Tuesday, 14 December 2010

SE Christmas Gathering 2010 @ Universal Studios Singapore

This year's Soaring Eagles Christmas Gathering was held at Universal Studios, Singapore.  We started of the day with a quick briefing by Fiery Serpent near the ticketing booth where he also issued us our ticket.
We start our adventure along the Hollywood.  We stop at a tower beside Loui's NY Pizza Parlor in the New York to take a group photo.  We took a formal group photo followed by a fun informal one.  It was our aim to complete all the main rides together as a group by lunch time.

First on the list was Jurassic Park in The Lost World.  The Canopy Flyer gave us a bird's eye view of Jurassic Park.  No kick.  Of course next up was the Rapids Adventure.  The interesting ride includes a not-to-miss Dinosaur head which popped out of nowhere and ended with a earth-shattering crash of our boat that got us all wet.  The "priceless face of your friend who got soaked" was our favourite part.  In my case, it was Zong Lie who gave us his peace hand sign much to our roaring laughter.
Next up we rushed to Ancient Egypt to ride the Revenge of the Mummy.  I am now warning you that this is a HIGH-SPEED roller coaster that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting and dropping.  If you are lighter than me (33kg), you might want to hold the safety rails as I felt myself lift off my seat.
Our last designated stop was WaterWorld, to witness the death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and thrills at this sensational live water show.  The crew warm up the crowd by cheering and splashing water at the audience.  We are not soak but got splashed as we are at the Splash Zone Seat. It is funny that people who wants to get wet, seat at the Soak Zone, but were wearing ponchos.  What a kill-joy!
We broke for lunch and had free-and-easy time till the end of the day, reporting at 1745 hrs at the entrance for dinner.

Some of the other notable rides/shows were Shrek 4D and the Enchanted Airways where our roller coaster got stuck mid way through the ride.  We were informed that there were some technical difficulties and were given an Express Pass to ride again later.
Coyote and Eugene, the King of Airplane, joined us at dinner at PastaMania, Harbour Front Centre while Cheetah and Beaver joined us at Evil Santa, all after their work.  The day end slowly as Serpent brief us all about the "Spirit of Giving". We returned to our room at the Festive Hotel, when the day seems to start all over again.  The entertainment for the rest of the night??  Wii, Texas Hold'em Poker, Daidi (Big2), and PSP.

The next morning began with an early morning swim at 0700 hrs and check out was at noon.  Memorable and absolutely fun!  I am thankful that I am a part of such a big loving family, Soaring Eagles.  :)

More photos can be found on FaceBook.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

SE wishes all our friends and partners, Merry Christmas! Laugh lots in this holiday season... in preparation for another fantastic year to come!

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Monday, 6 December 2010

Jamb100 cum 3rd ASEAN Jamboree (Day Adventurer)

Jamb100 was the biggest youth camp to ever be held in Singapore with over 2,500 participants from Singapore and ASEAN, CNA reports.
SE is proud to have been a part of this by being a key partner in organising the Day Adventurer event at the Areana in Sarimbun Campsite along with SE Casuarina, Temasek Raccoons, Poi Ching Falcons, Yangzheng Cubs and Meridian Cubs on Sunday 5 December 2010.

It was a fun and tiring day as we worked hard to set-up our stalls and run the Eagle Eye relay games.  The event was attended by over 1,600 participants including about 150 from Boy Scout America Pack 3017 and 50 from Japan Scouts from the international school.

Throughout the day, the team focussed on Serpent's 4 key phrases: Safety First (being safe so our happiness and enjoyment is not short-lived), Swiftness In Action (wasting no time so we have more to rest), Clean As You Go (keeping the area clean as we do our preparation instead of spending a lot of time clearing up after the event), and last but not the least, If you are not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem (which I found to be the most meaningful - most people love to complain and whine without giving any intelligent ideas to solve the problem, and create more problems for the people trying to solve the problem).

Just in those two days we learnt many things.  As the assistant project manager, I learnt that we have to plan things way in advanced, down to the very details.  The details is what most leaders take for granted and would be the thing that causes us to "panic" at the last minute, scrambling to solve problems as the event is going on.  These can be avoided altogether if we think about them beforehand.
The Day Adventurer was also a part of the Opening Ceremony of the Jamb100 cub 3rd ASEAN Jamboree which celebrates the 100th year of Scouting in Singapore.  Team SE was also a part of the team running the rock climbing wall in Sarimbun throughout the duration of the Jamboree, and will also be a part of the post-Jamboree event "Wallaby Nite" with the Scouts from Western Australia on Sunday 12 December 2010.

More photos can be found at FB (Dom), FB (Dom) Part 2 and FB (Nab), FB (Nab) Part 2

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Patrol Leaders Training Course (Tampines District) 2010

PLTC came and went by as quickly as the batting of an eyelid.  Four days of camp at Sarimbun was filled with lots of interaction, laughter and the building of friendship outside of our unit.  The camp began with camp development and I was the first to get appointed the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) of my sub-camp.  We spent the whole day pitching our tents because some of us were given "A" frame tents, which we were not familiar with.  Even though we had so much difficulty, the feeling of overcoming it was fantastic.  A major part of our time was also spent on gadget building.  When night fell, we attended STC's campfire to understand what our campfire will be like.
The highlight of day 2 was backwoodsman cooking for lunch.  All of us do our part in helping out in various jobs that we were assigned.  Unfortunately, it rained while we were cooking, so we had to take shelter.  But the food still turn out well-cooked.  We sang campfire songs as it rained... which was so much fun!  That was also when all of us bonded together the most.

Day 3 was the most challenging.  It was the day we ran the programme we planned.  We played our own games and rained again and we turnd our attention to the mud pools around and turned completely brown.  After shower, we used the time to plan our patrol item for the night's campfire.  As night fells a last time, it was what we've all been waiting for - PLTC Campfire!  Fortunately, the rain had already stopped and we can have our campfire outdoors.

On the last day, we cleaned up, packed up and left for home, bringing with us a memorable experience. Throughout the camp, I was reminded once again of everything we have been taught in SE.  To be swift in whatever I do, not to procrastinate, and to help each other, to have courage to face every difficulty, to give my best in everything I do and not give up easily, to find the solutions instead of complaining about problems.