsal

4:45pm Arrival of P4 and P5 Cubs, Parents and Guests

- Briefing of Grand Howl

- Horseshoe formation

5:00pm Investiture and Moving-On Ceremony

- Grand Howl

- GSL’s Welcome address

- Investiture of P3 Cubs by CSL and Sixers

- Moving-On Ceremony by GSL and newly appointed PLs

- Investiture of P6 Scouts by SL

- Presentation of:

o Highest Collector Awards (Job Week)

o Cub Scout of the Year Awards

- Issue of:

o Unit Badge,

o Yishun Camp Badge

o “A Good Turn A Day” Silicon Bands

- Photo-taking for NEC.05 Achievement

- Light refreshments

6:00pm End of Ceremony

- Dismissal of P3 Cubs and P6 Scouts

- P4 and P5 Cubs return to classes