Friday, 30 November 2007

Panoramic Views

Before we bade Albany goodbye, we went up Mount Melville for a panoramic view of Albany. We could see the windmills from the lookout at the peak.We then went to Mount Clarence, a higher mountain, where we saw Mount Melville and the rest of Albany. Mount Clarence was also a war memorial which honoured the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought and died in Egypt, Palestine and Syria between 1916 and 1918
It was time for a bountiful seafood brunch at The Squid Shack where we also fed leftover fries to the seagulls. We had meant to feed pelicans, but spotted only a whole bunch of seagulls, and 3 pelicans which were weary of us and decided to stay at bay.Then goodbye Albany. We were off to our next pit-stop, Pemberton. Enroute, we stopped by at the Valley of the Giants Tree-top Walk between Denmark and Walpole. We paid A$22 for a family package and since they were closing, the friendly guy gave us huge discount of 1 adult ticket off, so the 5 of us went in on the package meant for 4. Like the HSBC tree-top walk at MacRitchie reservior, this one was also a one-way route. Each segment could only take up to 20 people and the highest point was 40m above the ground!
Fascinating views, and all the gigantic Red Eucalyptus trees are hollow on the inside!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

The Longest Drive

Today we chiong to Albany after stocking up at Caltex. The drive down Albany Highway was to be the longest drive in the next few days. Enroute, we stopped at many suburbs , to not only rest, but to lay our teeth on something we call 'food'. Yes, food. We had lunch in a small restaurant with the presence of our Aussie friends, none other than the flies! And as quoted during lunch, "Half the time in Australia I feel like a dead corpse!" The drive was not really interesting at all, with the 2 people at the backseat sleeping for 6 of the 7 hours. Not to point any fingers, but the apparently very sleepy people are your Ventures! Please, do not point fingers. After an excruciating 7 hours, we finally entered Albany and proceeded straight to the Wind Farm where we saw, for the first time in our lives, the windmills lined up on the mountains facing the ocean.After chasing a Joey we accidentally came across, we rushed towards the edge of Antartica where we saw the Gap, the Natural Bridge and Blowholes before desperately searching for accommodation. Behind us is the Southern-most tip of Australia

We settled into YHA Albany where we met Peter and Kathy, the friendliest hosts we have met by far (pun intended).

Lights out.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Staying On

Went for a leisurely walk around the city, bought quite a number of stuff. Akita, Beaver, Falcon and myself bought Crumplers from Shafto Lane in the City and later joined in a Cub Scout pack meeting at Canning (a little reluctantly).

Patrick, the assistant Scout leader called in a few Ventures too. They form a part of the top Venture Unit and Rover Crew. The Ventures have won the Master Mariners Award Competition for 3 consecutive years since 2005.Their Den was way cool. It was situated on the banks of the river, which means they could just roll out their canoes and kayaks into the river for a row. They have their own campfire circle, a barbecue pit set in an old car... cosy man!The Cub Scout meeting was very exciting with activities one after the other without breaks in between. Very high energy.Had we known it would be so fun, we would have come more willingly. At the end of the meeting, the Cub Scout Leader presented all of us with some badges and a book entitled: Cub Scout Challenges. We ended the day with a Halal dinner at a Malaysian Satay Restaurant - Mahsuri. Terima Kasih!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Camporee Day 6

Its the day to leave, and the temperature has dipped yet again. Its ranging from 25-26 degrees Celsius today. A beautiful day indeed!
We departed Manjedal after a very thorough area cleaning for the Scout Shop to buy badges and shirts, before proceeding to Harbour Town yet again, for our final meal. After that, we're off to the airport.
Here we come Singapore! We sad to leave, yet looking forward to be home. Watch out for us!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Camporee Day 5

Today, we go out to Fremantle (or affectionately known as "Freo" by the Aussies). Finally, we get to eat some real food. The meals have been unsatisfactory and everyone from teachers to Cubs alike, we were craving for a decent meal outside of Manjedal.We arrived first at the Maritime Museum, but as our group was too big, we could not get into the submarine due to "safety issues". Nonetheless, we took a look at it from the outside, and snapped a few photographs and a few more at the motor museum before we were let loose to lunch and shopping!
Not much. Just another typical shopping day.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Camporee Day 4

Another exciting day, but the temperatures have fallen to about 27 degrees Celsius. The number of flies have decreased too, though it still annoys us. Its a Sunday morning full of activities. We go around in 4 Base Stations:



ARCHERYThe day ended with dinner and some games organised by various Australian Cub Scout Leaders. Wicked!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Camporee Day 3

Its a burning hot day with temperatures hotting 40 degrees Celcius at some point during the day, but it did not hinder or dampen our spirits. Its because today, we meet the Australian Cub Scouts!
The "cool guy" who knows many "hot chicks" from school.

Environmental challenge towards World Conservation Badge

Making friends, establishing and maintaining harmonious relations across different countries

Drinking to survive the heat

Practicing for the campfire gangshow

Barbecue dinner... steak and all...

The fireless campfire due to the extremely hot temperatures and arid air... no open fires are allowed

But the gangshow went ahead much to the Aussies' delight.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Camporee Day 2

After flagbreak on Day 2, we were off to the Youth Training Centre to await our bus pick up to Tumbulgum Farm. Its very much a typical farm, with the usual animals, but our trip there included an Australian sheepdog demonstration on rounding up the sheep, sheep shearing, making Billy Tea and Damper Bread, milking Daisy the cow and an aboriginal show. Lunch was a fantastic Aussie styled barbecue.

The rider leading everyone to the sheepdog demonstration and Hazmi learning how to make "Billy Tea".

Reflecting on learning

Sheridan, the Cub Scout Commissioner of Western Australia, preparing hotdogs and burgers for us.

Boab Trees and the "Dreaming Serpent" Suspended Treetop Walk

Relaxing in King's Park before heading off to the Western Australia Scout HQ and Museum.

After the Scout HQ, we proceeded to Harbour Town, just 5 mins walk away for shopping and Dinner. At the end of the day, some of us gathered for Quiet Time when we talked about how being in Australia brought God's wonder to mind... His creativity brought to life in nature and the beautiful sunset we saw on our way back to Manjedel.