Wednesday, 30 August 2006

NDP 2006

A letter of Appreciation was received from Assistant Chief Commissioner (Special Projects)

National Exploration Challenge 2006

47 Cub Scouts attended the event on 27 August 2005 and clinched 5 Gold and 2 Silver event awards. Overall the pack was given the Gold award and was declared the National Champions for Cub Events!

Thursday, 17 August 2006

NDP P&C Appreciation

Was at the P&C Debrief and Appreciation Dinner tonight... and received the above momentos. I was quite impressed with the momentos, but gosh, I hate that photo... why did they have to take my photo after I shaved my head?

Anyhow, had a great time catching up with the dudes at ADSD. It was the first time I was in the camp. It had a great pool, reminded me of the days I used to go swimming every lunch break with Lau and gang in MINDEF. Sigh... feel old.

Establishing the Thai Connection

Woodlands Ring Primary celebrated International Friendship Day in a most meaningful way - by hosting a group of Thai teachers and pupils.

our friends Sowing the Seeds of Friendship
The seeds of friendship were first sowed during a trip made by 13 Cub Scouts to the 25th Asia Pacific Jamboree in Thailand last December. Since then, the teachers and pupils had been keeping in touch with each other via email and letters. It was through this that the idea of inviting the Thai Scouts to Singapore for an exchange programme in conjunction with the Annual Speak Good English Movement and International Friendship Day was born.

School-Wide Involvement
Singaporean PerformersThai PerformersThe week leading up to International Friendship Day was packed full of activities. Primary 1 and 2 pupils dressed up in the traditional costumes of various countries, primary 3 and 4 pupils wrote and performed their very own Readers’ Theatre stories of friendship, and primary 5 and 6 pupils wrote and performed original songs and raps on the theme of friendship. The best performers relished the opportunity to perform for their friends at the International Friendship Day concert.

During the morning pre-assembly programme, the school was introduced to Thailand using Google Earth on the internet and interesting photographs. The school was also engaged in traditional Thai songs, Thai festivals, basic Thai language and a presentation by the Cub Scouts about their trip to Thailand last December.

Arrival of Friends
Thai DanceOn International Friendship Day, the entire school was abuzz with activity. The Partners in Education group, comprising pupils’ parents who are actively involved in school activities, made the final touches to their cultural booths; the school band tuned their instruments while teachers and pupils brushed up on their Thai greeting as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their friends - a group of 13 teachers and 40 pupils from Prachaniwet School of Bangkok.

Upon arrival, the Thai visitors were greeted with garlands of fresh orchids and traditional ‘wais’. They were then treated to the band’s performance and introduced to the school.

The visitors were then ushered to the school’s Annual International Friendship Day concert. But there was a twist - the Thai contingent performed two traditional dances depicting the unique characteristics of the four regions of Thailand - the central, north-eastern, northern and southern regions.

A Taste of Education in Singapore
The Thai students later participated in a three-hour School Immersion Programme in which they attended classes with their primary 4 and 5 buddies, while their teachers toured the school’s facilities. When it was recess, they ate and played games with our pupils.

In the evening, the Soaring Eagles Scout Group hosted the Thai contingent of Boy and Girl Scouts to a dinner and campfire. The programme was exciting, as it featured the school’s SYF Malay and Indian Dances which had garnered the Gold and Gold with Honours awards respectively at this year’s SYF Central Judging. The campfire was attended by over 450 invited guests from the Singapore Contingent at the 25th Asia Pacific Jamboree Cub Scout Day Tripper, as well as Cub Scouts of the Yishun District.

At the AirportThe next morning, the pupils bade the guests a teary farewell, with the hope that as hosts, they had given their Thai friends many memorable moments to take home.

This article was jointly contributed by Mr Chua Ching Chong, Level Head (NE and SS) and, Mr Clarence Hoe, Group Scout Leader (Soaring Eagles Scout Group), Woodlands Ring Primary and was published in August Issue of Contact Online.

Wednesday, 9 August 2006