Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Quest 2008

We're behind you all the way! Do us proud!

Hans Art Partnership: Art Challenge & Community Carnival 2008

The Hans Art Challenge and Community Carnival is coming up and we are excited about it! Here's the artwork for the poster which will be up everywhere and guess what? Soaring Eagles is listed as a supporter of the event along with our partners AI Warriors, Chung Cheng Peregrine and Bukit Panjang Eagles.Hans Art has also kindly sponsored our Cub Scouts to participate in the Art Challenge. This would mean that the $10 perticipation fee will be waived for all our Cub Socuts and they will also receive freebies like the goody bag, Vitagen, etc. The family members of our Cubs have also been invited to join in the fun.

We're looking forward to a great day of fun at IMM on 7 June 2008.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Yishun Cluster 3's Sixers Training Camp 2008

DAY ONEDay One kicked off with a rather slow start but after everything was organised properly, Cubs started to get to know each other and after that, had a great time learning new skills. They learnt how to do CPR, make a trail, tie knots and even how to make their own banana chocolate! YUM!

The Sixers then hiked to Republic Polytechnic in the evening and had dinner at the Admiralty Garden Park. After dinner, it was time to scare the crap out of the Sixers. While they were having dinner the campstaff were busy setting up what would be the scariest night walk we have ever organised so far. Most of the participants were so scared that there were screams throughout the night. Some of them saw me stoning at first and just after walking past, they were charged at from behind! Then next the sounds of the rattlesnake filled their ears made by 'Champion' (Solomon) and Sampson. Walking on Zabidi ambushed them with a tug at the legs. Hummingbird, the star of the show chased them onto the correct path while Coyote then distracted them with a light in the grass then caught them off guard from behind. Next our friend and teacher of lifesavers Little Anne was solemly hung on the Hangman's Noose. That really scared a good number of people. Next, inspired by the TV series Lost, was Otter and Henry who recreated the wild boars chasing the characters through the tall grasses scene. Day one ended with the Sixers happy and tired, ready to head off to dreamland.DAY TWO
The day started slightly late too but as soon as breakfast ended, the Sixers were off to Mandai Tekong where the "MustDie TakeLong" Quest (CHOY!) was held. After a morning of adenture at the park, the best part of the camp came! Canopy Challenge at SAFRA Yishun's Adventure Centre! The Sixers were so excited that they kept asking Uncle Hoe when their turn would be till he got so irritated that some of them actually got scolded. While they were waiting, they got to learn how to make their own woggle. Most of them were good enough to make it for the campfire later that night. When they got back, they had dinner and some last minute preparation for the campfire gangshow while the campstaff ran around busily to set up the campfire pit. Once all the final preparations were done, the campfire started with a bang as the fireball hit the firepit spot on, bursting into flames. As the songs and games went on, the spirits reached the highest and everyone were enjoying themselves. The Sixers had such a packed day that they fell asleep almost immediately.


The last day of the camp broke out in a frenzy of scrubbing and wiping. Although no one enjoys cleaning up a place, it was something we had to do after every camp as everyone, Scout or not , should always be considerate. After area cleaning was time for Wet Telematch and the Sixers once again brought out the playfulness in them as the water drenched them as they bombed, shampooed, dipped and scooped and squeezed water all over the school. It was not difficult to see that they were enjoying themselves.

Once the games ended, there was prize giving! Shere Khan was the second runner up, Chil was the runner up and the Best Six Award went to AKELA! After the Sixers went home, the campstaff stayed back to do some final cleaning up.

Good job campstaff, once again, you've done us proud!
This is Beaver, signing off.

p/s: Thank you SSA for your support and loan of the Scout van!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Scout Names (Part 5)

Loo Yu Yang (Curious Hummingbird)
Curious: Eager to learn; inquisitive, arousing speculation, interest, or attention through being inexplicable or highly unusual.
Hummingbird: Fierce warrior, pleasure, energetic, easily distracted, big appetite

Yu Yang began his journey as a Cub Scout in 2007, after resisting and calling Scouts “losers” and “sissies” for many years. Since giving Scouting a chance after much persuasion from his form teacher, he has not looked back. He has even gone on to claim to enjoy Scouting so much, that he “would rather die than to have to quit Scouts.” Yu Yang has always been a curious kind of person and his mere presence in the Scout Troop gave the weekly sessions an energetic ambience. His passion in Scouting shines through as he asks many questions during training sessions. He is always eager to learn, arouses interests but is also easily distracted.

Other than serving as a Cub Instructor during Cub Scout CCA meetings on Tuesdays, in the Camp Service Staff of numerous camps, he has also put forth his best efforts while participating in the many camps the Scout Troop has undertaken, enduring gruelling training and harsh criticisms. Despite the tough training, he has kept his head high and maintained a positive attitude, which puts him ahead of his seniors. He has outdone his seniors in fund raising efforts during Job Week and Donation Draw.

As he continues the pursuit of being one of the best Scouts in the Troop, he shall from henceforth be named Curious Hummingbird. It is the troop leadership’s desire that Yu Yang becomes a fierce fighter whose energy never runs out. That he would become the constant encouragement and source of laughter for everyone, infecting everyone else with his strong positive attitude and taking Soaring Eagles Scout Group to greater heights.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Invitation To: The Rangers Charity Night

We just received this in the mailand we'll probably be attending it right after our service at the Han's Art Challenge and Community Carnival 2008 / NDP Rehearsal.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Extending Our Family

It has been 3 weeks since we last met as an entire Cub Scout Pack. Today was one very relaxed pack meeting, since the SA1 is finally over! The meeting began as usual with the Grand Howl and then proceeded to the Investiture of our new P3 Brothers.

Then after everyone had renewed the Scout Promise together, the "seniors" gave a resounding Adiji Yell - a traditional welcome.After "Over To You", the Scout Instructors took over with Sixers with games. Kangaroo Captain, it was called... or something like that. We had a ball of a time!

Welcome, brothers!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Jungle Survival & Shelters

Today's session was one of the most interesting sessions we've had so far. Kumaran, the VSL of 01 Raffles Ventures came to give a sharing session on Jungle Survival. We started by looking at our survival kits and going through each item and what/how it can be used.

We learnt that there are five elements to survival:
  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Shelter
  4. Warmth
  5. Rescue
The items in our survival kit should help us to obtain these, however in a real-life situation, many survival techniques are dependent on initiative (doing what needs to be done proactively so as to survive) and improvisation (using what can be found in the given situation to our advantage and help us survive).
After lunch came the more hands-on session. Deep in the forest somewhere in Woodlands, we bashed through to find a nice clearing where we could put what we learnt to practice. We split into 5 groups of 6 members from both Soaring Eagles and 01 Raffles Ventures and began work on our shelters.

Two hours later, Kumaran came round to check our shelters and put it to the test with water and shaking. The verdict was out. Humourous Coyote, Kenny, Mario, Jonathan, Kelvin and Chester's team made the best and most waterproof shelter, yet they took the least amount of time to do so. While we went round to check the shelters, Kumaran also critiqued the design of our shelters, showed us the weak points as well as the good ones. He also gave many pointers so that we can build better shelters in future.

The session ended punctually at 1730 hrs and we were dismissed from the jungle. Afterwhich, some of us went to a different part of the jungle to do recce for a night walk which would be happening soon. We had so much fun, learnt so much about survival and most importantly, made many new friends.

GSL thanked everyone, especially Kumaran for taking time off his busy schedule to share his expertise with us. He said that 01 Raffles and us had formed a rather strong alliance and look forward to many more combined activities to come.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Good Service and Frank Cooper Sands Award 2007

The Good Service Award Ceremony was held at the Istana on 8 May 2008 at 2:30pm.

About 90 recipients were given various awards, of which, three recipients were from Woodlands Ring Primary School / Soaring Eagles Scout Group.Mrs Manokara Sugunavathi, Principal of Woodlands Ring Primary School was conferred the Bronze Vanda Award for her strong and dedicated support to the Soaring Eagles Scout Group, especially to the Cub Scout and Scout Sections in the four years since she took the helm of the school in 2004.
Mr Clarence Hoe (Fiery Serpent), teacher at Woodlands Ring Primary School and the GSL of Soaring Eagles Scout Group; and Mr Koh Min Zhuan (Black Weasel), Volunteer Adult Leader and SL of Soaring Eagles Scout Troop, were conferred the Chief Scout's Commendation for their contributions towards the Scout movement.

Some media coverage was spotted by the Director of Corporate Affairs. We received these news cuttings via email:We also received the results for Frank Cooper Sands Award 2007. We have maintained the Gold award for Cub Scout Section, and the Scout Section has improved from the Bronze Award to a Silver Award! Well done, Scouts!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Attack On Breeding Ground

Here's a useful document released by the Project Development & Management Branch. It has direct links to our Mozzie Buster Course participants:

Pangea Day 2008

We are planning to host a Pangea Day 2008 screening for our Scouts... it is a coordinated live screening of 24 short films which have been selected from an international competition that generated more than 2,500 submissions from 100+ countries. They were chosen based on their ability to inspire, transform, and help us see the world through another person's eyes. The Pangea Day Films have been announced. Here's a trailer of the event:
More than 1,000 other Pangea Day events worldwide will transmit photos, video, and text messages, to be incorporated in the live broadcast and the web site.

Date: Sunday, 11 May 2008
Time: 0200hrs - 0600 hrs
Venue: SE's Den Thirty-Nine

The plan is to dismiss from Survival Workshop on Saturday so everyone can go home for dinner and mainly to rest, and report back at Sunday, 0130 hrs. We'll do a quick setup, a short discussion and the live screening starts.