Monday, 28 November 2011

SE Endeavour Year End Camp 2011

The camp started off with the marked absence of Day 0 for campstaff.  It was the first time we were going to have a year end camp in Endeavour Primary so the camp staff were looking forward to a nice cozy camp to get to know the Cubs of the newest SE Group in the family.
The camp staff met in the school at about 1200 hrs and joined in the teacher's year-end buffet celebration.  It was only a couple of hours before the Cub Scouts were scheduled to arrive, so we quickly breezed through the Day 1 briefing and our roles with the Camp Chief.  We had a large number of Junior Camp Staff who were to be trained under each department head.

After the briefing, all of us chipped in to help prepare and set up the equipment, changed into our uniforms and the facilitators were out, positioned at the gates and canteens to guide the Cubs to the gathering area. After that, we took their attendance and then were introduced to the camp staff with Hidayat and Bear being the Camp and Assistant Camp Chief respectively.
After introductions, the Camp Participants were led to the parade square to have a small ice breaker which  we had until the bus arrived which was supposed to take us to the McDonalds outlet at Woodlands Point where we would have a tour of the kitchen followed by our lunch which comprised of a happy meal for the participants.

"Lunch Time!"
When we got back, the participants were led by their facilitators to plan for their gangshow while waiting for Serpent and Ryan to get ready their lecture on food hygiene as the Cubs are also fulfilling the requirements for their Food Watch badge.
They had an enjoyable time creating their own sandwiches and designing new tastes and flavours while earning their Food Watch Proficiency. After their Sandwich Making, they played some games in the hall held by our Game ICs. They had a blast playing the games the campstaff came up with. After their fun time at the games, they did their final preparations for their gangshow while Serpent and the ventures were preparing the Barbecue.
After the Barbecue, everyone was sent to take a shower and debrief before lights out.

Day 2 started of with a quick layout for the Cubs while the others prepared everything that is required for flag break and breakfast. After a rushed breakfast, the cubs and facilitators went on the buses that had arrived and took us to Yishun Junior College where the instructors there taught us the ways of le'archer.

The campers had a great time there and loved shooting arrows and their targets. They later blew balloons and pinned them to the target boards and were instructed to shoot them. Many of them were able to shoot down the balloon targets while some were a little off the balloon targets. The results were out and everybody was exhausted and breathless after being under the sun for several hours. The archery was over and the bus was waiting for us.
"Take Aim"
After they were ready for their gangshow, they had their dinner and changed into their uniforms and then it was showtime!  The day ended with a fabulous campfire where all present witnessed the bestowing of Scout names on Hidayat (Harbinger Fox) and Iskander (Mercurial Woodpecker).  Serpent said that the scout names given to scouts would reflect the scout's personality and behaviour. After giving scout names, both patrols were sent to have supper of biscuits and milo. After supper, patrols were sent to have their bath and did their reflection before lights were out.

As usual, Day 3 was full of fun and games.  Everybody was having fun and throwing water balloons everywhere. They had a whale of a time and they would regard this as the most exciting day of the camp. After wet telematches, we had to do area cleaning as we were living up to a common phrase of the scouts wherever we go ''Clean as you go''. They cleaned the places they had used over the past few days. After the area cleaning, the Cub Scouts were assembled at the canteen for the prize presentation. The best camper prize goes to John from patrol Slithereen. The best patrol award goes to patrol Gryffindor and the champion of the wet telematch coneball goes to Group 3.

"It's time to get wet!"
The camp was called to a close after prize giving and debrief.

As a Camp Chief, I learned that I have to prepare things before hand so we do not screw up the day for the whole camp and we must be alert of what's happening, or else we wouldn't know what to do next and we would sometimes realise that the games may not make sense or is unreasonable and unreliable.  Everything we do, we must give our very best.

More photos on Facebook at Part 1, Part 2.

This post was written jointly by Md Ada and Noor Hidayat.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Background Information:
The Soaring Eagle Award is given by Woodlands Ring Primary School to one graduating pupil each year who has outstanding achievements in both academic and CCA.  Ryan is the 4th Cub Scout in the 14-year history of WRPS to have received the award.
Ryan Choo Yan 
I have been Scouting since I was Primary 3 back in 2008.  My Scouting journey for the past few years made me a better person on the overall.  Activities and community service held in Scouts played an important role in helping me attaining the Soaring Eagle Award and strengthen my character.

Scouting has given me numerous opportunities to grow in terms of knowledge, skills and values which normal classrooms lessons do not teach.  Through Scout activities such as going on hikes with students from the MINDS school and looking after them, through building a chariot with my fellow team mates at the National Cub Scout Challenge, I have learnt how leadership is about responsibility and service to others and having good communication skills and respecting others are crucial ingredients to successful teamwork.

Friends play an important role in my past few years of scouting. They have brought me cheer and laughter. having friends in Scouts to share good and bad times with has indeed made me a stronger and better person.   My parents have also gave me numerous opportunities by allowing me to go for many Scout activities. Without their constant support, I would not be able to attain the Soaring Eagle Award.  Lastly I would like to thank my scout leader, Mr Clarence Hoe.  He was the one who gave me encouragement in times of fear. Without his nurturing, I would not be who I am today.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Appreciation Citation for Mr and Mrs S.R. Nathan by Sampson Choo, Scout Representative

Our Guests of Honour Mr and Mrs S.R. Nathan, Council Members from both Girl Guide Singapore and the Singapore Scout Association, distinguished guests, fellow scouts and guides, ladies & gentlemen;

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and sentiments on scouting and my special thanks to Mr S.R. Nathan.

I have been a scout since Primary 3 and have spent the last 7 years in scouting.  I thoroughly enjoyed many of the fun-filled yet purposeful activities in scouting.  Indeed, scouting has made me a better person.  I used to be playful and ill-disciplined.  However, through Scouting, I learnt responsibility, discipline and leadership.  I have also picked up a lot of outdoor skills which were put in good stead when I moved around with my friends and peers in an outdoor setting.  For example, I am particularly blessed with outdoor cooking skill.  I could start a fire easily.  In my interpersonal relations, I have learnt how to be at ease even with strangers.  Scouting has indeed helped to enhance my interpersonal skills.

During the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden (27 July – 8 August) which I participated, I was involved in a plethora of scouting-related activities.  I thoroughly enjoyed almost all the activities.  In particular, badge trading, a traditional activity in Jamborees.  Through the badge trading, I learnt persuasion skill and my interpersonal skill was further enhanced in a multi-racial setting.  It also afforded me many opportunities to interact with participants from many countries.  There were about 40,000 participants in all.  I learned so much more about scouting in other countries within the two-week period.  During one of the unforgettable activities, I chanced upon a Scout from Belgium.  As a result of playing together, we developed the bonding and our friendship grew through regular exchanged visits to our respective campsites.  Now even months after the Jamboree, I still maintain my friendship with her through the social media.

I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr Nathan.  Being a recipient of his generous sponsorship, I was given the rare opportunity to travel to a far away country in Sweden.  Above all, I was so well mentored by the adult leaders which were exemplary and served as our good role models.  I had in past only able to afford a simple travel to usually some neighbouring countries.

Scouting also teaches me to do my duty to God, my country and to help other people.  One of the best ways for me to give back to society when I will be in a position to do so is to sponsor similar Jamborees.  In particular, I would like those who have no opportunity to travel far and take part in jamborees like me to be blessed with my sponsorship.  I would like to give them the opportunity and encourage them to do so through my sponsorship.

I conclusion, I shall not shy away from sharing with others about Scouting.  I believe my positive experience will serve as a good testament of the benefits in Scouting.  My peers who witness the positive changes in me have encouraged me to persuade others to join Scouting too. 

Thank you once again.  My deep appreciation to Mr Nathan for making a difference in my life.