Sunday, 30 December 2007

Soaring Eagles Troop Christmas Party 2007

Today, we had a Christmas party at Fiery Serpent's condominium function room. Before night fell, we had much fun and laughter playing Munchkin and Rayman Rabbids on Wii. Everyone was amused by the innocent violence of Rayman, which was a definite favourite!

After that was the highlight of the party, the gift exchange. It was not like any other pick-your-own-present-and-it-is-yours kind of gift exchange. We could steal each other's gifts! We had much laughter and strategy in picking our gifts. After that, everyone was snatching for a portion of the Pizza de France dinner, but in the end, everyone was deciding who would finish the extras.

We then continued the Rayman madness, including Phil (our incoming Assistant Scout Leader) who claimed to "not know how to play", turned out to be pretty good at the game! After that, we went a little insane and had a cushion fight and disturbed the people playing Wii, but all in the name of good fun!

And one thing was pretty much confirmed among everyone: You would have missed an awesome load of laughter and joy if you had not been there.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

NPC-STT Annual Seminar & Retreat 2007

Five Soaring Eagles Scouts and Ventures donned their swimming attire at the National Programme Council - Singapore Training Team's 2nd Annual Seminar and Retreat today at the Civil Service Club @ Changi. They were there at the request of ACC (Programme), Dr Jeffrey Ho to assist Mr Foo Chee Han (Swift Arrow, a former District Commissioner and Trainer of the STT) in a water rescue demonstration. Mr Foo is the Founder and President of the Singapore Swimming Teacher's Association, an Examiner with the Singapore Life Savers Society and an International Director of the IFSTA.

They did such a good job, the commissioners and trainers present gave them 3 Yaskas! Thank you Steadfast Beaver, Humourous Coyote, Vivacious Otter, Astute Possum and Yu Yang. You were fantastic!

They also attended the session on Heartsaver CPR and Introduction to AED and will be accorded a Certificate of Participation.

The Friendship Knot

Something a friend of ours learnt from the World Scout Jamboree 2007

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Chief Commissioner's Award Ceremony 2007

Today is the Chief Commissioner's Award Ceremony - the Association's finest Scouts who have endured many difficulties and made it though to receive the highest award possible for a Scout. I was impressed that AI Warrior Scouts (Probably the first for our District) had produced one such Scout. One whom I am most impressed with over the years. He deserved it.
The ceremony was held in the old Parliament House, now known as Arts House. As I sat in the extremely comfy minister's seat, I was overwhelmed by the fact that not too long ago from where I sat, the leaders of our nation made important decisions that shaped our country and the way we lived.

I looked around and took time to savour the awe that filled my heart. Overwhelmed. The seat right in front of mine had a nice golden plate with a very important name engraved boldly "LEE KWAN YEW". When the ceremony was over, many people had a snapshot of themselves seated in his seat taken.

It was apt that Chief took the opportunity to speak of leadership in his address to the recipients. It echoed my thoughts.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Scouts Bond

Prime, Singapore's Premier Magazine for Over 45 recently published an article which appeared on pages 58 & 59 of the November/December issue. It covered the Intergenerational Bonding Camp which 42 of our Cub Scouts attended, and was serviced by our Scouts and Ventures.

A scan of the pages were sent out via an email broadcast by Director of Corporate Communications, Mr Caleb Cheah.
Can you spot the Cubs from Soaring Eagles?

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Scout Standard Camp

It lasted for three days and I thought I would miss my family, friends and computer. The camp was a training camp that was meant to inculcate in us:
  • Swiftness in action,
  • Adaptability to situations,
  • Readiness at all times,
  • Ruggedness and Physical Fitness
  • Decisiveness in critical situations and
  • Excellence in whatever we do.
The camp started off by reporting at 0700 hrs. After the Inspection of layout, we were shuttled off by bus and MRT to Yio Chu Kang Station where we commenced our Standard Hike. It was a 20 km walk to several checkpoints with an orienteering task to be completed at each checkpoint. My patrol had lunch near St Gabriel's Secondary School, home of Southern Cross Scouts where our GSL grew up to almost complete his Chief Commissioners Award. The special mix of instant porridge, sardines and nata de coco was super yummy! Its supposed to be Swift Patrol's secret selection (put together by our seniors) to help boost our energy level during the hike, and yet was easy to prepare and light to carry. At the final check point, we were shown where we had to pitch our tent. It was the middle of a small jungle. Although we were very tired, we were excited as well. It was to be the first time we would be camping in a real jungle. We cooked our dinner, had a powder bath and were told to sleep.

The second day started off dark and early in the morning with a fire drill at 0445 hrs. All of us woke up and fell in behind our tents. Swift Patrol took about three minutes to fall in while Eagle Patrol took about five minutes. The next instruction was to unpitch the tents, bring the tents to the carpark and to have it folded in a few minutes. This was followed by layout inspection and PT. As a warm up, we were given a number each but Beaver during layout. I was lucky, I got a number 5 and number 2. By some magical formula he came up with, taking into consideration personal mistakes, patrol mistakes and unit mistakes, we get the number of push ups we had to do. On our way back, Yu Yang saw a snake among the tall grass and he tried to step on it! But the snake managed to run away from this monster!

After PT, we had a small hike to the bus interchange for a bus ride all the way back to Woodlands. Some of us took a short nap while the others just stared blankly out the window waiting for our arrival at the Woodlands Interchange. We took another short hike to Woodgrove Condominium where we changed into our swimming gear and dived into the cold pool. We were instructed to complete several tasks, swimming more than ten laps to attain the Swimmer's Proficiency Badge. Some of us requested to be tested for the Rescuer Proficiency Badge before we played a game of water captain ball??

Lunch followed at Al-Ameen. After that, we headed back to school where it was time for Service. We started to wash the tents used at the recent Combined UGs Camp and that took us the rest of the day. By the time we were done with all the tents, it was already 2000 hrs! Dinner was at Admiralty Food Court. After returning from dinner, we had to pitch our tents in the dark again, before a five minute shower break, log book entry and debrief session and Zzzz....

Day Three of the camp was slightly more relaxed. We got up at 0800 hrs and PT was in the form of Captain Fruit. The fruits were rotten and everyone got dirty and smelly. GSL prepared breakfast of French Toast and Milo. This was followed by Pioneering and Knots by Cong Sheng until lunch time. When we got back, we packed up the tents slowly and were dismissed late in the evening by 1800 hrs.

Its strange how the camp was such a torture, yet it was one of the most fun and enjoyable experience. I got to know my brothers of Swift patrol a lot better, bonded with them and look forward to meeting them and Scouting with them every Saturday from now on.

Monday, 10 December 2007


Please bring your
  1. Soaring Eagles Windbreaker, or other jacket/windbreaker
  2. EZ-Link Card (for Bus/MRT travel)
  3. Torch
for the camp.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

President Scout Award 2007

I attended the Award Ceremony at the Istana on 6 December 2007. I am very proud of the recipients of the award this year, many of whom I've had the chance to meet and work with on their final project. My heartiest congratulations to you all!The event was later covered in the Straits Times.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Family Day 2007 @ The Singapore Zoo

On 5th December, Soaring Eagles Scout Group had a day of fun at the Singapore Zoo. 52 Cub Scouts and 30 Parents and Siblings reported to school bright and early in the morning. We set off at about 8:45am with nice, cool weather and everyone was chattering with excitement... thats because we get to tighten the bonds between our parents and our fellow brother scouts!

The trip was organised for us by the Primary Six Teachers, and each of them also invited 2 pupils form their respective classes to join in the fun. There were 16 of them. During the trip I was tasked to keep the participants in order and help them in their needs. We went on and saw some intersting animals like the Polar Bears (Inuka and Sheba), Snakes and even the highly endangered White Tigers.

We were impressed with how the Zoo adopts an open concept and most animals seem to be able to roam free and their enclosures did not have bars, well unless they were capable of pouncing on us! On our way we saw an Orang Utan hanging on top of the tree and everyone thought that it is going to pee or shit on us, it was quit e funny.

Unfortunately towards the end of our route, rain began to fall and the P6 Scouts entertained the participants by leading them in some campfire songs. Some of the zoo keepers joined in too! But the more we sang, the heavier the rain fell and we could do nothing except to sit back and wait for it to stop. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Cubs Scouts had fun with their parents, siblings and fellow brother Scouts. I witnessed the true bonds between the parents and child. We could still enjoy a good conversation. Many parents also took time to chit-chat with the various teachers as well.
Through this trip I learnt that we must follow orders so that we can be on time and have work done with fun and most importantly how to protect animals from extinction. Although the rain robbed me of some fun, I still learnt something: Family and brother Scouts are the most important thing to us in Scouting!

Thank you teachers for being our one-day guides at the Zoo!

6V - Miss Patricia James
6T - Mr Clarence Hoe (GSL)
6S - Mrs Marion Lim
6R - Mr Kumaraesan
6O - Miss Stephanie Ho
6L - Mr Danny Chay
6J - Mr Vikneswaran (CSL)
6I - Mr Chua Ching Chong
6H - Mrs Sharon Toh
6G - Mrs Joyce Lim
6D - Miss Ivry Tan

Scout Standard And Advanced Scout Standard Camp

G'Day mates,

Please be reminded that the Troop Camp for Scout Standard and Advanced Scout Standard Testing will be held from 13 - 15 December 2007. The camp is FOC, however meals will not be provided. You will have to cook most of your meals, so bring a minimum of $30.

The packing list is attached.

All items are compulsory unless otherwise stated.

Come mentally prepared for the camp:

  • Swiftness in action
  • Adaptability to situations
  • Readiness at all times
  • Ruggedness and Physical Fitness
  • Decisiveness
  • Excellence

This is a training camp, although there will be elements of fun, it is NOT a fun camp.

Yours in Scouting,
Beaver & Coyote


There is no need to pay for the camp, however food will NOT be provided. Please bring about $30 (not exceeding $40) for food and other supplies.













3 pairs


1 pair


1 pair




Body Soap, Shampoo, etc.


Toothbrush, Toothpaste, etc.




Face Towel*





Eating Utensils

1 Set



Water Bottle (1.5 Litres)




Sleeping Bag


Ziplock/Plastic Bags


Writing Materials


Scout Logbook


Rag (Area cleaning)


Patrol Item



Digital Camera


First-Aid Kit


Hike Log (notebook)


* optional

Other Instructions:

  • Report in full uniform at 0700 hrs sharp.
  • Bring dry rations for hike – 1 X Lunch (Biscuits, bread, buns, instant cook food, etc.)
  • Time for dismiss on third day 1700 hrs.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Prima Drama Food Poisoning Cases

When the Scouts returned from Perth, they were in the dark about the drama that occured in Singapore while they were away, and were surprised to find that none of the Prima Deli outlets seemed to be opened.

It was then that they learnt that:
Channel News Asia 6 December 2007

Monday, 3 December 2007

The Last Day

We woke up early just to go to the city to buy some stuff from the outdoor shop, as well as another Crumpler. Coyote has finally decided to get himself a birthday present. We had bought 6 Crumplers between the 5 of us. Amazing eh? The shop assistant was telling us about how Singaporeans were Crumpler's best customers.
Anyhow, we rushed off to Caversham Wildlife Reserve to catch a glimpse of the Aussie animals before rushing again off to the airport for check-in. The Koalas were asleep and most of the animals had their bums towards us. The kangaroos were dazed and half-asleep. But hey, did you notice that some Kangaroos are white?
Here we come, Singapore! Only one glitch: Qantas was delayed -- again. We arrived in Singapore some 20 minutes late.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Final Lap

Mandurah!!! There's nothing much here to see, really. The best thing here was the food. The restaurant professes to have the best Fish 'N Chips in Western Australia and it really was one of the best we have tasted in WA! It was good even though we have been eating Fish 'N Chips almost every day.

Waffles & Ice Cream at Simmos

We also had ice-cream here. Wicked, or at least that's what every one said... Took a picture on the jetty it was super windy and cold! That was our parting shot with Mandurah, and we're off to Fremantle, yes, again. At least its Sunday and the shops would be open today.

We stop to find Para-surfers on the coast (Safety Bay) against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean... on the way to Fremantle. So we stopped to take a picture of them in the background. Unfortunately you can only see dots of them. When we arrived at Fremantle rushed through to the places we missed the last time we came as part of the Camporee programme. E-shed was open this time. Was pretty much an Ang-Moh version of Pasar Malam. The Shipwreck Museum was interesting, though.

Finally, we arrived at Perth City and this marked the last lap of our trip... we stopped by what we missed on 28 November before checking in the hostel - The Swan Bells. That's where we took the last photo of the day but the way we took it really amused a professional photographer nearby who was waiting for a picture of the sun setting on the cityscape...

We checked into the YMCA Jewel House again but this time, we got a different room just three floors up :)

Overall I think that today was great, especially the food. Tomorrow we are flying back to Singapura!!! Wish us a good and safe journey home... see you soon! Here's a summary of our road-trip the last few days:

Posted by Humourous Coyote

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Chicken Treat

Pemberton must be the suckiest place to stop. Bad food and bad accommodation. We're all looking forward to the next day. It rained all night, though.
We stopped by Karridale on the way to Augusta and they were having a Christmas Market. There was a Poultry Club's stall. Poultry Club? Yes, weird. We thought so too. They actually organize poultry shows, something like a dog show just that they do it with chickens, ducks and geese. To do that, they needed cash. The stall was about picking bamboo skewers from a flowerpot with soil. Sticks coloured at the end shows a win. Since there were five of us we got five tries for a dollar each. Two of us won.Next stop Augusta. Stopped to get some lunch and information at the same time. More fish and chips... ALOT more. Most of the chips either ended in the guts of a seagull or a dustbin somewhere in Bunbury.Margret River. Home of Cape Lavender where some of the best wines in Australia can be found. Tasted the wines there without being bothered by any of the age limits. Well... religion was the only barrier. Had tea at the cafe that had ridiculous prices. EVERYTHING there had something to do with lavender. Even the colours of the walls. Hazmi had to double check that he was in the correct washroom due to some understanding that the colour, lavender, is a girl's colour. Hmm... he is a 'ladyman' after all... no one will say anything if he's in the ladies anyway.Just nearby, a nice and brown looking chocolate factory with nothing but chocolate products. Imagine bathing in a tub of hot chocolate. Maybe you might just find a solid or two inside after someone just had a nice warm bath.Looking for a place to stay is like finding a Beaver in the Milky Way. Most of the Beavers were full or too expensive. After what seemed like four hours we finally found a really nice place to stay.

Posted by Steadfast Beaver