Monday, 14 September 2009

DSLR Photography Course

Over the weekend of 12 and 13 September, Troop Photographers Vivacious Otter and Astute Possum attended a Photography course with me. The course was conducted by Willy Foo of Live!Studios and it began on the first day wth heavy theory lessons. The lessons covered the basics of photography, photography glossary and choosing the right camera. We also went into the technical details of setting Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO in order to balancing exposure.After a quick hands-on, we learnt about DSLR scene modes, the P, S, A, M modes, Exposure Compensation, using the Histogram, RGB/CMYK Colour Models, Basic White Balance, Depth of field, Half Press Focus and Composition (Rule of Thirds, use of leading lines). By the end of the lesson, we were quite mentally drained.

The next day was much better. It began with an interesting Outdoor Shoot (Daylight), Stability / Handholding Techniques, High/Low Key/EV Practice, Slow Shutter and Panning. This was when we were "tested" and given scores. Although I did not achieve the highest score, trailing behind at second place with 70 points, I won a $10 McDonald's voucher for the "Best Panning Shot"!
Of course, it was put to good use immediately, for dinner! Following the grub shoving, we did a recap of outing and photo critique, we learnt how to marry all the techniques together to form various creative compositions. We got to the bridge just in time to catch shots of the Magic Time which makes the sky turn out to be a majestic blue in the shots.
We rushed back to Live!Studios for the closure of the course with Flash, Tripod and Understanding the limitations of the camera. The course concluded with a quick certificate presentation. It was an intensive weekend, and we all gained lots from the course. Congratulations, Otter and Possum for attaining the Photographer Proficiency Badge!