Monday, 24 April 2006

25th Asia Pacific Jamboree (Cub Scout Day Trip)

Last December, 13 Scouts went to Thailand as part of the Singapore Contingent of Cub Scout Day Trippers to the 25th Asia Pacific Regional Jamboree.Having made friends with the Scouters and Scouts of Prachaniwet Primary School, they visited Woodlands Ring Primary School as part of a Goodwill Exchange Programme in conjunction with International Friendship Day on 7 April 2006.
That week was Thailand immersion week with the entire week's Pre-assembly programme focussed on Thailand. Our Cubs presented their experience in Thailand, through a photoslide show:

At 6:45am, we arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 1. The 105 of us checked in and waited to board the plane. We took the beautiful VIP coaches eagerly towards Pranchaniwet Primary School. the school, they welcomed us with a band performance, garlands and by waving both the Singapore and Thailand flags. They led us to a conference room and served us lunch. During the lunch, we were also entertained by several traditional and modern Thai dances.

After lunch, we were introduced to our Thai buddies and headed to Hattawut Campsite. By the time we arrived, it was almost dinner time. After dinner, we gathered in the main hall for the Thai Cultural Night. The Thai scouts danced and performed very well and we enjoyed ourselves dancing and singing the whole night through.

Day 2: After breakfast, we went for a confidence course. The activities were very interesting and some even got us wet! One of the most fun was the Omega, where we sat in a tyre and slided down a line into the lake. After lunch, we boarded the bus and headed to a vineyard. The vineyard was huge and there were probably thousands of grapes trees. We had the luxury of trying home made ice-cream and freshly squeezed grape juice. Did you know that Thailand produces 31,677 tonnes of grapes a year?

Before long, we were on our way to the waterfall, where we went swimming in the trough. The water was freezing cold! After playing and swimming for a while, we headed back to the camp. When we arrived there, we bathed and then had dinner.
After that there was a campfire. Once again, there was a lot of dancing and singing. But what was special tonight was that it was our turn to perform for the Thai Scouts. There were performances from other schools but we stole the night with our dikir barat performance. Miss Noordiana and Mr Hoe performed with us too! That was a long day and we fell asleep immediately after our daily reflection.

Day 3: Today, we moved out of Hattawut and traveled further South to Saraburi. We left Hattawut at 9:30am and by the time we arrived at the Navy Seals Barracks, it was already 7:15pm. We had traveled almost 10 hours! But we did stop for lunch and for a short visit to a temple park along the way. The Navy Camp was old and we had to shower in a bathroom like the one you see in the latest Thai movie “Dorm”. Somehow traveling in the bus the whole day had tired us out and we went to sleep promptly after our reflection. But maybe it was because Mr Hoe told us that the next day would be the most exciting day.

Day 4: We had breakfast in the Navy Mess. The trip to the Asia Pacific Jamboree site was exciting indeed. There we met and made friends with many Scouts from Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and many more! The most fun part about meeting new friends is when we exchanged name cards and other things like Scarf and badges. We also spent most of our money buying Scout souvenirs.
After the visit, we prepared to leave our Thai buddies and set off to Pongpetch Guestotel back in Bangkok. We were all very sad to have to leave our Thai buddies. We had become very good friends in 4 Days, and many of us ended up crying because our Thai friends started crying.

We rushed to our rooms, changed and went out to a nearby shopping mall for dinner. It was already 9:30pm. We went back into our rooms and it was the first night we didn’t have our daily reflection with Mr Hoe. He had told us to do it ourselves. We finished it and went to sleep, still excited about what had happened during the day.

Day 5: We woke up late and ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Then we went to the Singapore Embassy. There, we met the Deputy Chief of Mission and she told us all about the Singapore Embassy and about Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations with Thailand and Singapore’s Foreign Policy. We also had morning tea with her.

Then it was over, we took another long bus ride to the Band Pa Inn Royal Palace and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of plants and architecture. Following that, we headed to the Auyutaya’s Elephant Palace. Here, we saw and fed the elephants which the Thais regard as national heroes. These were the same elephants who rescued the survivors and searched for dead bodies when Thailand was hit by the Tsunami in December 2004. IKRIMAH / SYAKIR :
Day 6: We did some last minute shopping at the mall and rushed back to the hotel where our buses were waiting for us to take us to the Airport. Sadly, the trip had ended and we had to come back to Singapore. But this trip had been very enriching to us and we learnt a lot. We arrived home to our family and we were glad to see them waiting at the airport. We hope to go on another trip soon.

Through this trip, in addition to Thai Culture and Language, we learnt:

  • That Singaporeans are very pampered. We live very good and comfortable lives and are still unhappy with what we got. We complain too much! The Thais live very simple lives and are very happy.
  • In Singapore, we are spoilt by the foodcourt and Macdonald’s uncles and aunties who clean up after we eat. Many Singaporeans left their plates on the table after eating and our hosts had to clean the tables.
  • To have courage in all difficulties. We won’t know if we can do it, or how much fun we would have until we try! If we still fail or don’t enjoy it, at least we know we have tried.
  • To listen. Listening is very important even if it does not concern us. In our excitement, some of us didn’t listen to instructions and nearly got lost, but luckily our teachers were very alert.
  • That it is important for Singapore to have friends like Thailand. We stand up for each other and help each other in times of need. Through this both countries will benefit.

(originally posted on by Matthew Soon)

Monday, 17 April 2006

Job Week 2006

Job Week is over and as we gear up for Donation Draw at the end of May, here are the results of the Job Week Collections: I'd like to commend Zia Syahmin Khan for emerging the Overall Top Collector as well as being the Top Collector for P4 Level. Congratulations to all Bumble Bee Award winners, well done!!

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Bukit Timah District Sixer Training Camp

Yay! We were told that we do not need to go to Terror Sea Scouts for our STC and were so happy! 16 of us attended the STC(14-16 April 2006) which trained us in the areas of leadership and covered many aspects of our silver and gold arrow test items! The scouts from Chinese High School also made the camp really fun! But the rain also wet most of our stuffs.

Saturday, 15 April 2006

Scout Standard Hike / Advanced Scout Standard Hike Test

The first hike test was conducted as requirements for Exploration (1) and (2)... they failed miserably having covered less than 5 km in 6 hours. The hike was prematurely called off due to inclement weather and all failed since they had covered less than half of the total 20 km.

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Scout Standard / Advanced Scout Standard Hike Test

Please print the attached equipment list for the Scout Standard / Advanced Scout Standard hike on Saturday 15 April 2006. Go through the list thoroughly and pack according to the list for the hike. All items are compulsory. We will be having scouts from both Soaring Eagles Scout Group and Peregrine Scout Troop taking this test.

The hike will require candidates to hike a total of approximately 20km and locate checkpoints by navigating with the compass and MGR. Each hike group will consist of 4 members. There will be 1 hike leader in each group. Soaring Eagles will move by patrol.

Note that there will be a layout inspection of equipment at Woodlands Ring Primary School before the hike commences. Hike will start at 0930hrs and end latest by 1700hrs.

Attire for hike: Scout Tee-shirt, scout pants, comfortable shoes and Scarf.

Kindly clarify with me @ 96300886 should you have any queries.

YouRs |n ScouTinG
(originally posted on by Black Weasel)