Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Standard Camp III

Writing this post without giving a spoiler to our future Scouts is not easy, but I will try.

Standard Camp III opened with a meet up at the Admiralty McDonald's.  The MRT trip to Hougang was one undertaken with much laughter, but none of us knew what was to come.

Upon arrival, we had to do a layout.  It was not well done at all.  Beaver taught us how to do it well, and after having done it over and over again, we made some improvement but it was not up to our leaders' expectations.  We then hiked to our campsite where we pitched our tents and changed to cook our dinner. We had a lot of trouble lighting the fire as the kindlings were all wet after the rain.  Having used up the 3 matches we were each given, we had to "buy" more matches.  Tough day.
The second day, for me, was really interesting and fun.  We have not gone hiking for a quite a while... but although I did not like to hike, somehow, I was eager and raring to go that day.  We went to many checkpoints till late afternoon.  We were commanded to sleep after lunch in preparation for the night hike which was to come.

Dinner  was enroute the night hike which took us to Woodlands.  We were very tired by then.  My feet were aching and plagued with blisters.  I could not stand it anymore but for the sake of my patrol, I carried on until we arrived at our end point.  I was overcome by a sense of achievement as it was the first time that Swift beat Eagle, arriving at the location first.

That night, we slept well as the room was air conditioned.  A stark contrast to the night before.  The next day we woke up and Hiked to Serpent's house where swim test was conducted before cohesion games, debrief and break camp.

The camp was really fun and i learned a lot of lessons from it.  One of the funniest, yet fun situations was this... Epic!
Powder Bath gone wrong