Monday, 22 November 2010

Combined Cubs Camp 2010 - An Avatar Arises

The 3rd Annual Combined Cubs Camp began for most of us instructors on Day 0 - Thursday 18 November 2010 at 1400 hrs to prepare for the camp which begins officially the next day.  We got to work immediately after the opening briefing by our Camp Chief, Monkey and his assistant, Amin.  As always, the P6s had to leave for the Friendship High-Tea before coming back to camp.  The night ended with a briefing of expectations from campstaff, and the proceedings of Day 1.
The camp was themed "An Avatar Arises", after the movie, The Last Airbender.  The 100 campers were divided into 2 sub-camps each comprising of two Nations.  Sub-camp 1 was made up of Earth and Fire nations, with the Earth, Metal, Fire, Lava bending abilities; while Sub-camp 2 was made up of Air and Water nations, with the Air, Lightning, Water and Blood bending abilities.

Each nation was to "train" their campers to be the next Avatar...

It was one of the most fun camps we've attended with the usual flagbreaks, ice-breakers, games, songs, gangshow, fun showers and debriefs.  Our food was fully catered by Old Chang Kee and it was the first time I've ever had fried fritters (油条) with soy bean milk for tea break!
The highlight of the camp was on Day 2 when we played Combat Skirmish.  This turned the entire school building into a mega war zone, with Cubs, Instructors, even Serpent running all over the school armed with guns of every sort!  "Casualty!" was heard everywhere!  I can still remember it all so vividly.
Day 2 ended with an emotional campfire.  This was to be our last camp and campfire in Woodlands Ring before SE (Open) Scouts move to a new headquarters.  The camp ended on Day 3 with Shawn of Canberra Primary School being dubbed "The Next Avatar" (i.e.:  Overall Best Camper).  Thanks to "Clean As You Go", we didn't have very much to clean after the camp ended on Day 3.  The staff just had to attend a short debrief and appreciation before being dismissed.

More photos can be found on SE's Facebook Page, taken by Possum Vol 1 and Vol 2; as well as Nab's FB Photo Albums, Vol 1 and Vol 2.  We are also waiting on photos taken by Deion to be uploaded soon.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cashew Big Walk

We are proud to be a part of the Cashew Big Walk yet again!  Even though we had just attended a Funshop yesterday, we turned up in full force to support the event.  The GOH was of course, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.
We were deployed as route marshals whose duty was to ensure that participants followed the route and were safe.  We learnt how to make a seemingly boring job fun!  Serpent reminded us of the book we read... and to smile and greet.  It really is important to be present on the task so that we can take initiative and seize any opportunity to go beyond the call of duty.

Youth Development FunShop: Propless and Prop-less Games by Allan Lee!

The Propless Games and Prop-less Games Funshop was conducted by Mr Allan Lee.  We were taught hands-on how to inject excitement into our programmes with active and fun learning games that can be played anytime and anywhere because no equipment is necessary!
The funshop and books provided us with a rich resource of experiential activities to build and add to our “bag of tricks”, increasing our effectiveness and professionalism as facilitators, trainers, camp instructors, and student leaders.

We now know that even if we don't have props for game we can still have fun.  We learnt the power of a facilitator who is fully involved in the activity instead of just talking.  One can begin by thinking that the games are lame but when he sees people having fun he will automatically feel left out and would want to join in....
Finally the most important lesson we learnt is that winning is not everything.  Even if you win and you are not happy, we would have missed the point of the game?  Playing games is about having fun not winning!

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Soaring Eagles Group

We are proud to be announcing soon, the expansion of the Soaring Eagles franchise.  Soaring Eagles will have one more Cub Scout pack join its family by the end of this year, and another Cub Scout pack early next year... watch this blog for the announcement.  The countdown begins..