Sunday, 28 March 2010

First Class Scout Standard Exploration Test

We were invited by 23 Eagles Scout Group who organized the exploration test on behalf of Clementi District from 26 to 27 March. Soaring Eagles sent 4 of our best Sec 3s as candidates, each with 1 companion.

Day 1

SP - CP1 - CP2 - EP
Bukit Batok & Choa Chu Kang

As soon as the teams arrived at the start point, a series of inspection ensued to ensure that the candidates and their companion were sufficiently prepared in aspects of equipment, ration as well as their understanding of risk assessment. To ensure a fair and open system, teams had to draw lots to get their respective checkpoints.
Day 2
SP - CP3 - Trigonometric Symbol - EP
Sixth Avenue & Sunset Way

With safety in mind, the second leg started with a morning inspection to ensure that the candidates and their companion were still fit to carry on. Expectations were raised by a notch too, as precision and observation skills are required to complete the tasks for the day. Besides navigating to their respective checkpoints, teams are also required to locate their trigonometric stations. These are but very small markings made on the pavements by land surveyors.
The exploration test concluded with a ceremony when the teams handed in their logbooks, followed by a closing address by the chief examiner. The test gave our potential Chief Commissioner Award Candidates a very good exposure. All the best to the candidates, great success!

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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fun Shoot - Archery Induction Programme for Cubs

18 Cubs were at the Archery Association of Singapore (AAS) - Toa Payoh Eagles' Combined Archery Induction Programme, Cub Scout Fun Shoot! It had been a very fun day for all of us! Needless to say before we could get to hold the real bow and arrow, we had a quick lesson on how to hold it correctly without injuring ourselves.

The instructors from AAS were excellent and we even had a demonstration by Team Singapore's Archers who will be competing at the Inaugural Singapore Youth Olympic Games. Their equipment and skills were amazing!

We were then required to complete END 1. During END 1, we had to show our instructors how to hold our bows correctly. It was really heavy but we had to managed to get used to it. The next task was to shoot 3 arrows at the target board. It was certainly more difficult than it looks! We continued with END 2, 3 and 4 before breaking for a sumptuous lunch. We were excited to hear that we were going to have a mini competition among the packs present. We had to choose only 10 Cubs to represent our pack.

When the competition ended we were shocked to hear that our pack had won it! 3 cheers for SE...HIP, HIP, HOORAY!

It was a funtastic day that has enriched my holidays... of course without our fabulous leaders and instructors, we would not have gotten the opportunity. YOU ROCK GUYS!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ancient Egypt: The Quest For Immortality

Today, we learnt a whole lot about another culture. We went to the National Museum of Singapore where we attended a workshop about Ancient Egypt. The workshop was conducted by Auntie Betty and Miss Tan who told us about interesting places in Egypt like the Nile River, the way of life in Egypt and introduced us to the gods they worshipped.Syabil was dressed up as an Egyptian Pharaoh complete with the nemes, Crook and Flail! He was good, threatening to punish us and all... We got to draw Wall art pictures of some of the more well known gods such as Osiris (God of Vegetation and later, the Underworld), Isis (God of Motherhood and Peace), Seth (God of Storms and Disorder), Anubis (God of Mummification) and several others. We discussed the Ankh and construction of pyramids... We also stamped our names in hieroglyphs.After the workshop, we were given a special guided tour of the main exhibition. It was an awesome experience. I've never come so close to a real mummy before, it gave me goose bumps! Auntie Betty explained the details of the artifacts which also included mummified pets such as alligators and cats.We were also given our own time to do activities and look around at our own pace. In the end, Serpent brought us to the big sign and we posed for a photo.
by Ryan Choo using Aziz's account.

Monday, 8 March 2010

OCBC Cycle Singapore 2010

Serpent, Zebra and I together formed Team Soaring Eagles at the 2nd OCBC Cycle Singapore on Sunday 7 March 2010. Our Team rode for Singapore Children's Society. More had wanted to join but had replied too late, there were no more bicycles for rent. We completed the 20km Community Ride Challange which flagged off at 0730 hrs.
It was a lot of fun and the ride was smooth, since all the roads were closed for us. Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan was also the Guest of Honour at this cycling event and he completed the 40 km Challange. Register early next year, for the 20km Community Ride Challenge or the 40km Challange!

Earth Hour Roadshow

Soaring Eagles Scouts were out at various CapitaLand Malls over the weekend promoting Earth Hour 2010. I was located at Plaza Singapura, while the others were at Ion Orchard, Bishan Junction 8 and Lot 1.Earth Hour will be commemorated in Singapore on 27 March 2010, so the roadshow was aimed at educating the public about the event. Following which, we had to get them to pledge their support for the Earth Hour by writing their name and email address on a pledge card.The World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) will send them more information closer to the day. Also part of our duties were to sell plush panda toys and Earth Hour T-shirts each for $20. While most people may think that selling shirts is actually harming the Earth, the Earth Hour shirts are made of 100% organic cotton.

In just a few hours (before handing over to the next shift), we managed to get a few hundred pledges! Those at Ion Orchard were also interviewed by a TV Crew!

We shared several videos last year... here's one to ponder on in 2010.