Friday, 29 February 2008

Our Weekend (Part II)

Supper, Supper, Supper... YUM! YUM! YUM!

Oh by the way, we're organising the District BP Challenge 2008 this weekend,
and this was to be our main mode of transport during the weekend
and we love every squeak of it!

We really love it you know?

If only we could own one... Serpent, consider buying a van, please?

Our Weekend (Part I)

Its the leap day, we attended a campfire hosted by Choa Chu Kang Condor Sea Scouts. Thanks to Zhi Min for the invitation! The theme of the Campfire was Masquerade Night and we had joy, fun and laughter!We arrived a little too early so we spent some time at the playground across the road. Look how the Scouts enjoyed themselves so much already even before the Campfire!

Kenny and Seal in action

Coyote where are you?

There you are (receiving the "Best Dancer Award")!


We had a great time doing the silly dances and the impromptu cheers. It was a special campfire as we took time to catch up with our NDP friends from CCK Condor and BP Eagles. We also met up with friends from Hougang Rangers and Unicorn. Hmm... after having so much fun we gave the refreshments a miss and headed straight for Supper at Al-Ameen @ Woodgrove! More on that in a little while ;)

Saturday, 23 February 2008

World Scout Day Dinner 2008

"We are damn late." said Steadfast Beaver. Once we arrived at Home Team NS @ Bukit Batok, we rushed through the gates and through the passage way whisking our way through the people. Suddenly I screamed, “The last one in is a chicken tongue!"

As we ran through the entrance of the multi-purpose hall, our SL hurried us to get settled down as we are late. The Scouts at the entrance welcomed us at the entrance warmly probably because the VIP was right behind us.

Once we were seated, we started snatching the peanuts as if there was no tomorrow! Our waitress was so amused that she gave us quite a few refills. Even as we stood up to welcome the Guest of Honour, we did so with mouths full of peanuts. The GOH was Mr Teo Ser Luck, the Parliamentary Secretary of MCYS and one of the key-people responsible for Singapore's bid for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

After we renewed the Scout promise, we settled down and continued the hysteric fight for the peanuts. Like last year, the dinner opened with "Lau Yu Sheng"... one of our favourite activities... see the post on our own unit Yu Sheng Party.

As the dinner progressed, loud laughter and chattering was heard mainly from our table as hilarious jokes were shared amongst a bunch of Scouts who have learnt to become brothers in the last four months. This was made a perfect bonding time as we shared a great time over great food. The duck tasted the best!

We were glad when the lucky draw started towards the end of the dinner. We held on to our seats as we waited anxiously for the announcement of the top few prizes... especially when the number for the 2nd prize was announced, both our tables got so excited as the first two digits announced meant it came from either of our tables! In the end, it was Afif Mushowwir, Senior Sixer of Bear Six who won the 2nd prize of the lucky draw, a Nokia XXX.

The dinner ended with a commemorative photograph where most of us went up on stage and to show off our hands... a symbol of our pride and hope to win the bid for the World Scout Jamboree 2015, themed "Hands Across the World".

Friday, 22 February 2008

Founder's Day 2008

Today we celebrate Founder's Day in school with a simple, yet meaningful ceremony. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the Cub Scouts and Brownies renewed their promise during the assembly period in the hall, immediately after the reading of the two messages. Our group flag was broken as usual by Senior Sixer, Samuel.
We had also put up a little exhibition in front of the general office, showcasing a common Scouting Hobby: Badge collection.

Here's the message:
22 JANUARY 2008



Dear fellow scouts,

2008 marks the start of the second millennium of scouting. We have just turned 100 years old and this is a remarkable achievement for any organization. We should be proud of this because it shows there must be something unique and valuable in scouting which is valued by so many countries and societies.

However we should not assume that there is therefore no need for change. Some may assume that if we have done well for a 100 years then we will also do well for the next 100 years if we continue to do the same. This is a fallacy and is dangerous. The world of today is very different from the world of yesterday. In fact the pace of change is now even faster than it was before and so the world of tomorrow is beyond anyone’s imagination. Are we prepared for this change? Do we welcome and embrace change?

Let me share with you a story about a cat in an Ashram in India. This cat loves the company of people and so each evening when the priest led his congregation in prayer, the cat would also wander around the prayer hall. The priest felt that the cat was distracting the devotees. So he tied the cat up every evening before the start of the prayers. This practice continued even after the priest passed away. Then one day the cat died too. The temple quickly found a replacement for the cat because everyone thought that tying up a cat during prayers is an integral and important part of evening prayers.

The story illustrates a key ingredient or pre-requisite before anyone can even begin to bring about change in any organization or practice. This is the need to examine and understand the rationale or reason behind existing practices. Very often we are afraid to challenge existing practices, like tying the cat in the story, and we just continue doing them even though the circumstances have changed. What is even more dangerous is that we start to create our own reasons for a practice that we do not even understand.

My fellow scouts, the word “scout” refers to a person that dares to venture into the unknown and to seek out new adventures and possibilities for his community. The world needs this true scouting spirit more than before because the future is even more uncertain as a result of the rapid changes that are taking place. However, we must be prepared to challenge our present practices and activities, understand them, and then either keep them or throw them away if they are no longer relevant to the present circumstances. Only then can we retain the true spirit of scouting and ensure that we will remain as the largest youth movement in the world.

Thank you and have a meaningful Founder’s Day.

North Zone Uniformed Groups Open House @ Yishun Town Secondary School

Today, 2 Ventures, 10 Scouts and 13 Sixers and Sixer Seconds went to Yishun Town Secondary School (YTSS) to man the Scouts booth at a North Zones Schools' Uniformed Groups (UG) Open House. The event was initiated by MOE CCA Branch and YTSS was chosen as the venue since it has a niche in UGs. We agreed promptly to work with YTSS on this project since they are one of Soaring Eagles' partner schools and its students get CCA Points when they join us.

The school was huge, however their Indoor Sports Hall was not air conditioned. Anyway, we were there to promote Scouting to the Primary Six students from the Primary Schools of the North Zone, hoping that they will join Scouts when they get into secondary school.
The competition was stiff, and many other UGs were able to entice the visitors with nice freebies. We were not taunted and armed with the "Why Scouts?" booklets, we made a strong statement. We had a great time interacting with the visitors, though we secretly looked forward to the end of the event... since we had a great dinner to look forward to.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Our participation in the Intergenerational Bonding Event was covered in Rapport Magazine Jan-Feb 2008 Issue. A scan of the article is shown below with some of our Cubs featured in the photographs.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

10th Day of Chinese New Year

The festivities are drawing to a close and Danger Mouse is out with his cousins to wish one and all a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!!

In the spirit of celebration, we ended our usual meeting at 5pm today and had "Yu Sheng". In our eagerness for happiness, prosperity and success in all that we do, we got carried away and the "Yu Sheng" got tossed a tad too high and we had ended up eating off people's heads.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Standard First Aid Course (Red Cross Society)

On 26 and 27 January 2008, 16 Scouts and 2 Ventures attended the First Aid Course at the Singapore Red Cross Training Centre. The course consisted of six sessions, the first three were conducted the first day while the remaining three were conducted on the next day. By the end of the two days, we were equipped with Standard First Aid knowledge and skills. To ensure that we were ready to be certified, a practical and theory test was conducted a week later on 2 February 2008.

Through the course, we learnt to tie bandages for different injuries and how to treat common problems such as nosebleeds, epilepsy attacks, snake bites, burns and many others. The basic principle that a first-aider should know is that their job is to preserve life, prevent condition from worsening and to promote recovery.

Here are some highlights of the course:
  • Role of a First Aider
  • Contents of a First Aid Kit
  • Actions to take in the event of a Choking victim
  • First Aid for Hyperventilation, Asthmatic Attack and Drowning
  • How to treat Shocks
  • Standard Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Treatment of Poisoning, Wounds and Fractures
  • Direct pressure to stop Bleeding
  • Treating Injuries affecting the Brain e.g. Fits, Fainting etc.
  • Promoting recovery for Cramps
  • Treating both cold and hot burns
  • Degrees of Burns
  • Bandaging

There was alot to learn for just theory and alot of us got bored. However, we did enjoy the practical as it was hands-on and not just simply theory from the notes. We took turns to practice bandages that we learnt on our partners. The test and practical were reasonably easy and most of us aced it. All my studying payed off and all of us passed the tests and are now official Standard First Aiders.