Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Inaugural Yishun District Cluster 3 Sixers Training Course 2007

The Yishun District Cluster 3 Sixers Training Course was run as a residential camp from Friday 6 April to Sunday 8 April 2007 at Woodlands Ring Primary School. 48 Cub Scouts who were either current serving or were potential Sixers/Assistant Sixers from Canberra Primary School (13), Chong Fu Primary School (15) and Soaring Eagles Scout Group (20) participated in the course. Venture Scout Humourous Coyote was Camp Chief, assisted by Venture Steadfast Beaver, who both worked closely with Course Director, Fiery Serpent, Assistant National Cub Scout Commissioner in planning the programme according to the requirements as set out by the National Cub Scout Council.

This was the first time the newly approved syllabus was run. Since the Cub Scout Council wrote the syllabus, the critical sessions run by National Cub Scout Commissioner, Ms Madelene Seow and National Venture Commissioner, Mr Eric Lim. The other sessions were run by the current Sixers and Scouts of Soaring Eagles. According to feedback, the programme was well-paced and most items ran smoothly with the exception of the execution of the Wet Weather Programme on Day 2 after the Outdoor Challenge.
The course also leaned on a symbolic framework, using the theme “The Law of the Jungle” based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. One of the key emphases of using this symbolic framework was the focus on protecting our environment (especially our jungles/rainforests). This helped to seamlessly weave in the requirements for the World Conservation Proficiency Badge (which can only be awarded by the National Cub Scout Council) and the Naturalist Proficiency Badge into the programme.
According to the Course Evaluation and Feedback provided by the Cub Scout Leaders on duty, the course was considered a success, however since it was the first Cluster STC, the camp organizers have much to learn and improve on so as to make the next STC a more enriching one for both Cub Scouts as well as camp staff alike.

(written by Venture Humourous Coyote for Camp Chief report)