Sunday, 27 April 2008

Chao Recruit!

I had a very jammed pack day today, and thinking that everyone had already met up with CS, I came out of the theatre after "We Will Rock You", only to find him waiting outside with Otter only, at about 5pm.

Unfortunately he had to spend time with his family before booking in again, so he left at 5:30pm after a brief chat and catching up about what he's been up to in Tekong, Singapore's very own island down under. LOL!

So for those wondering how he's been and what his bald head looks like... here it is!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Service Duty At Cub Scout Pow Wow

By 8.30am, we were gathered at the Scout HQ awaiting the program to start. We went up to the Multi-Purpose Hall on Level 3 and helped to set up the screen and other AVA equipment. We also assisted in the arrangement of chairs as instructed by a Sparrow, the Programme Executive.

The program started exactly at 0930 hrs. We were instructed by Fiery Serpent to sit at the tables at the side of the hall and do the work or revision which we were required to bring. We started doing our revision while approximately 30 Cub Scout Leaders attended the first session by Mr Sim (from the Training Team) and Akita (the National Cub Scout Programme Commissioner). We are lucky to be allowed to play games on our PSP after some time of studying.At lunch time, we helped to serve lunch and clean up the mess made by the party poppers used at the Launch of the Cub Scout Proficiency Guide Book.

After an excellent lunch, it was Fiery Serpent’s turn to give the session. He talked alot on what was very familiar and close to our hearts. The Akela Award. He even used our log books and reflections as samples when giving examples. To reinforce his points, he also showed many photographs of our unit's activities.

One of his main points which he emphasised again and again was the need for Cub Scout programme guidelines to remain a little vague so that Cub Scout Leaders have the space to create interesting and engaging activities for the Cubs which will also meet requirements for badges.

After the long day session, we cleared up and as with all SE gatherings, went to the nearest food centre to have a snack before heading home.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Venture Cord Exploration Test

This was to be the first time the Ventures were to go for the Venture Cord Hike. It was to be held from 18-20 April 2008 and was indeed a test of our preparedness. Fiery Serpent, who was also an Examiner, simply told us on Wednesday before the briefing that the VCord Hike briefing would be on the next day, Thursday 10 April 2008 at SSA.

Beaver and I were so nervous. As it was our first time, we did't know what to expect and felt very unprepared. It was also the start of my attachment at the National University Hospital while Beaver started his Poly lectures this week. We did our best to prepare our logbooks (most of it was done by Beaver - hey bro, THANKS AHHH!). When it was finally done, Fiery Serpent had it bound and it looked all nice and shiny.On 17 April, we received the MRN and were instructed to report at 1900 hrs. Beaver arrived at the starting point at 1900 hrs but my attachment ended late and it exhausted me so badly I only arrived at 2030 hrs. The final extension for my reporting time was 2015 hrs in view of my situation so when I arrived, I was given the bad news that I failed and could not start the test. This was despite rushing to the start point in a cab. I felt disappointed yet, at the same time, happy. I had been exhausted with the changes from morning to afternoon shifts and lacked the mental alertness to go on this hike.Beaver, on the other hand, managed to get to the Survey Area at 2350 but didn't make it to the rest point. His hike was called off due to CAT1 lighting risk and adverse weather at 0315 hrs on 18 April 2008.

Overall, this was a tiring and demoralizing experience... but GSL assured us that it was to be the first of our VCord Exploration Test and now that we know the severity and seriousness of it, we would be better prepared the next time. He was very encouraging and was a big help in our preparations for the hike. Thanks, bro!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Available Soon!

In one colour... at the low, low price of $20 per kit.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

We Are Two!

Eddy didn't turn up today, but we've got Kian Seng with us. At least he's a familiar face. Started the day with the theory test, which was then followed by assessment of all the skills covered the last time we met.

Just before lunch, we learnt and practiced the "Boat To Swimmer Rescue". We didn't get to eat lunch today since we spent most of our time buying stuff for our survival kits. After the scheduled lunch time, we were assessed further on low-brace turn and stern ruddering before embarking on our expedition which brought us to the Singapore Flyer. Quite an exciting day... We're finally 2-Star Certified!

Those who have attained the Personal Skill Award Certification are in the following photo:

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Exploration Sharing

The first of a series of two sharing sessions hosted by Soaring Eagles Scout Group and conducted by guest speakers started today. Expert exploration test assessors Mr Eric Lim (Venture Programme Commissioner and Cub Scout Leader of Chong Fu Primary) and Mr Leon Tan (Assistant Venture Programme Commissioner and Venture Scout Leader of Catholic High School) took time off their busy schedules to share their experience in assessing both the Chief Commissioner's Award Hike and the Venture Cord Exploration Test, since our GSL doesn't have as much experience as them in assessing the VCord Hike.
It was an interesting session, full of laughter... Mr Leon Tan was a funny guy and we not only learnt what was required of us in the CCA Hike/VCord Hike Tests, we also got all our questions answered and even some tips from the assessors themselves!
At the end of the session, we used our school as a checkpoint and practiced describing it and also drawing of CP maps.

The session ended at about half-past four and we were glad to be released earlier than usual after Bersurai. We are also very glad to have made some friends from the Raffles 01 Scout Troop and Venture Unit.

Our next session which will still be combined with Raffles, and we have friends coming in from Whitley Scorpions... is the Jungle Survival sharing session on 10 May 2008. More on that later.

Seal, Out.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Launch of the Cub Scout Proficiency Guide Book

Many of you know that for the last year or so, I have been working on this book. Its finally printed and is now on sale at the Scout Shop @ $1.50 per copy!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Another Weekend Saga (Part 2)

Partnership Update: Woodlands GRO - Racial Harmony Day and Launch of Admiral Gardens Sports ParkOk, we've been working very hard the last couple of weeks and it has come down to this. Woodlands GRC's Racial Harmony Day 2008 during which Soaring Eagles Cub Scouts played a major role in running the traditional games played by the various races, which included 5-Stones, Chinese Chess, Animal Chess, Congkat and Kabiddi.

The Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong came and many of our Cubs and Scouts got to shake his hand. They were so elated, they declared that they wouldn't be washing their hands. Of course, they soon forgot and used them to eat the hoards of free food which was given out to all who came.

The Scouts, however had another agenda. After the PM took his leave, we were up to no good, getting ready to punk the birthday boy, Beaver. He was obviously oblivious as YY pretended to want to have a photo with him. Got him cornered against the wall when all hell broke loose with spray on confetti and snow flake decorations being sprayed from all directions. Even as he tried to run, we gave chase and made sure he got the revenge all those who had celebrated their birthdays before wanted!Very nice...

We even got CS onto the bungy trampoline contraption after much persuasion. Or was it by order of the GSL? Haha...

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Another Weekend Saga (Part 1), Scout Names (Part 4)

The NDP saga begins today at Bishan Stadium. We sent three 2nd years and seven 1st years. The 2nd years admitted that they missed Billy and it was good to see him again after eight months. We've been asked to continue our work as Contingent Coordinators again this year.

We're also glad that there are many new units joining the action and looks like its gonna be another four good months of fun. We're looking forward to it!After the NDP Internal Training we got showered, changed and headed straight to Swensen's at J8 where we not only had the appreciation dinner, we celebrated a bumper crop of other good news. However, we did have to sadly bid farewell temporarily to CS, our ASL who would be leaving us to do his duty to the Republic of Singapore.

While Zabi has his eyes on other things, YY decided that he'd bid farewell by force-feeding CS with something sweet... we also got him a gift which we expect him to wear everyday for the next two years so that each TIME he looks at his wrist to check the TIME, he'd remember the good TIMEs we shared in Soaring Eagles. Did you know that CS also works as a part-time watch model? LOL!Finally, CS was presented his Scout Name tonight by me. Here's what it means:

Weng Cong Sheng (Gallant Cheetah)
Gallant: brave; spirited; noble or chivalrous; exceptionally polite; stately; grand
Cheetah: swiftness, insight, focus, solitary

Cong Sheng has been involved in several activities organised by Soaring Eagles Scout Group over the course of 2007. Through the Cluster 3 Sixers Training Course and the Scout Standard Camp I, he soon got so comfortable with the group that he volunteered to be an adult leader and was appointed Assistant Scout Leader in January 2008. VERY NICE! By virtue of his appointment, he joined the SE Training Team and was the key contributor to the Scout Section Year Plan which outlines the weekly Scout training sessions. Each week he ensures he is present to set a good example, remaining positive and braving through every difficult situations with the true spirit of Scouting. His swift action and insight from his own Scouting experience has certainly enriched the unit with a grand new culture of having fun while being tough with training. He has the end clearly in mind and should never be provoked with a lack of enthusiasm. These attributes can also be seen as he took the initiative and lead during the recent Yishun District BP Challenge 2008 as well as Standard Camp II. Both events concluded with GREAT SUCCESS! THEN HOW? With effect from today, he shall henceforth be known as Gallant Cheetah.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The World Scout Jamboree 2015 Website

The Singapore World Scout Jamboree 2015 Website is up and running and now features the Bid Video in 4 languages, Chief Scout's welcome address made at the Istana as well as photos from the Chief Commissioners' Visit in March 2008. This one has us in it: