Monday, 27 August 2007

NDP Silver Award

GSL was at the NDP Appreciation Dinner hosted by Minister of Manpower & 2nd Minister for Defence. More than 300 people received awards. GSL was there to receive the Silver Award, a certificate with a beautiful holder and a gigantic Silver Coin depicting the floating platform at Marina Bay.

Check it out...
The inside and back showing the front and back of the gigantic coin

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Yishun District Field Day 2007

On 25 August 2007, 28 Soaring Eagles Cub Scouts attended the Cub Scout Field Day at Terror Sea Scouts. When we arrived there, the Cubs basked in the glorious sun as they waited for the event to start.

There were a total of 5 races which were the Roll-On Race, Buddy Sack Race, Water Transporter Race, Tracker Chain Race and the Dress-Up Race. The tantalising refreshments provided were 2 pieces of curry puffs, each about 2 inches and a 250 ml packet drink. Everything else was on sale.

The interesting carnival games really showcased the creativity of Terror Sea Scouts, but the service Scouts on duty were strict in their "chopping". They did so with a huge grin on their faces that really made everyone's day, though some Cub Scouts found the stations a tad too challenging.

The most present and smiley station master had to go to the one running the "Western Dance" station, which essentially was "Chicken Dance". Although not many Cub Scouts managed to earn enough "chops" to win prizes, they still nevertheless had fun and lived out their 5th Scout Law : A Scout has courage in all difficulties.

Great food, great fun, great company! An excellent field day.
Results for Soaring Eagles:
ROLL-ON RACE - 4th Position
  1. Md Noorelfi (Team Leader)
  2. Henry Lee
  3. Md Amirulfithri
  4. Md D Abrie
  5. Md Hafiy
  6. Alex Koh (Guest from Fuchun Primary)
BUDDY SACK RACE - 2nd Position
  1. Afif Mushowwir (Team Leader)
  2. Al-Hariri
  3. Terry Lam
  4. Md Ruzshahfil
  5. Mitchell Constantine
  6. Sebastian Chong (Guest from Fuchun Primary)
  1. Samuel Lim (Team Leader)
  2. Nathanael Tan
  3. Md Danial
  4. Dennis Ng
  5. Md Hamzah
  6. Chin Wei Kang (Guest from Fuchun Primary)
  1. Sampson Choo (Team Leader)
  2. Md Zulfadzli
  3. Md Haikal
  4. Zia Syahmin Khan
  5. Abdul Roqib
  6. Royce Teo (Guest from Fuchun Primary)
DRESS-UP RACE - 3rd Position
  1. Kwok Xiang Wen (Team Leader)
  2. Radin Nabil Hakim
  3. Md Hairil
  4. Shaikh Abd Amin
  5. Lee Zhenyu
  6. Toh Yong Xiang (Guest from Fuchun Primary)
3 of our Cubs did not get to participate as there were insufficient track games space (they had fun cheering at the top of their voices):
  1. Syahmin
  2. Jin Yijian
  3. Md Haziq

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Sixer's Council Appointments & Organisation Chart

At Tuesday's Sixer's Council, the first time the Council met formally, GSL presented the Certificates of Appointment to all.

In this week's agenda, we finalised the Key Appointment holders within the Council and set about thinking about a few problems raised by GSL. We are also told of our expectations as Council members and leaders of the pack. A heavy responsibility which we will have to shoulder.

The Council ended with a time of thanksgiving to God, also to ask God to help us do our jobs well.

Monday, 20 August 2007

NDP P&C Appreciation

Great food, great company, great fun. Too bad I missed the chance at getting one of those "Floating Platform replicas (models)", though Hazmi and Benji won one each. Was heartened to know that they were willing to give it to me and queue up for a long time just to get me those satays. Tasted extra good sia!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007

Was at the Fireworks Celebration today. The show was fantastic, with the fireworks display presented by a pyro company from China. The show began with goflykite's show of their led-lit kites once again (Yawn!). All in all, the show was about 25 to 30 minutes but the event was so badly disorganised, it took us so long just to get out of the stadium! There was no proper crowd control protocols put in place. Yeah sure, Cisco Auxiliary Police was mobilised, but they were disgrunted and rude. The barricades were placed in a mindless fashion which led people all the way to the bus stop, just so they can walk back a good 15 m back to the pedestrian crossing.
Other than the NDP participants, Cub Scouts Syakir, Alvin Kong, Zhe Jia, Calvin Lee, Yu Yang and Zabidi were also there.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007

As a gesture of appreciation, NDP EXCO has purchased one Singapore Fireworks Celebration 2007 ticket for each participant. We are glad to be receiving it and would like to record our special thanks to CCK Condor Sea Scouts for giving us their tickets (since they would be attending RI's Campfire instead). This means that the Akela Award Candidates will be offered a chance to go watch the fireworks with the 'big boys' on the Floating Platform @ Marina Bay.

Lenchana Melati Award

The Chief Commissioner, Mr Nicholas Tang was conferred an Indonesian Scout Award (Gerakan Pramuka), “Lenchana Melati” by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on 14 August 07 at the 46th Anniversary of the Gerakan Pramuka Celebration Parade.

(broadcast by ED via email)

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Investiture of P3 Cub Scouts

This year, Soaring Eagles received applications from 20 recruits have joined us, out of whom, 15 have completed their admission tests and were invested with the World Scout Badge yesterday by Senior Sixer Afif Mushowwir and Sixers Sampson Choo and Assistant Sixers Shaikh Amin, Ng Wei Xiang, Edmund Toh.
The investiture ceremony, although very simple is a very significant one in the life of a Cub Scout. For us in Soaring Eagles, we say its the welcome into a family of brothers. A family where our race, physical features and academic performances don't matter.


Welcome, brothers:
  1. Dennis Ng
  2. Shaikh Aziz
  3. Jansen Jovan
  4. Obed Joshua
  5. Abdul Roqib
  6. Akid Arsyad
  7. Md Haikal
  8. Md Hairil
  9. Mitchell Constantine
  10. Md Faiz
  11. Benjamin Tan
  12. Md Hafiy
  13. Md Tarmizi
  14. Viknesh
  15. Md Ashraf Alif

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New Key Appointments

After a long period of intensive consultation with the Scouts, Sixers, current Assistant Sixers, Leaders and teachers, we have finally confirmed the list of key appointment holders. They will be invested today after the investiture of P3 Recruits.

Senior Sixer (Council Chairman) - Samuel Lim
Senior Sixer (Council Vice Chairman) - Afif Mushowwir
Sixer - Md Hazim
Sixer - Kwok Xiang Wen
Sixer - Sampson Choo
Sixer - Md Noorelfi
Sixer - Solomon Toh
Sixer - Zia Syahmin Khan
Sixer - Md Haziq

Assistant Sixer - Edmund Toh
Assistant Sixer - Md Hamzah
Assistant Sixer - Md Zulfadzli
Assistant Sixer - Shaikh Abd Amin
Assistant Sixer - Lee Zhen Yu
Assistant Sixer - Ng Wei Xiang
Assistant Sixer - Henry Lee

Assistant Sixer - Al-Hariri
Assistant Sixer - Radin Nabil Hakim

All appointments holders are on probation and will only be confirmed in December 2007. Cubs who do not perform to expectation will not be confirmed.

A pack scribe and quartermaster will be appointed by the council, their respective assistants will take the appointments of assistant scribe and assistant quartermaster respectively.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Learning By Doing

As we begin a new chapter of renewing the leadership of the Cub Scout Group, appointing new Assistant Sixers, Sixers and Senior Sixers... let us take time to reflect on what our philosophy in Soaring Eagles has been. It is very much in line with the following extract from a book and it goes on to explain our rationale for taking this stance.
"Let them lead in practically everything. Let them work out their own problems, interfere as little as possible—but be ever ready to give wise guidance—not when you think they need it, but when they seek it. Keep in mind that unwarranted, ill-advised interference discourages leadership and that those boy leaders of yours are "learning by doing."

Mistakes, some of them serious, are bound to be made; therefore, be ever ready with a kindly and friendly spirit to urge them to try again.

Help them occasionally with constructive criticism. But do your coaching on the sidelines always, never in front of the Patrols. And then, when the Patrol Leader succeeds in his job, praise him for it. Commendation which is justified and not overdone is an absolute necessity. Such statements of approval should be made occasionally before the interested group. They like it, and so does the leader, as long as it is short, free from "soft soap," and genuine."

(extracted from Bill Hillcourt's Patrol Leader's Handbook.)

Clover-Leaf Lashing

(extracted from

I came across this lashing, which is new to me, on the excellent Dutch Scouting wiki, This is a lashing used to tie 4 or more poles together at one point. Here is my rough paraphrase of the original Dutch wiki entry:

The Cloverleaf (or polypod) lashing is used to lash a number of poles together to make a 'multi-pod' - a tripod, quadpod, pentapod or hexapod.

You could use a figure of eight lashing (or a sailmaker's lashing for that matter) to make a tripod but from a quadpod upwards you need the cloverleaf lashing.

1. Lie the four (or five or six) poles with their bases lined up (so your multipod will stand up straight) and make sure that there is space between the poles to be able to pass the rope through for the lashing (you can use short poles to space the poles out, like in this drawing). The poles should be evenly spaced so that they form a square (or pentagon or hexagon- from here on I'll assume we're using 4 poles).

2. Tie the rope to one of the poles with a clove hitch.

3. Wrap the rope once around each pole, in the same direction each time, as shown in this drawing.

4. If your poles were correctly spaced, you'll see a square in the middle of the lashing. By looking at this shape, you can check whether you are tying the knot properly. If it's not a square anymore, you have tightened the lashing incorrectly.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, going around all the poles three times (but see this post for a discussion about that).

6. Start frapping, putting a set of frapping turns around each pole in succession. Start frapping at the pole and wrap towards the inside.To start the next frapping, take one turn around the next pole, so that you are able to start the frappings from the pole and work inwards. Repeat for each pole.

7. For the last pole, frap from the inside to the outside, and end by tying a clove hitch around that pole.

(alternatively, read it in Dutch here)

So, an interesting little lashing, that is useful for one specific job (just like the scaffold lashing has one, very specific use). I imagine that it's best not to use a frapping mallet to tighten this lashing, because it will probably stretch out as you spread the legs of the multipod out. As far as I can tell, this lashing originates in Belgium - at least all of the web sites that reference it are in Belgium. The drawings here are courtesy of the 44th Sint-Maarten Scout Group.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Surfing Through the NDP 07 Website

I was just surfing through the NDP 07 website and I found this...
Cool isn't it? Right in front is our Venture Benjamin Soh. He's one of the Contingent Commanders. The Right Marker position is filled by Hathi and the rest of us are either too blur to be seen or cannot be seen. We're in the back rows.

BTW, this my first post here too!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

NDP 07, we ARE the difference!

7 long and agonising months have gone by and we are anticipating the best NDP in the History of Singapore.
We take a moment to pose for a special moment we remember.

For many of us, its our 2nd NDP, and both were milestones in the history of NDPs. We were involved in NDP 06 which was the last NDP in the National Stadium before it was to be torn down to make way for a new Stadium. This year as we celebrate the nation's 42nd NDP which takes place at a new location, the largest floating platform in the world, at Marina Bay we celebrate Singapore, a City of Possibilities - Possibicity!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Scouting Sunrise - Singapore

Today marks the rise of a new century of Scouting. It was 100 years ago, in 1907 that Lord Baden Powell started the first Scout camp for 20 boys in England, on a remote island known as Brown Sea Island. Today, 40,000 Scouts from all over the world flock to this Island to celebrate in the 21st World Scout Jamboree. The Opening Ceremony of which, was attended by Prince William. Singapore is represented by a group of 60 Cubs, Scouts, Ventures and Leaders who were sent off by Chief Scout, President SR Nathan last Thursday.For the rest of the 28 Million Scouts who were not fortunate enough to be in England today, a simple ceremony dubbed Scouting Sunrise was observed in every school and community of Scouts all over the world. It was a time for all Scouts to renew their promise to do the best in their duty to God, Country and to help others.

I was at the ceremony at Scout Association. There, we renewed our Scout promise and sang the Scout Hymn. Chief Commissioner, Nicholas Tang planted a tree to mark the event. It was my honour to have met several commissioners, Ailisa and Mike from England, and a few others from Australia. A photo journalist from Reuters was also there as the International news agency was compiling photographs into a magazine to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of Scouting.
The event was so small, yet so big in so many other ways. I also had the opportunity to meet and speak with Penguin (a.k.a Mr Foo Seck Tong), a 78 year old King's Scout. The wrinkled man fooled me... when I used by Sony Cybershot, he quickly diverted our conversation to digital technology and the internet. I was amazed at how energetic and up-to-date he is! He's the real deal, a true blue Scout.