Saturday, 28 January 2006

Chinese New Year with Man Fut Tong 2006

Today, a group of senior citizens from Man Fut Tong Nursing Home came to our school. They were here to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. They arrived at about 10am in an air-conditioned bus and we were there at the front foyer with the Brownies to welcome them and to help them to the hall.

Soon after they have been comfortably seated, the concert began.
After the concert, we brought them to the canteen where we served them their lunch, drinks and fruit. They were also treated to a Lion Dance performance by the P6 students. Most of them could not finish their lunch, but they told us that they had really enjoyed themselves that day.

After lunch, we took a short stroll to the EcoPond. They left the school at about 12:30pm. That day, I learnt that it was so easy to make other people happy. We would all become old some day and would need others to help us around and to take care of us. It isimportant that we should respect our elders and take care of them.

(Originally posted on by Dominic Chan)

Sunday, 22 January 2006

The First Meeting

Today began like any other day, but what made it extra special was that today we started our Scout CCA back in our Primary School!!
Most of us were glad to be stepping back into our school and meeting up with the brothers. We began by setting up the flagstaff. Then we had silent drills, a revision of ceremonies, knotting and finally it was the GAMES! We had 2 games that got us really wet, but it was worth every drop. Good to have so much fun after a long stressful week in school.

(Originally posted on by Valiant Cougar)

Friday, 20 January 2006

Flag Staff 101

As the new year of CCA begins, the P5s and P6s were introduced / refreshed with Flag Staff 101.
It was generally a fun day in the sun. A good start to the year. After flag staff 101, targets and expectations of the year were set and handed out. A circular to all parents, thanking them for all the support given throughout 2005 was given out. The circular also highlighted all the projects, events and achievements of Cubs / Scouts in 2005.
(originally posted on by Md Solihin)