Sunday, 25 July 2010

One Community Walk - in support of Singapore 2010

As part of our contribution to the YOG and the community, we were part of the service crew for the One Community Walk.  This was an unprecedented nation-wide mass walking event engaging more than 85,000 residents from all the constituencies in Singapore. It was the largest synchronized mass walking event in Singapore and one of the biggest displays by the community in support of the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympic Games.

However, punctuality is still something that SE needs to improve on.  Some reported late causing our next reporting time to be set earlier than necessary in anticipation of late-comers.  Hopefully, punctuality will soon see some improvement.  Late-comers, do something, for the team!  :)
Through our involvement in this event, we understood and saw first-hand what people go through to get work done smoothly, organize things and work correctly.  I learnt to better appreciate that everyone is important, no matter what job they were assigned to, because without that somebody, the event may be screwed (someone needs to get the job done, they do not get done by themselves).

I also had fun listening to some old folks talking while we walked and got to understand them better.  We have to learn something from everything we do, instead of going about everything blindly.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Marched on...

A week ago, we had been invested with the Scout Standard.  The Sec 2s received their Advanced Scout Standard while the Sec 3s received their First Class Scout Standard.  We were told the story of how our Sec 3s struggled through their training and how we emerged on par (and with 1 of our seniors at 4th placing) in a combined Troops' First Class Hike Exam.  We were proud to have worked with Clementi District alongside friends from 23 Eagles.
At the same time, Gregarious Monkey and Affable Nightingale were promoted to PLs of Swift and Eagle respectively while myself and Izzuan Shah were promoted to APLs.

This week's meeting was on a rainy Saturday morning, we reported at 0900 hours and quickly started by learning some commands.  We did them over and over until we did it good.  When the rain stopped we ran to the basketball court to do some marching, it was tiring yet we had lots of fun.

Each time someone made a mistake, we had to do push ups, that was tiring but it was for our own good.  It was certainly a good way to keep us accountable to our team.  We ended at about 1200 hours with new found foot drill skills.  Yay, Footdrill II done.