Saturday, 30 October 2010

Akela Award 2010

A whopping 119 Cub Scout received the Akela Award today at the Singapore Scout Association.  The Award presentation ceremony was graced by guest of honour, Mr Ricky Sim, COO of the Suntec group of companies, and honorary secretary of the Scout Council.

SE Scouts is proud to have 12 Cub Scouts who received this top award given to the best Cub Scouts in Singapore.  Honours recipient, Ryan Choo was also selected by the interview panel to be the MC at today's event with a fellow honours recipient, Kenn Lim of Poi Ching Falcons.
We have also received a note of thanks from the Chairman of the Akela Award Ceremony Team to the SE Scouts and Ventures who were also present to support and document the event.

  1. Amirul Hakeem
  2. Akid Arsyad
  3. Chua Yong Soon
  4. Md Faiz Zaini
  5. Yong Zong Lie
  6. Gino Yong
  7. Seah Yi Hong
  8. Elson Tan
  9. Abd Roqib
The Akela Award with honours is given in recognition of the extra effort put in by Cub Scouts who are the top 20% of the cohort.
  1. Shaikh Abd Aziz
  2. Md Haikal Kamarul
  3. Ryan Choo
Congratulations to all Akela Award Recipients!
Remember that Scouting is a long journey The Akela Award does not mark the end of the journey.  It is simply a milestone along your journey to mark your achievements during your Cub Scouting years. 

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Scout and Venture Sections Investiture and Moving Up Ceremonies 2010

The time has come... We are pleased to unveil the additions and alterations to the SE (Open) Unit.

(Talent scouted by GSL)
Md Ada Syafiq, Md Nabil, Noorhidayat, Iskander Ismail

(Cubs to Scouts)
Md Haikal K, Amirul Hakeem, Yong Zong Lie, Gino Yong, Akid Asyad, Shaikh Abd Aziz
(All Akela Award Recipients)

(Scouts to Ventures)

Scintillating Owl, Zealous Seal, Maverick Zebra, Tran Tu Quy, Astute Possum


S.H.A.P.E. Up! 2010

Just a few days ago, 12 new members of the SE family attended S.H.A.P.E Up! 2010. We learnt that S.H.A.P.E stands for S- Spiritual gifts, H- Heart, A- Abilities, P- Personalities and E- Experiences. At the start of the camp, Serpent gave us a briefing of what Soaring Eagles (SE) Scouts were about, and we were given some LEGO bricks. We were told to build it into a model that represents the special person each of us were.
On the first day of the camp, we learned that God gave us unique gifts that we cannot control. We also learnt that we must have passion in everything we do in our daily lives. Abilities are special things that we are good at. Abilities also make us unique because when performed well, it is our gift to the troop. During the evening, we gathered together and we learnt about our personalities including Serpent's. Knowing each others' type helps us know how we can complement each other in the team.

After dinner, our seniors helped us prepare our Scout uniform for the next day's ceremony. We sewed on our badges and "seasoned" our berets. As the first day drew to a close, we had our last session which is Experiences. We shared our good experiences and bad experiences and slept on what was discussed that day.

On the second day, started with a quick breakfast and a movie "StreetDance".  The movie taught us that each of us have unique gifts and talents and while we will always return to our comfortable self, it does not hurt to try our best to learn from others and be the best we can be.  We also learnt that we should not judge a difficult situation without first giving it our all.  In most cases, having given our best, we experience results that are better than expected.

After the movie ended, we changed into our Scout uniform and got ready for the Investiture and Moving Up ceremony. After the ceremony, we packed our bags and left the school with smiles on our faces. It was an enjoyable time.