Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Founder's Day @ EDP

Endeavour SE Cubs marked Founder's Day together with EDP Brownies who marked Thinking Day with a simple commemoration ceremony after the National Anthem.  We are deeply honoured to have our supportive Principals read the speeches.
EDP SE Cubs also finally launched their pack scarf that day.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Frank Cooper Sands (2010) awarded 2011

Congratulations to Casuarina Soaring Eagles Cub Scouts and Soaring Eagles (Open) Scout Troop for attaining the Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award!

The award is named in honour of the father of Scouting in Singapore, the Frank Cooper Sands, and is awarded annually to sectional scout units for unit excellence.

The assessment for the award centres on Unit administration, Unit participation, Training and Development, International participation, Unit finances and Unit Initiatives.  The award is also known as the Best Unit Competition under the Co-Curricular Activities Branch of the Ministry of Education.

We would like to specially mention CSL Edgar, SL Cheetah, ASLs Beaver, Coyote and Eugene, Ventures Seal, Possum, Zebra, Whale and Scout Stallion for their excellent work and contributions towards this achievement!

Yaska, yaska, yaska!!

Community Emergency Preparedness Day

We were tasked to help organise the Bukit Panjang Community Emergency Preparedness Day which was held Senja Community Club.  We arrived rather early, had a quick uniform check and was briefed by ASL Eugene on our duties.
When Dr Vivian Balakrishnan arrived, he requested for a photo with us.  We were very honoured. Less than an hour later, people started to arrive by the hundreds!  They looked so excited to kick start the event.. which started with a joint Civil Defence and Police demonstration of how they work with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to mitigate a terrorist attack within the community.
A car bomb was set off resulting in the outbreak of a fire and the collapse of part of a building.  Of course, the good will always triumph over the evil, the the police arrested the terrorist with the help of the community.  The programme also demonstrated the use of first aid and many more.
Soaring Eagles Scouts got an apportunity to fight a small fire, under the supervision of the Civil Defence.  We also got a sneak peek into the various parts of a fire engine called PL441, carried a hose, and posed with the Red Rhino.
The day ended for us with free lunch sponsored by the CC and then SE Cohension at the swimming pool.

More photos on our FB Page.  Visit and like the page!  ;)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Endeavour Cub Investiture Ceremony 2011

Friday 18 February 2011 is a milestone in the short history of Endeavour Soaring Eagles Cub Scouts.  The flagpole was set, the scarves were laid out as the Cubs went through a final rehearsal for the ceremony which was to take place at 1500 hrs.

Thankfully, the rain stopped and we were able to have the simple ceremony at the Amphitheatre, witnessed by several parents who turned up armed with digital cameras.
Akela Nazreen welcomed 26 Cub Scouts into the worldwide brotherhood of Scouting and the family of Soaring Eagles Scouts.
The ceremony concluded with the appointment of Sixer Seconds (Yu-Hen, Charles, Yassin and Jarrell) , Sixers (Yasin, David John and Xavier) and Senior Sixer (Md Danish Tan).

More photos found at SE's FB page here.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Observer Proficiency Badge

We went Birdwatching with a personal friend of our leaders, and volunteer nature guide, Uncle Sunny!  This was going to be part of our requirements towards the Observer proficiency badge!  We woke up early to catch the early birds who are out catching worms.
We met up with Uncle Sunny at Chinese Garden MRT Station.  In his introduction, he told us that he has been birdwatching for over 20 years.  He then told us that the proper of clothing should be clothes that are natural colour with matching long pants, but we went there with our Yellow scout PT-Kit with shorts!  Fail! LOL.. lesson learnt.  He also gave us a quick run down on some common equipment we should carry with us, as well as how to choose good binoculars and scopes.
That day, we saw more than 18 species of birds.  At the station itself, we were already introduced to one of the most common birds around Chinese Garden, the Egret.  Unbeknown to us, there were three types right before our eyes, the Little Egret (which has a black beak), the Intermediate Egret and the Large Egret (both of which have yellow beaks and white bodies with black legs).  The only difference is that the Large Egret has a S-shape neck.
Some other species we spotted were the Grey Heron, Asian Koel, Collared Kingfisher, Black-Crowned Night Heron, Yellow Bittern, Black-Naped Oriole, Flower Pecker, Brahminy Kite, Magpie Robin and the Black-Winged Mynah.

Of course, who could miss the Common Mynah which could be found all around Singapore.  I'm sure you have seen it before - it has a black body with yellow around its eyes with a yellow beak and legs. While we were walking back to the MRT station we saw a baby Mynah and actually managed to see and touch it up close and personal!
It was a good experience!  We also were taught some of the plants we could eat and which could be not.  After leaving Chinese Gardens, we headed straight to IMM where we had a short lunch and concluded the day with our annual "Lo Hei" to celebrate the Chinese New Year!  May we soar to greater heights in 2011!

More photos found on SE's FB Page, here.