Saturday, 30 April 2011

SE in the Community

SE (Open) was recently featured in "Cashew - Our Home, Where We Belong", a publication by Senja Cashew Community Club. We are honoured to be considered a part of the community in Senja Cashew where we have served the last 3 years.
The photo as an inset on Page 18 shows our Scouts engaging in a conversation with Vivian Balakrishnan before the start of Community Emergency Preparedness Day 2011.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sixers Training Camp 2011

I was excited, as this was my first Scout Camp.  I have been looking forward excitedly to STC2011 for weeks now.  We assembled in the canteen of Endeavour Primary School and were quickly split into our 'Six' before moving to the field to have our opening ceremony. 
Next, we were asked to pitch our tents.  It was very tiring because it took about 30 mins to pitch the tent and we were sweating profusely as the day was very hot.  After that, we changed our clothes then we had our lunch. Before we ate our lunch Serpent taught us how to do the 'makan cheer'.  We must do the 'makan' cheer before we eat any meal. While we were eating our lunch it started raining heavily. More cheers and songs followed after lunch and then we started a discussion on our campfire gang shows. It was hard to do as no ideas were coming into our minds.
Next up were four learning base stations.  We learnt Track and Trail, Knotting, Map and Compass as well as First Aid in detail.  This would be tested on Day 2 during the wide game. After the long learning sessions, we had dinner and changed our clothes, ready for the long awaited night walk.  Many of the campers had heard about this famous STC night walk from previous participants.

We also sprayed insect repellent all over our bodies as the night walk was through a real jungle, known as Serpent Jungle!  The jungle was so dark you cant even see your own hands. The night walk was scary but one simply had to ignore the surroundings, and imaginations; focus on the guiding lights and the path before us and we will get to the end without much difficulty.  However if we allowed our imaginations to get to us, we will scream.  Some did, but some did not.
We got back to camp at about 11.30pm.  It was so tiring that no one could pay attention to anything. The facilitator debrief what had gone wrong and what had gone right. Then, they let us bathe, brushed our teeth and go to bed in the hall because our tents were flooded. The day ended - it was tiring but a whole lot of fun.

Day 2 began at 6:30am in the morning . We didn't get a chance to bathe so we just changed into our scout uniform ready for flag break. After breakfast, we proceeded to JellyTown harbour Park where we had an interesting Wide Game called the JellyQuest.  This was a treasure hunting quest which required us to use the four skills we learnt on Day 1.

After lunch, we proceeded to Yishun SAFRA for the Canopy Challenge Walk (CCP). It was so scary because it was like about 5-6 level above the ground. Our legs were shivering when we reached the top. We wore the full body harness, Daisy chain, helmet and gloves and were ready to take on "Broken Bridge" or "Monkey Vines".  Some fell down but carried on, others gave up.  We also had a chance to tie our own Turk's Head Woggle.  It was a very fun day. 

The campfire came after dinner.  We shouted until some of us lost our voice.  Our facilitators also put up a gangshow item during the campfire. We also watched a movie and did some reflection on the movie before going to bed.

We woke up at 7:00am on Day 3. After breakfast and flag break, we proceeded to do area cleaning before Wet Games. The games were very, very FUN . The camp concluded with a prize giving ceremony during which each Six was given a Best Sixer Award which was a personal First Aid Kit.  Best Camper was awarded to Shawn from MINDS and Best Six was given to Baloo.  We really enjoyed the camp - if only it were longer!!  Anyway, I hope we can do this again.

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