Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ahmad Ibrahim "Candyland" Campfire

In keeping with the theme, we were quickly ushered to be served drinks and candy!   After the usual campfire opening, the campfire was built upon an interesting skit put up by Warrior Scouts and the AI Guides.  The story centered around a boy who was transported into a land of candy.  The story eventually developed into boys using sweets to impress a girl instead of old-fashioned flowers.  This was of course based on the growing trend of candy frenzy buying in Singapore.
The highlight of the campfire was games!!  One game was to match a Scout and a Guide who were made to dance!  Unfortunately, our representative, Amin, did not get into the finals.  The next game was a dressing up game, in which SE was represented by Edmund and Liang Chuan who were the "designer", and the "model" respectively.  Their job was to design a dress from recycled materials and parade around in it.  They did not get the most well-designed prize but, it's not the prize that counts.

The participation, the entertainment we provided each other and the other guests brought much laughter which was the true mark and purpose of a campfire.  All good things had to come to an end.  We took a group photo with a group of Guides before heading off.