Sunday, 17 September 2006

Public Health Awards 2006

The Public Health Badge Award Ceremony was held today, 16 September 2006 at YangZheng Primary School. The Ceremony which saw 127 receipients of the "Mother of All Badges" celebrated the successes of Cub Scouts and Brownies who have completed the series of 3 Public Health Schemes, namely the Mozzie Buster Proficiency (launched in 2004), the Food Watch Proficiency (launched in 2005) and I'm OK Proficiency (launched in 2006). The gold-plated metal pin-on Public Health Badge is pictured on the right (actual size).

Among the recepients were 39 Cub Scouts from Soaring Eagles Scout Group who received the award from Dr Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. Soaring Eagles Scout Group also performed a Dikir Barat Song written by P5 students from Woodlands Ring Primary School. The renowned Indian Dance Group, who earlier received a Gold with Honours Award at the 2006 SYF were also invited to perform at the ceremony.

The following Cub Scouts received the award this year:

1. Md Hazim B Zolka'ai (4-C)
2. Md Haziq B Sasman (4-C)
3. Afif Mushowwir B Jalal (4-G)
4. Dinie Syahmi B Samsuri (4-G)
5. Kwok Xiang Wen (4-I)
6. Md Faizan B Md Farid (4-I)
7. Md Nurirfan B Rosni (4-I)
8. Samuel Lim Zi Xuan (4-I)
9. Sampson Choo Meng Yew (4-L)
10. Jin Yijian (4-O)
11. Al-Hariri B Md Noor (4-R)
12. Zia Syahmin Khan (4-R)
13. Radin Nabil Hakim (4-S)
14. Md Noorelfi B Zakaria (4-T)
15. Neo Yong Hao (5-D)
16. Kenny Ng Shi Jie (5-D)
17. Lee Jin Liang Calvin (5-L)
18. Neo Yong Tai (5-L)
19. Dominic Chan Jun Rong (5-R)
20. Md Syakir B Abdul Talib (5-R)
21. Tee Yew Kiat (5-R)
22. Md Haiqal B Sari (5-S)
23. Sumit s/o M. Pujar (5-S)
24. Alvin Kong Yen Chin (5-T)
25. Edmond Tan Chin Boon (5-T)
26. Matthew Soon Meng Chew (5-V)
27. Zabidi B Kamsani (5-V)
28. Saiful Azhar B Zulkifli (6-G)
29. Mario Thng Ying Zhang (6-G)
30. Alvin Tan Chun Ann (6-H)
31. Md Ikrimah B Md (6-H)
32. Nur Asri B Rayduwan (6-H)
33. Yeo Kuok Wei (6-H)
34. Anand Raj s/o Vijayakumar (6-J)
35. Md Solihin B Suhaimi (6-S)
36. Md Filkhairi B Zaini (6-T)
37. Md Zaidi B Hashim (6-V)
38. Md Alif B Affendi (6-V)
39. Tay Quan Li (6-V)

and the following pupils joined us as part of the team performing a special Dikir Barat song written for the ceremony by Nurhakeem, Alif Alfian, Md Faizil, Md Shahrul of 5-J and Md Syakir:

1. Md Danial (4-C)
2. Solomon Toh (4-L)
3. Koh Zhe Jia (5-R)

Finally the 8 Scouts had also played a key supporting role at today's award ceremony. The entire thing ran so smoothly because of the excellent teamwork!

More information can be found on NEA's Website.

Saturday, 16 September 2006

3rd Annual Combined Uniformed Groups Camp 2006

The theme of this year's Cobined UGs Camp is "Veni, Vidi, Vici!" which is a famous Latin phrase coined by Roman general and consul Julius Caesar in 47 BC. Caesar used the phrase to describe his victory over Pharnaces II of Pontus in the Battle of Zela. The remark, which means “I came, I saw, I conquered!” serves to remind the senate of his military prowess. Today, it is a common term used in business or in social competition. The phrase was chosen as the theme of this year’s Combined UGs Camp in the hope that Scouts and Brownies alike would see every challenge as something to behold con conquer. In the spirit of Lord Baden Powell, have courage in all difficulties -- and emerge victorious!!

The Annual Combined UGs Camp gives members of the two uniformed groups in Woodlands Ring Primary School an opportunity to get together, share knowledge and learn new skills; strengthen friendships by working together; and have a great deal of fun.

This year, the Brownies Pack Leaders took up the role as Camp Chief. Over 50 Cub Scouts attended the camp which was partially organised by Soaring Eagles Scouts, who were engaged by the Camp Chiefs to run the following segments:
+ Team Banner and Shield Making
+ War Games
+ Dragon Boating at Kallang
+ Hike and Trail at Bukit Timah's Hindhede Nature Reserve
+ Mini Olympics

Onward... SOAR!