Thursday, 22 April 2010

St Andrew's Gangshow 2010

Once again, we are honoured to have been invited to the Annual St Andrew's Gangshow.  It was a great night as many Scout groups performed that night.  I believe that we are in the midst of choreographing a performance to be used at gangshows we are invited to next year.
SA Scouts never fail to impress us.  One of the most impressive was a video which was weaved into real acting on that day... and I think it is very well done.  The gangshow was also hilarious as it makes fun of technology such as phones that also functions as an i-fork, i-knife, i-fight, etc.  Not forgetting the games which allow us a chance to build our happiness on someone else's suffering:

Thanks, SA Scouts for a fun night.  We ended that night with supper at the nearby McDonalds.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

April Cohesion Day In Conjuction With Camp Staff Appreciation Day

The STC was one of the most tiring camp we've had!  We never had to firefight so much at any other camp before.  Truly it taught us that responsible and proper planning was essential for anything to be a GREAT SUCCESS... otherwise a strong team of campstaff - that's us!

After a tiring camp... we are glad to be rewarded with our usual meetings shortened, starting at 1600 hrs instead.  It is COHESION DAY and Camp Staff Appreciation Day!  The programme idea was simple.  We were to go kite flying at "Tele-tubby Hill" (in front of Christ Church Secondary School).  We arrived at Vista point, our rendezvous point to meet up with everyone before walking over to the spot.
Just some of the guys present

We brought our own kites of every colour and size.  We walked up a huge slope to a spot we found suitable to lay our ground sheets and started flying the kites excitedly.  By the time we reached there, there were all kinds of kites flying in the air already.  Big ones, small ones, those that looked like a butterfly, those that looked like sotongs... they came in all kinds of shapes and sizes!
Without any hesitation but with lots of running, shouting and screaming in delight - we got our kites up in the air.  All of us were having fun and this was one of our best cohesion activities.  Time flew by like the wind keeping the kites up there.  To our surprise, there was actually games planned for us.  The game masters were Amin and Zulfadzli.
We were split into teams of four.  The first game was named the "longest line" what we had to do was to lay out all of your items we had with us onto the ground and see who could make the longest line.  In the end, the winner was none other than... My TEAM!   The second game was "the three lagged-race".  It was fun for all of us and there was even a pair who tried to hop all the way to the turning point and back. They only made it half way as it was so tiring.

There were 5 games in total.  For the 3rd game, we were given large peices of newspaper and told to run to the finish line and back without holding or folding the newspaper.  If the newspaper touches the ground, we had to trun back, pick up the paper and continue running.  The tricky part was that the newspaper had to be fully open all the time.  It was an intense competition.
The last and final game was something like "Dog and Bone" however, instead of using normal items, an egg was used.  As it was already quite dark, the challenge was to spot the egg on the grass.  We were arranged in a square for fair competition. whenever a number was called, four people will rush out and play a game of mind and speed.  As the object was an egg, we had to be very careful.  Good for those who brought extra shirts because if the egg broke, shirts would be soiled.
After such a fun day, we were even more pleasantly surprised that there were prizes prepared for us!  This was given out by SL Cheetah.  Some of us had to go home after the event, while the rest of us continued on to Causeway Point for a movie - How To Train A Dragon.

The event reflected how proper planning would ensure that everyone would be less stressed.  Serpent affirmed this and praised the organisers for having done a good job, not only in planning but executing the event.  Kudos to our Sec 1s!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sixers Training Course 2010

SE Scouts woke up at 0730 hrs and braced ourselves for the Annual Sixers Training Camp 2010.

Before long, the Cub Scouts from SE, Canberra, Chongfu and MINDS Woodlands Gardens School arrived in buses and the canteen of Woodlands Ring Primary School was abuzz with activity.
Once everyone had been settled in their groups, the camp began with an address from National Cub Scout Programme Commissioner, Mr Clarence Hoe who was also the Course Director. It was followed by a short address by the Camp Chief... who also introduced the camp staff.

Icebreaker games followed immediately after. It was a fun way to get to know each other better. The Cubs from the 4 schools were no strangers, but every time we had a combined activity, we would meet new people!
The programme kicked off after that with base activities. The two sub-camps were divided into two groups and they rotated among 4 skills stations: Camp Development (Tent-pitching), Outdoor Shelter Building (Basha) and Layout, Outdoor Cooking; and Fire-lighting (using natural fuel). Outdoor cooking was also our lunch.

After lunch, we rotated among 4 new skills stations: Basic knotting, Map and Compass, First-Aid; and Track and Trail.

After dinner we went on a hike to an unnamed Jungle Trail for a Night Walk. This was done to improve their confidence, and to push them to have courage in all difficulties. When the night walk ended, the Cubs hiked back to WRPS sharing their stories and experiences in the Jungle. Even those who cried had something to talk about.


As we stretched our bodies out. Everybody looked tired from the previous day. After the flag break, we had delicious roti prata for breakfast and got ready for Wide Game. This year, the format was changed slightly and the games were held in a new park, Greenwood Sanctuary.

Once we were there, the skills covered on Day 1 were put to the test. Every part of the game was a test. It was great but scorching hot. We finished off with lunch under a block nearby: Nasi Lemak!
Canopy Challenge was next at SAFRA Yishun. We went there by bus which was a delightful reward. The air-con was a nice change from the heat. Sub-Camp 1 started their advanced knotting lesson first (Turk's Head) while Sub-Camp 2 did the Canopy Challenge. This was swapped over after Tea.
After a long day, we headed back to WRPS, tired but excited. Because after dinner was Campfire. We were prepared with our gangshow and decked in our camp T-Shirts. It was still drizzling but camp chief was determined to light the fire. We had our campfire nonetheless, the SE way!

Our SL, Gallant Cheetah was the GOH, who lighted up the fire. The campfire was special because in addition to the usual Scout Campfire songs, we also sang the latest songs like "Baby" by Justin Bieber.  There was even a fantastic gangshow by our instructors who danced to the tune of Super Junior's
"Sorry, sorry"... a nice surprise for the campers.
We were praised by Mr Clarence Hoe, who said that as leaders we had to always think out of the box and break away from tradition if necessary. He said that a friend had shared with him that Chief did say that we did not have to stick to old songs, but sing what was popular to the time!

After a fun and tiring campfire, we headed to the AVA Room to watch the movie, The Jungle Book. We got to know the animals that our sixes were named after. We had a short quiz at the end of the movie done by Aziz, Haikal and Roqib. Those who answered got prizes!

After a cooling bath, we headed back to sleep excited and wanting to be ready for yet another surprising day...


Day 3 was fantastic! No, it was FUNtastic! McDonald's breakfast on the last day has become a tradition for us. It was a real treat... and this was followed by area cleaning and Fun Games, both wet and dry! The day went by quickly and the camp concluded with a prize giving ceremony. It had been a great camp and everyone left sadly.

Article contributed by Izzuan Shah and UV

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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Congratulations, Gallant Cheetah!

The Wood Badge is a Scouting leadership program aimed at making Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills. The course generally includes a classroom and practical outdoors-based phase, followed by a Wood Badge projects phase during which Scouters need to put their newly gained experience into practice. The course is also supposed to create a very strong bond and commitment to the Scout movement within the Scouter.

The pair of small wooden beads, one on each end of a leather thong, is worn around the neck as part of the Scout uniform. The beads are presented together with a taupe scarf bearing a tartan patch of the Maclaren clan, honoring William De Bois Maclaren, who donated the funding to purchase Gilwell Park in 1919. The neckerchief with the braided leather woggle denotes the membership of the 1st Gilwell Scout Group or Gilwell Troop 1. Recipients of the Wood Badge are known as Wood Badgers or Gilwellians.

The beads represent bravery and leadership and were first presented at the initial leadership course in September 1919 at Gilwell Park. The woggle is a two-strand version of a Turk's head knot, which has no beginning and no end, and symbolizes the commitment of a Wood Badger to Scouting.

The award represents the dedication of Gallant Cheetah to the ideals and principles of the world-wide Scouting movement – the most important of which is that he continues to learn to better himself through the highest levels of training.