Monday, 26 October 2009

Sneak Preview - Group Photo 2009

The turn out for the Group Photo 2009 is poor due to the confusing announcement about the cancellation of the photo-taking session for staff. Many Cubs thought that all photo-taking sessions were called off. -.-

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Akela Award Ceremony 2009

Soaring Eagles is proud to announce that 12 Cub Scouts have been awarded the Akela Award this year by out-going Chief Commissioner, Mr Nicholas Tang on Saturday 24 October 2009. They were among the 103 Cub Scouts who received the highest accolade a Cub Scout can receive.

Mr Tang reiterated in his speech, that receiving the award signifies merely the end of a Cub Scout's Cubbing days but the start of his Scouting days which promises to be more fun, more adventurous!The recipients from SE are
  • Shaikh Abdullah Amin
  • Ng Wei Siang
  • Tengku Muhammad Khairul Anuar
  • Jed Tham Yu Xiang
  • Heng Hong Chuan
  • Mohammad Nooraimy B Zakaria
  • Muhammad Zulfadzli B Abdul Aziz
  • Henry Lee
  • Muhammad Hamzah B Hashim
  • Tran Tu Quy
  • Wong Liang Chuan
  • Lee Zhen Yu
Congratulations all recipients!

More photos on Facebook.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

SNCS Sports Climbing Course Level 1 and 2

It has been a tiring weekend! We attended the Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS) Sport Climbing Course Level 1 and Level 2 at Yishun SAFRA Adventure Centre. Our instructor was Azmi who was assisted by the lovely Tess from the Singapore Mountaineering Federation.We started with the Level 1 Course at 0900 hrs on Saturday. It began with boring theory about the different types of Rock Walls, Climbing Calls (silly but absolutely important!), Safety, Knots, Belaying Techniques, Equipment and Basic Climbing Techniques. We even got a chance to go to the Boulder Gym, a room for climbers safely to climb the various types of walls like "Roof" safely without a belayer.After the theory lesson, we headed off to lunch at Northpoint before hitting the ramp and 25 m flats. We had to put our theory knowledge to practice, it was there when we learnt to put how to belay properly a Top Rope System properly. Azmi assured us that anyone can climb... Top Rope Climbing is the easiest form of Sports Climbing.

Level 1 Pass! No kick!
The next day was a greater challenge. Azmi reiterated again and again that Level 2 is more difficult to pass and we had to be present and serious the entire day! Today, we were no longer using the Top Rope System! In order to pass, we will need to know technique and equipment for Lead Climbing, which essentially means that instead of being supported by a rope hanging from above, we had to climb without it, bringing the rope up to the main anchor set up at the top! We started to get used to Lead Climbing on the Ramp, practicing the hooking on of runners to the hangers and clipping the lead rope on.After Lunch, we hit the 25m flat... we were only required to lead up about 9m. Crazy Nightingale and Seal went ahead to scale up to the top. Impressive eh? By 1600 hrs assessments were completed and we were all SNCS Level 2 Certified! It was a truly a great experience for all of us.More photos on Facebook.