Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Soaring Eagle Award 2005

Yet another Soaring Eagles Cub Scout has clinched the most prestigious award presented by the school at the Annual Prize Giving Day. The pack has produced Cubs who have received the award in 2002, 2003 and in 2005.

Tim Wei Loke (Hathi) received the award from Mrs Mano at the 8th Annual Prize Giving Day 2005.

His citation which reads as follows:
Our recipient for this year’s Soaring Eagle Award has indeed proven himself to be worthy of the award. As an assistant Head Prefect and a Senior Sixer in the Cub Scout Pack of our school, he has dedicated his time to serve the school in its various functions and events such as Meet the parents’ session, Teachers’ Day celebration, Primary One Orientation recess, School Mini Bazaar and Stars Nite.

His strong leadership qualities and deep commitment to serving the school can be clearly felt by those whose lives he has touched. He helps teachers whenever he is called and shows much initiative as a leader. He is extremely reliable and responsible as he can be depended upon to complete any tasks given, even without much supervision from the teachers. He displays initiative and foresight by pre-empting the teachers about the problems that might surface even before performing the given tasks.

As an assistant Head Prefect, he was given many opportunities to mentor and guide younger prefects. During a P5 Amazing Race training session, he has displayed his enthusiasm in mentoring and developing the younger prefects by constantly encouraging and guiding them, pushing them to achieve greater heights.

Being a Senior Sixer in the Cub Scout pack, he has shown himself to be one who spreads joy to everyone around him through the things he does. He is a good problem solver, improvising solutions out of whatever is at hand. He continually strives to learn and quickly master new skills of his own accord. He is exemplary in living out his Scout promise by doing his best in everything he attempts and in helping other people. He has exhibited great compassion to people in need by leading the various projects the pack had undertaken to send aid to the victims of the Tsunami of December 2004. He was the parade commander for this year’s National Day Observance Ceremony. He had played a key role in contributing to the attainment of prestigious awards for the pack like the:

• Frank Cooper Sand Best Unit Award (Bronze)
• Gold Award and National Champion of the National Exploration Challenge

His persistent enthusiasm in scouting can be seen in his recent decision to join as one of the pioneers of the Soaring Eagles (Open) Scout Troop. His outstanding contributions have led to his attainment of the District Commissioner’s Award, the highest accolade given only to the best Cub Scouts.
This year’s recipient has certainly excelled in many areas in his school life.

We have confidence that in the years to come, his palpable qualities of a leader, his passion for learning, his strive for excellence, and his compassion for people will shine even brighter.

We are very proud to present to you, Tim Wei Loke, recipient of the 2005 Soaring Eagle Award!

The Valedictorian Speech that day was delivered by the Head Prefect, Cheong Ze Ken, who had recently joined Scouts.