Sunday, 28 October 2007

Side Wall of the Scout Den

The side wall of Den Thirty-Nine is slated to be used as a teaching wall for recruits. The permanent display is also meant to draw attention from others in the school to get to know Scouting a little more and to cause those with a spark of interest in Scouting to join our big family.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Moving On Ceremony 2007

Hathi is off to CheenaLand but activities carry on as usual even though he is dearly missed. For the first time this year, the new P6 Scouts joined us for a continuation on Pioneering. Knots were revised and the Sec 1s clocked in 3-2-1 Flagpole at 26 minutes, a marked improvement from 3 hours the week before.

They will be competition standard with a few more tries.

When the flagpole was ready, the P6s were taught the Ceremony proceedings and then, came the time they had anticipated the while year. Their moving-on ceremony. The symbolic ceremony was likened to an initiation ceremony observed by African and Australian tribes. The ceremonies are normally regarded as a stage where a boy is to be taught manhood and is considered necessary for an individual to be regarded as a full member of the tribe. Otherwise, the individual may not be allowed to participate in ceremonies or even in social ritual such as marriage.

In Soaring Eagles, the moving-on ceremony is a time when Cub Scouts "drop" their status of a Cub, and become a grown up member of the group - a Scout. Today, 9 Cub Scouts re-affirm the Scout Promise and were welcomed into the Scout Group by GSL and PLs (PL of Eagle Patrol proxied by Vigilant Falcon).

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Småland: The Magic Forest @ Ikea

Here's something nonsensical I did this afternoon. Photo (except the Forest Guy) was taken when the Ventures and I did our recce for the Standard/Advanced Standard Hike in July.