Tuesday, 28 April 2009

UPtivities 1

After weeks of not having meetings, CCA finally resumed today, however with still a few classes away for their NAPFA 1.6 km run. The previous weeks were taken up by the SA1 Oral Examinations, NAPFA 5-Items and Science Practical Examinations.We introduced the first week of UPtivities a little late but will be able to complete everything on time. It was needless to say, everyone enjoyed the activities lined up for them, no one actually noticed that time had past so quickly we did not even take a break!There will not be CCA for the next two weeks until 19 May 2009 due to the SA1 Exams, however I will be meeting the P3s with the Instructors for uniform fitting. We have shortlisted about 40 recruits out of the 70 who applied to join.

In the meantime, the Sixers Council has been prorogued. The Council will remain in recess until Tuesday, 30 June 2009. The 5th Sixers Council 2008/2009 will reconvene with announcements from the GSL and the general elections for the 6th Sixers Council 2009/2010.The candidates for Sixer Second are:
  1. Gabriel Teh (4-I)
  2. Md Naeeim (4-I)
  3. Daryl Ong (4-O)
  4. Elson Tan (4-R)
  5. Lee Hang Wei (4-S)
  6. Md Daniel Rosli (4-S)
  7. Md Irfan Shariff (4-S)
  8. Khoo Jing Heng (4-T)
  9. Ryan Choo (4-T)
  10. Jason Tang (4-T)
  11. Lim Ming Chern (4-V)
  12. Seah Yi Hong (4-V)
  13. Sie Jie Xiang (4-V)
  14. Surendra Shenoy (4-V)
  15. Jansen Jovan (5-I)
  16. Obed Joshua (5-L)
The candidates for Senior Sixer / Sixer are:
  1. Gino Yong (5-D)
  2. Md Faiz Zaini (5-G)
  3. Chua Yong Soon (5-I)
  4. Abdul Roqib (5-J)
  5. Dennis Ng (5-J)
  6. Akid Arsyad (5-S)
  7. Amirul Hakeem (5-S)
  8. Shaikh Abdullah Aziz (5-S)
  9. Md Fadhli Affandi (5-H)
  10. Yong Zong Lie (5-J)
  11. Md Haikal (5-T)
  12. Viknesh (5-T)

Saturday, 25 April 2009

National Cub Scout Mind Quiz 2009 and Swimming Proficiency Tests

On Saturday 18 November 2009, two teams of 4 took part in the Lore Quest Category at Raffles Institution.TEAM A was led by Senior Sixer Ng Wei Siang and is made up of
  1. Heng Hong Chuan
  2. Shaikh Abdullah Aziz
  3. Abdul Roqib
TEAM B was led by Sixer Md Zulfadzli and is made up of
  1. Henry Lee
  2. Amirul Hakeem
  3. Chua Yong Soon
The results were released on 23 April 2009. Team A received the Bronze Award while Team B received the Certificate of Participation.

We are nervously looking forward to the finals of the Static Display on Saturday 2 May 2009
The Static Display Team is led by Senior Sixer Shaikh Abdullah Amin and is made up of
  1. Ryan Choo
  2. Tengku Md Khairul Anuar
  3. Md Nooraimy
  4. Jansen Jovan
  5. Viknesh
  6. Surendra Shenoy
  7. Wong Liang Chuan
The first five Akela Award candidates gathered to take their Swimmer / Rescuer Proficiency Badge Tests. RESCUER
Senior Sixer Shaikh Abd Amin

Sixer Tengku Md Khairul Anuar
Sixer Second Md Nooraimy


Sixer Ng Wei Siang
Sixer Md Zulfadzli

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Condor's Campfire and YEC Night Cycling

Mamma mia! The song is still hot even after so many years, and that was the theme of this year's CCK Guides and Condor Sea Scouts Campfire. The usual schools were among the guests and it was in a way very cosy. Uncle Andrew, the most friendly DC we've ever come into contact with, opened the campfire as the Guest of Honour. The night was just filled with crazy laughter and fun. What more can be said? When the campfire ended, we rushed off to Senja-Cashew Community Club for the greatest challenge - Night Cycling! Under normal circumstances, this would have been a piece of cake, but most of us had woken up at 5:30am for school today. It was going to be a long night, a test of our endurance.The cycling route would take us 40.6 km along the Park Connectors in the East side of Singapore. This took us from East Coast Park to Changi Beach Park via Coastal Park Connector (Route F) and then back to East Coast Park via Changi Park Connector (Route E), Loyang Park Connector (Route D), Pasir Ris Park Connector (Route D), Tampines Park Connector (Route B) and Siglap Park Connector (Route A). The event was organised by the YEC of Senja Cashew CC to promote fun, to foster a cohesive bond among youth and a love for cycling to people of all ages.There was one casualty who had a bad fall resulting in a broken tooth and masisve blood loss. Witnessing the event made me realise that playing and having fun is cool only when done in a responsible and mature manner. Fun will always be shortlived if not controlled. I also learnt the importance of staying as a group and looking out for one another. This will ensure that we can lend each other a helping hand if one is in trouble.We were relieved to arrive back at East Coast Park at dawn. We had survived the ordeal, but we will need some sleep now.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Sixer's Training Camp 2009

STC, a major event every year in SESG, had been a blast for the future Sixers of 4 Schools this year. Many of the highlights of this year's camp include a more beefed up scare team giving Sixers the fright of their lives during our Jungle Trek, the Canopy Challenge in SAFRA Adventure Centre which needs no introduction and the ever lively campfire in which Aunty Kat from Gongshang Primary graced the event as the Guest of Honour.

DAY ONEIt started out sluggishly while the committee sorted the Sixers into their sixes followed by ice breakers and lectures on Scouting skills. After all this still is a training camp. The night would prove to be much more exciting. As the unsuspecting Sixers were having dinner, the ever ready scare team headed out to the jungle behind Republic Polytechnic to set up what I would call the most frightening night walk I have ever seen. As soon as the sun set, the scare team started pouncing onto unsuspecting Sixers in an attempt to scare them! This little walk would prove useful for the future Sixers to build their courage for the trials to come in the future. On a frightening note, day one had ended with the Sixers heading back to the school, have supper and washing up.

The main highlights of the camp fell on day two. After having a wonderful breakfast, the Sixers set off for Mandai Tekong Park for the "MustDie TakeLong Quest" set up and planned by Serpent and Otter, a fantastic improvement to the previous years' games. The logistical nightmare from the past years disappeared after the simplification of the games. Shortly after the briefing, Sixers were swarming the entire park in search of their clues and gaining as much points as they could! After the games ended, the sixes headed back to school to fill their empty stomachs and got ready for the activity not to be missed, Canopy Challenge at SAFRA Adventure Centre. The two sub camps split up and one sub camp came to me to make their very own woggle which they were allowed to wear throughout the rest of the camp and bring home. Just 18 metres above, Sixers from the other sub camp were busy maneuvering through the challenging obstacles. After the sub camps switched activities, and to every one's disappointment, it started raining! But luckily, the downpour did not last long and everyone still got a chance to challenge themselves. By the time the activities ended, it was already evening and the buses headed back to school once again packed with empty stomachs. While the Sixers were having dinner, the campfire was set up and the emcees got ready for the big show. Although the campfire was not very impressive, I am sure the Sixers did have fun while feeling the warmth of the fire. Once the campfire was over, it was time to learn the laws of the jungle from the animated flim Jungle Book. Pampered by the air conditioning, the soft carpet of the AVA room and overcome with fatigue, some Sixers fell asleep while the flim was played. With the last of the Sixers showered and asleep, day two was over.

DAY THREEThe last and final day of STC2009 began with the packing of the tents and more games, just that this time, the games involved water! Anyone would enjoy the wet games conducted by none other than the four beloved facilitators. With the end of the camp drawing near, the school was in a mess and had to have some major cleanups needed to be done. The Sixers were motivated and quick to get the entire school cleaned and as good as new in a short time. After all, Scouts always leave a campsite cleaner than when they found it. Following area cleaning, it was time for the ultimate favourite Water telematch and prize presentation! The prizes were given out to the deserving Sixers and all of us at Soaring Eagles would like to thank Aunty Kat for sponsoring the prizes! With that marked the end of another year of STC and the Sixers went home with their new found experience and knowledge.I would like to take the chance to thank Tortoise for taking the responsibility of Camp Chief, the three volunteers from Condor Sea Scouts and everyone who helped to make the camp a success.
I end this with a quote 'Pressure -- It can turn a lump of coal into a flawless diamond OR an average person into a perfect basket case.' I saw many of us becoming diamonds, although not flawless, it is still better than becoming a basket case.See the rest of the photos at our Facebook Group. In the meantime, enjoy this Video:

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Scout Names (Part 6)

As the campfire is reduced to embers, the camp staff gathered around. It was time for another ceremonial disbursing of names to our new brothers. The ceremony is an act of recognition and celebrates their contributions to the Scout group.

(Md Noorelfi)
Gregarious: Affable, companionable, fun, outgoing, sociable
Monkey: Agile and able to adapt to the environment, strives for success although mischievous

Md Noorelfi, or Elfi, as he is affectionately known has a fun and outgoing nature. He is extremely agile despite his size and is able to adapt to any situation to give his best. As a Cub Scout, Elfi was a quiet leader who drew no attention to himself. He worked quietly but diligently in the background and has played key support roles in numerous projects.

When he moved up to being a Scout, he became a part of the Cub Scout Training Team who is involved in planning as well as executing interesting Cub Scout programmes for the weekly Tuesday Pack Meetings.

He punctuates the weekly Scout Troop Meetings with his high pitched laughter. He is mischievous and chatty but is able to draw the line when it is time to be serious and strives to be the best. He takes initiative and is willing to do any task assigned to him, for example at the recent STC, he worked with Coyote in clearing up the defecated toilet cubicle. A task which would disgust the weak of heart, but was taken up humbly which resulted in an absolutely clean toilet.

His contributions to SE Scouts has been nothing short of commendable. As such, he shall henceforth be known as Gregarious Monkey.
Here's Sampson on Day 0 of STC...
after a hard time shopping for the camp!

(Sampson Choo)
Affable: Pleasant and friendly in disposition, approachable
Nightingale: Soft-tempered with an easy demeanor, soothing speaker, graceful movements, keeper of the night

Sampson is undisputedly the most pleasant person I have ever come across. He has a soft temper and an easy demeanor so every person will find him/herself naturally comfortable around him. He is approachable and is immediately well-liked by everyone he comes into contact with.

As a Cub Scout, Sampson was like Elfi - a quiet leader who drew no attention to himself. He worked quietly but diligently in the background and has played key support roles in numerous projects.

When he moved up to being a Scout, he too, became a part of the Cub Scout Training Team who is involved in planning as well as executing interesting Cub Scout programmes for the weekly Tuesday Pack Meetings.

He takes the initiative to lend a helping hand to anyone without being asked. When doing so, he would always go the extra mile doing more than people would expect him to. Such maturity in a thirteen year old is so rare it has also impressed people outside of SE. He has won praises from not only his teacher but also the organisers of the recent Earth Hour (Singapore).

Sampson has not only contributed much to SE Scouts but also won the group honour. We are proud to have Sampson as part of the SE Team and Family. He shall henceforth be proudly known as Affable Nightingale.

Eminent: Prominently tall, outstanding and well-known
Giraffe: Good communication skills, intuitive and able to attain the unreachable, seeing the future

Samuel is a natural leader who is gifted with a special intuition and foresight. He never fails to take the prominent lead and command the respect of peers and the younger Cubs alike. He assumes command in any situation lacking a leader.

As a Cub Scout, Samuel would take the initiative to garner the support of the other Sixers at Sixers Council. He would guide the Sixers as they planned the "Over To You" Sessions, thus ensuring the smooth running of the weekly Pack Meetings.

When he moved up to being a Scout, quickly became a big influence of the Cub Scout Training Team who is involved in planning as well as executing interesting Cub Scout programmes for the weekly Tuesday Pack Meetings. He takes ownership especially for his section, the Bronze Arrow and would plan ahead even in case he is unable to turn up.

A leader with such foresight means his contributions to SE Scouts has already gone ahead of the present time. He will always be an asset to the SE Team and Family, so he shall henceforth be known as Eminent Giraffe.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

World Kids Colouring Day

Soaring Eagles Scout Group
proudly supports the

Staedtler World Kids Colouring Day 2009!
Also on display at IMM on 30 May 2009 will be the Gold Medalists from the 2nd National Cub Scout Mind Quiz, Static Display Category. Come join us for a day of fun, and support Very Special Arts, Singapore.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Star Scouts Gangshow 2009

It was a happy day. Following the Instructors' dry run for the STC, we were off to a "surprise" celebration for the 4 Birthdays in the 4th Month of the Year which was held on the 4th day!

I never knew so many people were born in April... and many of them were us Scouts. Of course, following a fantastic pasta meal (anything free always tasted good)... we were off to Saint Andrew's School for the Star Scouts' Gangshow 2009!We were rather surprised when we kena bombed... didn't expect anyone to drag us into the war since we had promptly removed our Troop tag after sitting down. Anyway, the Saints Gangshow which was based on the Star Wars saga, followed Obi-The One Kenobi through his quest to defeat the Black Witch. The story was hilarious and all the participants were very enthusiastic.As usual, we were among friends, 01 Raffles, 02 Raffles, Catholic High School, St Patrick's Pajigwad which were also good company. Not to be missed were the constant and deafening screaming of the St Marg's Guides.Even their GSL, decided to join in the fun by dressing up as Darth Vader just to bring on the theme!By some sheer co-incidence, there were 3 games in total, requiring 4 volunteers from each troop. Naturally it was the birthday Scouts who had to represent the troop... but in the end we all enjoyed ourselves and laughed till we teared. I was told we were never so crazy at a campfire or gangshow before. So it was no surprise then that this must have been one of the best and most enjoyable gangshow we attended.