Sunday, 23 August 2009

Legs and Paddles 2009

Two teams from SE participated in the Legs And Paddles 2009 (LNP09). Team 502 was made up of Hummingbird, Possum, Serpent and Seal whereas Team 503 was made up of Otter, Owl, Gerald (our friend from BPGH) and Nightingale.We met at the Admiralty MRT Station and went to Kallang together. We got lost but managed to find our way with an Apek's help. When we finally arrived at Marina Basin, we met up with Ms Wendy Lee and Serpent. We gathered around to do a few warm up exercises and got ready while dark clouds gathered overhead quite quickly. Before long, an announcement was made for us to take shelter. Ms Wendy offered us to take shelter in her car.After about an hour, the rain stopped and the race was back on schedule. We were briefed orderly and were told to be at our positions. The race finally flagged off at 1515 hrs with Hummingbird and Otter running the first 3km leg for the teams. The starting line was cramped up and they were slowed down significantly.

Meanwhile, the kayakers were waited anxiously for the first runners. Hummingbird arrived not long after and when each teams' first runners arrived and tagged the kayakers, they would start to paddle without waiting for the other teams.

The last runners Nightingale and me were so excited and anxious waiting for the arrivals of our team mates who had to paddle another 3km route to the overhead bridge at the Indoor Stadium and then to Benjamin Shears Bridge and back. Serpent and Possum obviously needed more practice kayaking in doubles as all our kayaking experience had been in singles so far. At last they came back with a great spirit. We were still on track. Both teams had entered the competition on special grounds being the youngest (under aged) teams and we were hoping that we were not the last.The teams waited excitedly for the return of the last runners, and at last, Nightingale arrived first. Teammates ran alongside with him to cheer him on to the finish. Team 502 finished the race clocking in at 1:35:07. I was not far behind and again, the team mates cheered and ran alongside me. Seeing and hearing their excitement gave me new strength and I finished the race for Team 503 at 1:36:30.

We were satisfied with our performance as we were not last position. We celebrated by helping ourselves to a whole carton of Red Bull which one of the organisers offered to us. We were serious that day, but had an extremely fun race.Special thanks to Ms Wendy Lee for being our official photographer. More photos can be found on Facebook.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

The 7th Month Endurance Night Hike

The planned reporting time at Woodlands Interchange was at 1915 hrs but the others were late, again. We missed that bus but luckily the next bus was not very long after. Surprisingly after we boarded the bus, most of us were in "Energy Conservation" mode. This Night Hike was planned by Otter and Tortoise as part of their progress requirements.

The bus ride took slightly over an hour and when we arrived in Bedok, we met Cheetah and Coyote. We were promptly escorted to a void deck for layout and inspection. Serpent arrived and we had a final briefing, laid down our objectives for the night, said a prayer and were whisked off to the starting point.It was the first time we were hiking with standard Army backpacks. These were filled with five 1.5-litre bottles of mineral water. The Sec 1s were given an extra bottle which made our bags heavier and before long, it started to get a little unbearable. We kept our leaders' words in mind, thought positive, encouraged each other and did not give up.

The hike seemed like it took forever after 6 agonizing hours, we were relieved to know that it was over. Sometime along the hike, I could not bear the weight of an extra bottle so I gave it to Zebra and that made it easier for me to move on faster. I am grateful for such a nice PL. When we were at our last checkpoint, I realised that I had a blister on my foot which was very painful. Although it slowed me down, I was undeterred.It was interesting to note that even though we were tired, we could still "chiong" all the way without stopping when we knew our end-point was near. That showed me the power of positive thinking. We finally arrived at 0500 hrs after 22km and I was relieved. I was instructed to quickly buy and eat my breakfast before starting my fast.

In addition to the fun of the hike, the building of relationships between our patrols and the fact that we could endure more than we can ever imagine, I received a souvenir from the hike - an all over my body ache!!

More photos on Facebook.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Swift's First Ever Patrol Outing!

While most of us were tired out after a long day of helping to run the National Cub Scout Challenge 2009, Swift patrol went home to have a quick shower before promptly meeting up again for our first ever Swift Patrol Outing. This was part of our action plan to gel our patrol together and to build the Patrol spirit. The guest of honour for this event was GSL Fiery Serpent! Haha... who ended up being our photographer.

Most of us met at Causeway Point for dinner and desserts before proceeding on to our main event, "Where Got Ghost?" (吓到笑). The movie was very funny but I was scared by the old woman in the third story. The movie consist of three mini-stories, "Street Got Ghost", "Forest Got Ghost" and "House Got Ghost". We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and recommend the movie!

This will be the first of many more Swift Patrol Outings to come. It has been a great and meaningful day =)

National Cub Scout Challenge 2009

We woke up bright and early this morning and arrived at Hwa Chong instituition around 0715 hrs, ready for our briefing by the Logistics and Programme Head, Kenii Takashima. We were ready to help carry out the National Cub Scout Challenge 2009.There were a total of 10 stations, each pitting the Cub Scouts' Scouting skills against those of the other participants from other Cub Scout Packs. The skills ranged from knots and lashings to model building, puzzle solving, Kim's Game (Observation and Memory) to physical. The 630+ Cubs were obviously enjoying themselves. Soaring Eagles were present with 8 teams.The lunch was delicious - perhaps the nicest food you would ever get to eat if you go for a event. Unfortnately there was a limited amount of food and everyone only got to eat one packet. The event successfully ended at around 1600 hrs with prize giving ceremony.Our good friends from Gongshang Primary clinched 4 Gold Awards as well as the Overall Champion! Although our teams did not win anything, it was a good experience. Our teams were mainly made up of P3 Cubs and this was merely their 5th time attending CCA (they were recruited end of May but could not attend CCA due to H1N1). They not only had fun competing, they also made new friends from other schools. Serpent believes that the event was a good eye opener to our new Cub Scout Leaders and gave the P3 Cubs excellent exposure.Even we service Scouts made friends from Hwa Chong, Ahmad Ibrahim, and Catholic High. It was a great day!

More photos on Facebook!

Friday, 7 August 2009

National Day Observance Ceremony 2009

It was an exciting day as I had the great honour of doing an important duty to the Republic of Singapore. I was the Flag Bearer of the State Flag for our school's National Day Observance Ceremony.

Today we celebrate our independence and our country's achievements over the last 44 years. Looking back, I knew I never had a moment of regret being born a Singaporean. In fact, I thank God and am loving every moment of it.We were all nervous at first but in the end everything turned out just fine. I think that our performance was smooth and the Scout and Brownies did very well. In fact, Serpent thinks that we did a much better job than the usual people who did it, since we were able to raise the flags in perfect timing!
The other Senior Sixer, Haikal was leading the school in the "Recollections" segment of the ceremony.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Promoting UP Follow UP!

Following Senior Sixer, Amin's "Assisting to Promote UP" deed at SPH on 24 July, the author of uWeekly wrote a little interest featurette in the magazine. This (Issue 191, 3 Aug) was published and put on newsstands this week. I got my copy from 7-eleven when I received a tip-off from Disney Motion Pictures, Singapore's marketing department. The article can be found on Page 43.The author got a little confused and put his age down as 8 years old. :)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Cashew National Day Dinner 2009

We were invited to join the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Cashew CC's National Day dinner 2009. It was hosted by Dr and Mrs Vivian Balakrishnan. Also at the dinner were Mayor of North West CDC, Mr Teo Ho Pin and Minister from the PM's office, Mr Lim Swee Say. We were honoured to have gotten a picture taken with Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.Our job was simple. To represent the vibrant youth as we sang the national anthem and recited the pledge on stage at the opening of the dinner. The food was good - the usual Herbal Chicken, Abalone, Shark's Fin, etc. The entertainment was also good. The best performer for the night was a lady from Darwin, Queensland, Australia who is now a Permanent Resident of Singapore. She spoke in all four languages and even told jokes such as "There are two famous cows in Singapore -- Cow peh, Cow bu!" She was funny and told some unconventional jokes such as the one when she said that Indian Nationals are good with the IT and internet because they were the first ones who invented the "". She was a fantastic entertainer!We also had to go up again at the finale, as we sang "Stand Up, For Singapore", gave the traditional three toasts (Yam Seng) and three cheers (Hip, hip, hooray!).More photos on Facebook.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Soaring Eagles 12th Anniversary & 4th Family Day 2009

188 of us spent this special day at the Cinema at Causeway Point. We were treated to a movie by Disney Motion Pictures Singapore, to a movie called UP. We also had free popcorn and drinks... and after the movie, we also received balloons!

Before the start of the movie, some volunteers had to drag their parents up to play a funny game. The game was called "Stuff Eagle", which involved Cub Scouts stuffing marshmallows into the mouths of the parents. This was followed by a short video of our unit in the last six years and a short speech by GSL, Fiery Serpent.
The movie began with a short featurette about the myth that babies were carried to people by storks. The short featurette showed how babies were actually made by clouds before being carried to their families. Even for puppies and kittens! The feature showed a dark cloud whose job was to create babies of animals that caused harm. Sharks, Rams, Electric Eels and Porcupines... which injured the stork delivering them to their mothers. At one point, we were made to think that the stork was going to abandon its job but we see how it returned with body armour and helmet to protect itself when it did its job.

The feature taught us to appreciate the people who had to do what most people wouldn't like to do. People who cleaned up after us, for example. It also taught us to keep the Scouting spirit of "Doing our Best".

UP was about an old man, Carl, and a little Wilderness Explorer (Cub Scout), Russell. Without giving away too much, I'll say that it was an exciting movie filled with danger which they endured. Reminds me of our 5th Scout Law: A Scout has courage in all difficulties. Despite these, the movie was funny and the theatre was filled with laughter all the way! The most interesting part was the talking dog, Doug! There were also tender lessons of love when Carl's wife died... without them fulfilling their dream of travelling to South America, and when the bird, Kevin, sacrificed herself to rescue them.

Of course, the true spirit of Scouting - "Helping other people" really came up when Russell refused to walk away from Kevin without helping her. Even when Carl put himself and his house first before helping others, Russell went ahead without him to help. He was very brave.It was a fantastic show and I loved it very much!

Happy Birthday Soaring Eagles... Happy Birthday, brothers!More photos on Facebook.