Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


We return a week after no CCA due to the Prelim Oral Exams and just a day after the Singapore-Brazil Pre-Olympic Exhibition Match at the National Stadium where the Singapore Team put up a stubborn fight leading to a 0-3 final score. The team has stuck together and put up a good match despite people predicting the worst odds ranging from 0-10 (Muttons to Midnite of 98.7) to even 0-20 (The Married Men of 91.3FM)!

The lesson to learn for the Cubs is that we should be focussed on the task at hand no matter how difficult... We aim for the stars, we would fall among the clouds if we do not reach the stars.Today, the Sixer and Second of Otter prepared a special game under the guidance of ex-Senior Sixer, Samuel... Samba Goalie (meant to sound like Sambal Chilli?).

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Friends Over A Photo

Just two weeks ago as we hung around at Marina Square after NDP Rehearsal, a Scout Leader from Boy Scout America stopped us and we chatted for a while, talking about her trip to Singapore. We exchanged contacts and she took a photo of the whole group of us.

Today, I was hanging around with Otter in the Scout's Shop when a group of Scouts came in to seek help in taking a photograph. Just like that, we made a few friends from Petaling, Malaysia.
"A Scout makes friends,
establishes and maintains
harmonious relations."

The group included Ekbert (HQ Commissioner), Goh (Rover Leader) and Colin (Scout Leader of Fiery Phoenix). We had an interesting conversation which would not have excluded the topic of my Scout Name, since Colin is from Fiery Phoenix. We were also all drooling over Ekbert's campfire cloak as he explained how and where he got some of the interesting and very ancient badges.
They were at HQ, on the way to the Bukit Panjang District Campfire. Finally as a parting gift, Ekbert gave me a beautiful badge which they made in gratitude to BP District.

On the topic of Campfire, Bukit Panjang Government High has just invited us to their 50th Anniversary Campfire on 6 September 2008.

Friday, 25 July 2008

STARS Nite 2008

It was STARS Nite 2008 and we were dressed up in our Black Shirts and Scout shorts. We reported at 1700 hrs and had dinner. As usual, we were treated to PIZZA!

After dinner, we were standby at 1745 hrs, ready for the show to begin.

It began at 1900 hrs sharp with the MCs first to go out on stage to welcome the audience and introduce the Choir who sang the School song. It was followed by a speech by our Principal, Mrs Mano. She said that it was a night to celebrate the shining, sparkling stars of WRPS in conjunction with the school's 11th Anniversary.

My duty was to switch on the light on the podium before she arrives to deliver the speech. The Choir was first to perform since they were already on stage and they sang like angels. They presented three songs, one of which was in mandarin. We had to arrange the benches, mike and tables properly and quickly. You might not believe it, but it was really hard work!

Other items included the majestic dances by the SYF Teams performing the Malay, Chinese and Indian dances. It was a beautiful sight! Who could miss the hot favourites (well, Serpent always claims them to be his favourite act of STARS Nite), the Dikir Barat. This year, it was performed by the girls team which had won the Top Prize at the Annual Si Cilik Competition.There was no musical by the P4s this year, instead there were two Readers' Theatre items by the really cute P2 students from 2 Daisy and 2 Jasmine, with "Never, Never Go Out With A Stranger" and "The Elves And The Shoemaker".

Another special item introduced this year was the team led by the very talented Miss Wendy Lee, the Rope Skipping Team, called the Soaring Skippers! They were really awesome and I watched them until the end.

As the night ended, we went home right after packing up. We were all drenched in perspiration, but it was a very happy day indeed.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Venture Leadership Course (Central)

Over the last weekend, Hazmi and I attended the Venture Leadership Course (VLC) which was hosted by Raffles Institution. The camp started out with a sharing on Leadership using renowned leaders like Ghandi and Lee Kuan Yew as case studies.The camp proper began later with a flag break ceremony after we had erected a 3-2-1 flagpole. A series of lectures followed which were given by the teacher IC of RI01 Ventures and some PSA Candidates.

Dinner was to be at Junction 8, followed by catching a movie - Dark Knight. The movie was played at such a high volume that I could still hear them speak at normal volume when I covered my ears.

The next morning, we had a mental challenge more than a physical training session. We were introduced a new exercise every now and then, and the two-hour session seemed never ending. Right after breakfast, there was a group discussion about the types of leaders that can be found in the movie.

When we were done all was left was to take down the flagpole before we all headed home. We now only have the SIC, Cord Hike, ASPIRE and PSA Project to complete. Wish us luck!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Update: National Day Parade 2008

National Day Parade (NDP) 2008 has been an exciting experience for the Sec 1s and 2s thus far. Though the climate this year has been harsh and the trainings had been tough, I'm sure everyone enjoyed it, especially the free food. This year, we've had Iced Milo, Mr Bean Soya Bean Drink, Old Chang Kee as major food sponsors - something most of us looked forward to week in week out.We are now left with Combined Rehearsal 6, Preview and NDP 2008! After many weeks, reporting to Guangyang Secondary in Bishan every Saturday for warm-up drills before going to Suntec City our holding area would be over.

As the end of our NDP 2008 draws near, we brace for the day we'll have to say good bye to the good friends we have made, leaving with good memories behind. As Beaver would say it, "Its not about looking forward to marching but meeting friends who have experienced hardship together with you."

Friday, 18 July 2008

Visiting Dennis

Today the P4 and 5 Cubs gathered to sign and pen their well-wishes on a get well card for Sixer Second of Hyena, Dennis. He's been warded at Kendang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) where he had undergone a key-hole surgery to remove his infected appendix.

The appendix is a blind ended tube connected to the cecum, usually measuring about 2 to 20 cm. The cecum is a pouch-like structure of the colon. The appendix is near the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine. (Picture and information adapted from Wikipedia.)Serpent, Aziz and I arrived at KKH at about 1500 hrs this afternoon to visit Dennis. Apparently he's been looking forward to our visit and has been asking for us. However when we arrived, he was sleeping deeply. We left to have lunch while waiting for him to wake up.

He finally did at 1600 hrs but he looked gloomy. The surgical wound was causing him some discomfort. We chatted awhile and the doctors came on their rounds. They told him to drink more and exercise by walking more so that he can recover faster and be discharged soon.

After they left, we persuaded him to walk around the ward. While making the lap around the ward, Aziz was enjoying himself pushing Dennis' 0.9% Sodium Chloride drip as they walked. We left Dennis smiling, not long after the short stint of exercise.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Water Venture Partnership

PA's Water Venture had just opened a new outlet close to our home in Sembawang. The new outlet was opened officially by Minister Khaw Boon Wan who arrived in a powerboat through a floating aisle formed by eighty kayaks paddled by youth of various ages.

8 Scouts (excluding 1 injured) from SE and 3 Scouts from Condor Sea Scouts were registered as part of the volunteer team together and were present to form part of the Kayak aisle.

The opening of the Sembawang Outlet is in conjunction with Youth Month and the Youth-In-Action Campaign. The special day was celebrated with carnival games, food and door gifts like towels and visors.Water Venture (Sembawang) is located at 57 Jalan Mempurong (next to Bottle Tree Restuarant, Sembawang Park).

Kayaking is by far the most popular sea sport in Singapore. Students and adults from all walks of life have taken part in either a kayaking orientation programme for fun and leisure or been certified under the personal skill award courses that range from the novice to the very advanced levels.

Since 2007 Soaring Eagles Scouts had launched into the adventure of sea expeditions which sometimes exist as just a recreational pastime that keeps us in the pink of health. Almost all our Scouts have been certified under the Singapore Canoe Federation with a Personal Skills Award, minimum One-Star (Sec 1s) or Two-Stars (Sec 2s and above).

Saturday, 5 July 2008

NE Show 1

Its finally Combined Rehearsal 3 (CR) and National Education Show 1 (NE Show). Officially, we have entered the 12th week of NDP Rehearsals. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Four more shows to NDP 2008! Woo hoo!

Fiery Serpent's class attended the NE Show 1 today and we were allowed by the marshals to join them to watch the show segment after we completed the Parade and Ceremonies segment. This was to be our only opportunity to watch the show live as we are in the contingent week after week. It was a good reward for our hard work done thus far.Look at my arm! Its in a huge cast since I had just fractured my thumb yesterday. This effectively means that I'll be out of action from the contingent for the next few weeks! Today was also the first time I watched the show from Pre-Parade to the end. It was a good change of perspective especially when watching the parade. It did feel a little strange, though, since I was usually at the front of the contingent.When the show ended, we helped to clear up, maintain discipline with our juniors from our beloved ex-primary school and took a ride in Fiery Serpent's class bus which brought us back to Woodlands before we proceeded to our usual hang out at Admiralty McDonald's.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Appointment Of New Sixers & Sixer Seconds 2008/09

The P6 Sixers officially stepped down on Tuesday 1 July 2008, handing over their leadership to a new team of Sixers and Sixer Seconds. The appointments were made in consultation with the Sixers Council, Leaders and Cub Scouts Training Team. The Sixers Investiture Ceremony was held today and attended by the Cub Scout Training Team and Sixer Mentors. Among those appointed to Sixer, three were brand new appointments from the P5 level.At the same time, nine Cubs were appointed Sixer Seconds. The key appointments are listed in the above chart, however the Council met for the first time today at 1500 hrs and the Council Portfolios have yet to be filled. These will be discussed and decided when they reconvene in a week.Right after their investiture, the Sixers jumped right into their jobs of teaching a new song entitled "Dum Dili Do". Rock on, Sixers!

All appointments holders are on probation and will only be confirmed in December 2008. Cubs who do not perform to expectation will not be confirmed.

A council scribe, pack quartermaster, pack photographer and pack IT manager (and assistants) will be appointed by the council within a week.