Sunday, 27 March 2011

2011 Earth Hour 60+

This was to be the third year running that Soaring Eagles Scouts would be part of the WWF Team at the Annual 2011 Earth Hour 60+.

After getting confused between the event being at Marina Bay and us alighting the train at Raffles Place, we met Serpent somewhere along the underground passage which linked Raffles Place with Marina Bay Promontory.
When we finally reached the venue, we were amazed by the unique objectives of the different stalls! There was a Scout stall which sold some merchandise such as badges to raise fund for the contingent going to World Scout Jamboree 2011.  The stall that amazed me most was the Nokia stall, which allowed you to recycle your old phones or chargers.  Another stall explained how many people do not have access to proper toilets which amazed me as they are trying to break the taboo on toilets so as to make people realize how important your toilets are, so cherish your washrooms!

After a few hours of fun at the stalls and a group of amazing soccer players who were able to do fantastic moves which even our soccer addicts in the group couldn't do, the main event was finally about to start, Earth Hour 60+!!!!

The hosts and special guests of the event gathered together on stage and shared with the crowd what they will do to minimise their carbon emissions. Our Chief Commissioner, mr Tan Cheng Kiong was there too!

Finally, at 2030 hrs, the lights went off but I was a bit disappointed as I expected a more epic Earth Hour as I had imagined the buildings around the area to be totally blacked out - but while the external lights of the buildings went off, lights in the rooms in almost every building were still on.
The Scouts joined the Night Walk around Marina Bay whereas I stayed to watch a screening of an award-winning documentary named "The Age Of Stupid" which had quite an impact on me by the way the documentary tells how the Earth began to increase in temperature as resources began to dwindle with oil reaching the US$200 cap.
The day ended with a debrief by the Ventures and Serpent.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Job Week At Petir Park Opening

We were honoured to be invited to do Job Week at Cashew CC during the opening of Petir Park.

We were stationed at different places while participants had a Mass Walk which commenced at 0900 hrs.  It ended an hour later with a performance at Petir Park.  We got coupons for lunch and we could choose from Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Yam cake and Carrot cake.

We were then deployed to assist with crowd control.  After lunch most of them had already gone home and some kids went to the carnival and others went to get helium balloons after that we went home.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Job Week 2011

The cubs from Soaring Eagles (Casuarina) performed their Job Week at Caltex, Tampines. This is a yearly collaboration between The Singapore Scout Association and Caltex Singapore. Cub Scouts are sent to the various Caltex petrol stations around the island for 3-hour shifts to perform simple tasks such as opening the doors for customers, rearranging the shelves etc.

Faiz and Javier

Ian and Kar Mun

Coen and Sean

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Educational Tour with Cashew Zone 3

It all began this morning, Soaring Eagles Scouts had a thrilling experience on an educational tour hosted by Senja Cashew CC. We stopped at four locations, a Chee Cheong Fun & Yam Cake Factory, Lingzhi Singapore & Health, a Chocolate store and a Bird Nest Factory.
Our first location was Chee Cheong Fun Factory. We learnt how Chee Cheong Fun was made and had bought small food products sold by the employees there.
At our second location, Lingzhi Singapore and Health, we had tasted their herbal honey juice, herbal chicken soup, herbal dates and got a free tube of herbal toothpaste. We learnt about how to diffrentiate between man-made herbs and natural herbs.

The third location which is a Chocolate store was not so much of a learning point instead, it was a pit stop for we tired souls. We bought hundreds of chocolates there at a discounted price.

At our last location which is a Bird Nest Factory also known as Fortune Palace Bird's Nest, we sat down in a fancy room filled with trophies of karaoke singing and expensive bird's nest products while eating cups of jellies and listened to karaoke entertainment.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Centenary Silver Medal

Our heartiest congratulations to our leaders on being conferred the Centenary Silver Medal for their contributions towards the success of the Centenery Celebrations 2010. From L-R:
  • SE Open ASL Eugene
  • Casuarina CSL Edgar
  • SE GSL Clarence
  • SE Open SL Cong Sheng