Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Adventure Continues...

100 tables, 1000 Scouts and friends of Scouting gathered with SM Goh Chok Tong at the Suntec Convention Centre Ballroom yesterday. It was a fantastic dinner and it was certainly very entertaining to listen to SM Goh, who was a humourous speaker talking about his scouting days.

He said that scouting transmits timeless values which grow leaders in Singapore over the years. Eminent examples were the late Dr Ee Peng Liang, a former president of the Singapore Scout Association. Professor Tommy Koh and Mr Tan Cheng Bock. Many may say this is a coincidence, but how can it be when both former Prime Ministers, and the present one, were all scouts.

SM also issued a challenge to the Singapore Scout Association to make scouting attractive to the new wired generation of Singaporeans. He says that "A movement rarely fails because of its values. It fails usually because it is slow to adapt to a future very different from the past."

I think its a challenge for me too as a Scout to also live a life of adaptation... we must do old things in new ways! We must venture out into the unknown before we run out of zeal, and rick being stuck in a wicked rut.

The full text of SM Goh's Speech can be found here.
The dinner saw many Scout groups attending by group or chapters, such as Tiger Scout Group, Southern Cross (where I came from), SJI Palendok and GESS Dragons. The greatest presence was from SM's previous troop, 02 Raffles who had 100 old Scouts in attendance at 10 tables.

PL Maverick Zebra and APL Affable Nightingale represented SE Scout Group at the dinner along with myself. Highlights of the dinner included SM Goh's rendition of several campfire songs with fellow former-Scouts of 02 Raffles and a Scouting collectibles auction was conducted to raise funds for the association.

A very proud Henry Chia who spent $1,500 to buy $120 worth of uncut $2 notes
to raise funds for SSA.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Total Defence: I WILL...

Total Defence Day 2010 was celebrated in Woodlands Ring Primary School where students and teachers wrote the "I will..." pledges. These pledges were made to show one's personal action, ownership and self-reflection towards Singapore's defence. The students and teachers enjoyed decorating and writing their pledges on the printed "I will..." cards which were used to decorate the corridors of the classrooms.

Spotted around school are pledges related to the Scout Law! Truly seeing how the Scout law applied to life is indeed is a clear indication of how our Scouts have internalised the Scout Promise and Law.
adapted from Horizon March 2010 (contribution by Mdm Sangeetha)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

War Between The Eagles And The Swifts

Pioneering was F.U.N!  We had a Roman Canon War!  The aim of today's programme is to refresh our memory of knots and lashings and... improve patrol camaraderie!
First on the agenda, we had to build a working Roman Canon or Catapult.  We got into our respective patrols to design the catapult.  We've built many before for previous Cub Scout Challenges but we were to improve the design to increase its firepower!
My patrol decided that size mattered, so we were going to built a bigger catapult than Eagle patrol.  Once the design was approved, we chose the materials and swiftly got to work!  We did the lashings on the poles, combining the small parts into a magnificent catapult!
When both catapults were completed, we had to do one more thing before we could play the game... and that was the filling of water bombs!  Having stocked up on "ammos", THE WAR BEGINS!
Each Patrol and team member had a chance to load and fire the catapult. The aim of this game is to wet our opponents catapults. But... in the end we ourselves also got wet!  The war was not to last forever and we had to end it.  However everyone had fun and had something to share when it was over...

More of the action on FB, here.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Senja-Cashew Cycle@Nite 2010

Our usual Saturday meeting was called off on 30 January 2010 so that we could have a good rest the whole morning till we met up at the coffee shop near Senja-Cashew CC at about 1800 hrs. After a short time of fellowship over a sumptuous dinner, we proceeded to register and collect our bikes. However, it was a long wait till about 2203hrs before the flag off. In the meantime, our unit photographers, Serpent, Possum and Mr Danny Chay had to attend a volunteer's briefing.Soaring Eagles had been appointed the official photographer for the event.Dr Vivian Balakrishnan was the Guest Of Honour for the event which was probably why we had Auxiliary Police of AETOS escort us all the way from the start to the end of the route. They went ahead to all the junctions, stopping the traffic in order for us to cross safely and without delay.
We arrived at our first checkpoint, West Coast Park, at 2324 hrs. We rested, while "refuelling" with 100 Plus and "Silver Bird" Swiss Rolls which was provided for us as refreshments. Some of us even went to McDonald's to buy food and drinks.

Our second stop was Esplanade Park where Earth hour was held. We arrived at 0158 hrs to take a group photo on Esplanade Drive against the backdrop of Fullerton Hotel, and another against the backdrop of the bridge.Here, we had the honour to have a photo taken with the Minister.

After another short rest, we were off to the Old Supreme Court where we took another group photo with the YOG Count-down Clock. "If you want to participate (in the YOG), you have 195 days left!" joked Dr Vivian.We made one last pit stop at the Singapore Flyer before heading off to our final checkpoint at the East Coast Park. This year's Cycle@Nite event was held on a much larger scale than last year and the ride was long but there were many things to see along the way and this kept me well entertained.We were exhausted by the time we arrived at the end point at 0434 hrs, but it was indeed a good time to catch up and share stories of what had happened along the way. Some of us even went to the beach for a stroll. At 0700 hrs, we were ferried back to Senja-Cashew CC.

This event taught me to be more resilient, obey traffic rules as it is dangerous to be doing stunts on road. Most importantly, we had fun and managed to complete the whole course which was approximately 37.5km.

More photos on Facebook.