Sunday, 31 August 2008


Our hike ended abruptly in Yishun, and before we knew it, we were on our way to Bishan for dinner with the boss, Fiery Serpent, before heading to Serangoon Eagles' Gangshow, Metamorphosis.

Like at the Chronicles Campfire, we were all taken in a "Back to the Future" time machine through the passage of time, back to the 70s with performances by the various other Scout Groups. We saw dances, including a cross-dressing Scout, Elvis Prestley-fanatic Cub Scouts, a terrible rendition of Hossan Leong's 'We Live In Singapura'.

The top prize of $200 went eventually to Yuan Ching Open Scout Group who did a superb Military Police-styled footdrill dance. Congratulations dudes, remember the cash is for the development of Scouting in your Group! ;)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

A Token Of Our Gratitude

This is going to be a special, limited edition badge that we are producing as a token of our appreciation. Check it out, its really cool, well at least we think it is!
From Design to Actual, design by Pontus Consultants,
image jointly provided by Pontus Consultants and Anrawkz.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Soaring Above The Olympics Craze

It was the last Cub Scout meeting before school closed for Term 3 and we celebrated it in conjunction with the closing of the Beijing Olympics 2008 which was telecast live last Sunday. As Fiery Serpent gave a brilliant introduction, and as he spoke about the Opening and Closing ceremonies in Beijing, we had a fiery opening to our very own version of the Olympics... the Soarlympics!

Soarlympics is a fun day of Olympic events, like Javelin, Discus, 4 X 100 m Race, done in a cute and fun way. These events became Strawvelin (Javelin using straws), Discus Plate Toss (Discus with disposable plates) and 4 X 100 inch race (Runners running using only inch long steps) It brings out the spirit of the Olympics which really according to the Olympic Creed is simply about taking part, doing one's best, not just to win!

During the break, Cubs took part in a Olympic Trivia, a 10-question quiz based on the history of the Olympic Games as well as the Beijing Olympics 2008 while enjoying Milo (proudly sponsored by an anonymous benefactor).

Cubs were very grateful to their Scout Instructors for a really fun and funny event. One of them even said to a friend, "Lucky we didn't go Science Centre today, this is much more fun!".

Finally when the day's activities was done, Bronze, Silver and Gold "Medals" were awarded to the best results, which incidentally sets the first Soarlympics Results, which are up to be broken in 4 years time, perhaps?

The Results are as follows:
Event 1: Shot-Put Bombs (cancelled due to inclement weather)

Event 2: Paper Hammer Throw (*completed on 9 September due to inclement weather)
  • Bronze - Fathullah
  • Silver - Gino Yong
  • Gold - Irfan Shariff (Soarlympic Record 6.2 m)
Event 3: Straw-velin
  • Bronze - Lee Hang Wei
  • Silver - Mitchell Constantine
  • Gold - Cleavon Tei (Soarlympic Record 5.67 m)
Event 4: Discus Plate Toss
  • Bronze - Md Faiz Jailani
  • Silver - Heng Hong Chuan
  • Gold - Edmond Toh (Soarlympic Record 21 m)
Event 5: 4 X 100 inch Race
  • Bronze - Tran Tu Quy
  • Silver - Md Irfan Shariff
  • Gold - Sie Jie Xiang (Soarlympic Record 20.30 seconds)
Event 6: Balloon Pop Race
  • Bronze - Seah Yi Hong
  • Silver - Md Nooraimy
  • Gold - Edmund Toh (Soarlympic Record 53.69 seconds)
Event 7: Birdie Feather Toes
  • Bronze - Henry Lee
  • Silver - Seah Yi Hong
  • Gold - Daryl Ong (Soarlympic Record 2 minutes 04 seconds)
Event 8: Shoes Race
  • Bronze - Sathishvaran
  • Silver - Tran Tu Quy
  • Gold - Md Faiz Jailani (Soarlympic Record 2 minutes 12 seconds)
Event 9: Hug The Balloon Buddy Race
  • Bronze - Gino Yong & Chong Sheng Wei
  • Silver - Tran Tu Quy & Heng Hong Chuan
  • Gold - Tg Md Khairul Anuar & Dylan Ang (Soarlympic Record 2.30 seconds)
Olympics Trivia
  • Bronze - Ryan Choo
  • Silver - Lim Ming Chern
  • Gold - Tham Yu Xiang
Here are some of the Soarlympic medalistsSIX Challenge Scores:
Alligator +40 (1 Silver)
Bear +80 (2 Bronze, 1 Silver)
Elephant +200 (2 Bronze, 1 Silver, 2 Gold)
Hyena +220 (1 Silver, 3 Gold)
Otter +60 (1 Gold)
Penguin +160 (1 Silver, 2 Gold)
Rhino +40 (2 Bronze)
Squirrel +160 (3 Bronze, 1 Silver, 1 Gold)
Tiger +240 (1 Bronze, 4 Silver, 1 Gold)**

Monday, 25 August 2008

Scout Group Photo 2008 (Sneak Preview)

The photographer just sent the photo for us to insert the names, so I did up a "sneak preview" version of the formal shot. Sent them the names, so I guess we'll be receiving our orders when school re-opens in Term 4.Also got this photo off a friend, a reminder of good times shared with friends at the National Day Parade this year:

Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Singapore Fireworks Celebration 2008

It was the end of a crazy week in school with CAs for the Cubs and Common Tests for the Scouts, so it was simply excellent that we found some time to gather as a family involved in the NDP 2008 and to share our joyous gathering with some other brother Scouts, younger 'adek' Cubs, family members and a significant other at the Marina Platform to watch a spectacular pyrotechnic artistic display put up by the French Team, Feerie. The short display, entitled French Romance, highlights the romantic French culture accompanied by dramatic music and visuals. The display has just made its debut in Asia.

More information on the Singapore Fireworks Celebration on 19 August 2008's edition of the Straits Times:
We (my brother Nooraimy, Faiz and myself) arrived at the Esplanade at about 1900 hrs, although we were told to be there at 2000 hrs. I was frustrated and angry because my brother said that we were to be there at 1900 hrs. Thankfully, we had bought some snacks before making our way there. We went inside Esplanade Mall, found a place to sit and ate our snacks until Fiery Serpent arrived about 1950 hrs.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of our long, long wait! We had to wait some more for "Aunty" Madelene as she was holding on to the tickets. When she finally arrived 20 minutes later, we got our tickets and we headed into the Marina Bay Floating Gallery, found our seats... and there was more waiting!

A circus act was put up by a Scandinavian group, called "Bonfire". I was wowed by the fire twirling/juggling acts they did. It looked really dangerous and should never be done without professional supervision.

At last, after a boring performance by the TKSS Band, the moment we have been waiting for, the fireworks display! The beautiful display, synchronised to the rhythm of the music just blew my mind away. I took a video of the whole fireworks which lasted for about 20 minutes. After the fireworks we were all in high spirits and also feeling elated. We took pictures and after that went home.

Among those who were at the Celebration were:
  1. Fiery Serpent
  2. Akita
  3. Maverick Zebra
  4. Curious Hummingbird
  5. Vivacious Otter
  6. Zealous Seal
  7. Mario Thng
  8. Zabidi Kamsani
  9. Md Faiz
  10. Md Nooraimy
  11. Md Noorelfi
  12. Shaikh Abdullah Amin
  13. Spirited Scorpion
  14. Scorpion’s Dad (Mr Tan)
  15. Scorpion’s Mum (Mdm Gan)
  16. Steadfast Beaver
  17. Odelia (Beaver's better half)
  18. Astute Possum
  19. Possum’s Mum (Mrs Chan)
  20. Possum’s Sister (Denise)

Friday, 22 August 2008

Lost & Found: Postcard designed in 2005

This was designed in 2005, featuring one of our Cub's arm and a resident from Man Fut Tong, our adopted Charity, when they came to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. Thought it was nice to share.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

SE Wallpaper 3

Two versions of this latest wallpaper, which was inspired by a friend's comic strip wallpaper, are available:and one in "photocopy" effects filter on:To use, click on the selected wallpaper.
When larger version loads, right click and select "Set As Desktop Background".

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Eagles & Their Crumplers

Ever since GSL Fiery Serpent had the idea of a customised SE Crumpler was tossed up and later tossed out, due to financial practicality, everyone has been infected with a fever of a different kind, not transmitted by mosquitoes. We've down with (non-customised) Crumpler Fever... More photos coming! We're trying to get a full attendance row call! ;)

Chikungunya Alert

Along with the recent surge of cases reported in the nearby areas such as Kranji, Sembawang and Yishun comes this warning:
Straits Times 19 August 2008

Catholic High Scout Group's Campfire

We were treated to a stunning visual spectacle last Saturday night at the Catholic High School's 60th Anniversary Campfire. It began with an amazing gateway so huge, which only took them a couple of days, as we were told.

The campfire was massive with over 30 Scouts and Guides Troops invited, forming a huge campfire circle. The presentation of songs was done with an interesting story line in which, Leonard Lim, a disgruntled Scout who approached Scouting with a negative mindset, criticising everything without offering any constructive suggestions.

Soon as he was taken through the purpose and rationale behind each activity they do every week by a "senior", he began to change his way of thinking. He began to look at the activities which he used to label as "boring" and "stupid" in a positive light and began offering suggestions to make things better. He became an enthusiastic Scout under the influence of the strong positive energy from the other Scouts in the Troop.

In the end, the audience realises that Leonard was having a dream, and the "Senior" was none other than the spirit of Lord Baden Powell who appeared in Leonard's dream. A little lame, yes, but the moral of the story was important and far outweighs the lameness of the story line. The power of positivity is not to be underestimated!

The campfire got our feet tapping, our bodies shaking and our voices screaming. Congratulations, CHSScouts on your 60th Anniversary! Like a good "senior", you've shown us all the way!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Annual General Meeting 2008

First and foremost,We've been out-doing ourselves year after year... and just when I thought we hit our peak performance last year, you showed that you're better than that! Well done everyone!

Soaring Eagles Scout Group was represented this year at the AGM 2008 by GSL Fiery Serpent, ASL Gallant Cheetah and Scouts Astute Possum and Curious Hummingbird. It was an interesting meeting with several interesting issues brought up in a very dramatic fashion.Chief, in his address, called leaders and educators to focus on values, rather than dilute the spirit of Scouting on "the way I used to do it" type of military-styled regiment training. He says that the Spirit of Scouting must be rekindled in Scouts. Both he and President of Scout Council, are into their final term of leadership in SSA.

He also stressed that SSA must continue to focus on Community Scouting (moving ourselves away from simply being school-based) and Family Scouting. Scouting must in effect build communities and families. This is encouraging for us in SE, since we too, focus on being involved and partnering with the community around us, and the parents of our members.

A special resolution was passed towards the end of the meeting to amend the constitution to allow for the AGM to be conducted after June each year.
Another issue brought up was with regards to why it took over 20 years to revise the POR. The President explained that the 1988 POR still stands and the major revision was only made recently. It being a massive task (in which I was involved in editing of the Cubs Section), which was only completed early this year, the POR was made available online. Any minor revisions henceforth will be made via email.

Soaring Eagles is featured quite prominently in the Annual Report this year, with many of its activities, leaders and members mentioned. Assistant Chief Commissioner (ACC), Northwest also highlighted our group and web address in his Area Report.

Kayaking Expedition

Following our service at PA Water Venture @ Sembawang's Official Opening, Water Venture has very kindly sponsored a Kayaking Expedition to Pulau Seletar. Fiery Serpent, five Scouts from our unit and two scouts Condor Sea Scouts went very excitedly, stopping the fishermen from doing their business on the launching area just outside Water Venture.

Upon arrival at about 0945 hrs, we quickly geared up, grabbed our kayaks and were on the water by 1015 hrs. It was the final phase of flooding (high) tide, with most of the water from the South China Sea flowing inland.

Our hands were quickly shivering from fatigue and since we were working against the wave, the splashes on our faces and into our eyes made the journey tougher than expected. We were quite relieved when we finally "landed", and took a quick rest, a short exploration on foot and then played "sand-ball" war. Darn... it was started by Serpent!

As time passed, the weather changed and dark clouds gathered. We left the island immediately, making our way back. We were also glad to know that the journey back would be easier, since we were now going with the current. We paddled as fast as we could, washed the kayaks and equipment, returned everything in place before it started to storm.

It was all done in good time, with good company and lots of fun!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Invitation To: SW Area Campfire - Lighting The Way

Its been some time since they last organised the mega event which was officiated by PM Lee Hsien Loong. See the above invitation for the official invite to this year's event.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Lightning Alert!

It was an awesome last CCA before the CA2. We sang a couple of new songs at last during the "Over To You, Sixers" song segment. It was a refreshing change. Fiery Serpent then announced the upcoming SOARLYMPICS 2008 after the CA, in conjunction with the closing of the Beijing Olympics 2008 Season. He then gave out the event flag and dished out some hints on what the Olympics Trivia might be like. It certainly sounds like a very interesting event, and more to come as we plan for a Halloween themed meeting at the end of October.

The lightning alert was activated during the arrow training, and Cubs fell-in at the canteen before being divided into two groups taking up Dens 39 and 40 for a silly but fun game of "Human Table Soccer". Although the rain did spoil the Sixers' original game plan, it did not rob us of the fun we were to have.Thank God for back-up plans! ;) Be prepared always and Scout on, brothers!

Friday, 8 August 2008

National Day 2008

As usual, seven Cub Scouts and five Brownies were involved in the National Day Observance Ceremony 2008 on this very auspicious day, 08-08-08. The Parade Commander this year was Md Hazim Zolk'ain who not only wowed the school with his roaring loud voice; he wowed his English teacher with his articulation of the National Pledge.Tomorrow, seven Scouts will be in the Marching Contingent of the NDP 2008.

A unique and exciting time as we celebrate the 43rd Birthday of our beloved country.

Update post NDP 08 (photos only):(More photos on Facebook) We're glad the journey has somewhat ended... we'll be missing the good times we shared in just a couple of weeks. See you all at the appreciation function!

Happy 43rd National Day Everyone!

HFMD Death

Although there has been a slew of HFMD News and articles, this one is particularly striking as it is not only the first death in seven years, it happened in our own backyard, literally.
Straits Times Online 7 August 2008

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Better Late Than Never...

Ok, we've all been really busy as a unit... We haven't even had time to gather as a unit... but since it is already August, we had to celebrate the July Birthdays! We gathered for a brief celebration over Donuts again, like we did for Owl's birthday during the STC some months back. It appeared like a cultish illegal gathering in the dark at the Taxi stand across the road from Bishan MRT Station, right after alighting from the bus that took us from the NDP Preview at Marina Bay.
Check out the evil Godbro eyeing the birthday boy's box of donuts!

We even made up a special song for this double occasion...
"Happy Happy Birth-Birth Day-Day To To You You,
Possum and Zebra!"

Friday, 1 August 2008

Solar Eclipse TODAY!!!

Its happening today but is only visible from some parts of the world... thanks to technology, we can see it too, online and live!

Log on to the website at 5:23pm and see it happening today!Learn more at the NASA website.