Sunday, 29 January 2012

Exploration I Retest and 人日 Celebration!

At last, after a torturous three month wait, we are finally given the chance to re-take our Exploration I test.  A 15km hike route ending at the Visitor Centre of Bukit Timah Hill.

Just when we thought we had it easy and escaped further ordeals, we were given one last MGR.  It was the Bukit Timah Hill Summit, 163.63m above sea level.  We charged forward with the end in mind.
After the last section of climbing up the Bukit Timah Hill, we had a Yu Sheng Ceremony with the Ventures and Leaders. We had a whale of a time, using chopsticks to lift up the Yu Sheng as high as possible.

We also took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of the January boys with a cake that had no candles. The Birthday boys were happy and glad that their birthday was celebrated with Scouts.  I know I was.

It was a great experience venturing around new areas through our hike.  What an eventful day!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Young Aviator Course

We went to Scout HQ for the pilot Young Aviator Course for Cub Scouts on 14 January 2012.  We are honoured to be the first batch of Cubs attending the course where we learnt the history of air planes and about the different parts of an aeroplane.
After that we had a mini competition.  We were grouped with different people from different schools and had to work together to make a paper aeroplane that could fly the furthest. Although my group lost, it is okay because we had fun and made new friends in the process. 

After lunch, we had a field trip to Changi Airport Terminal 3's Aviation Gallery. It has many information panels about planes which we used to complete a worksheet.  We have to search for the answers within the gallery. 

When this was done, we had to travel by SkyTrain to to Terminal 2's Aviation Gallery where we also did a similar worksheet.  It was a wonderful trip and fun course.  I am looking forward to receiving my badge!

More photos on Facebook.

Total Defence Proficiency Badge Silver

Each year on 15 Febuary, we commemorate Total Defence Day, which marks the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942.  In the Total Defence Proficiency Badge Course, we are reminded again of the importance of self-reliance in our defence and the role that everyone plays in it.

We learnt the specifics of Military, Civil, Economic, Social and Psychological Defence both at the national and individual levels.  About how our government and its agencies are protecting the people of Singapore, while asking us Singaporeans to play our part.

We now appreciate our country a lot more, and are prepared to do all we can in collaboration with our government and the community to promote and protect Total Defence.

We are to complete some projects before we can be awarded the Total Defence Proficiency Badge.

Monday, 9 January 2012

The First Meeting Of The Year The World Was Supposed To End

2012 kicked off on 7 January for Soaring Eagles Open Scout Group.  Most of the Secondary 1s had activities in our respective schools so we met at 1230 hrs. We helped to pack up the Scout Den, moving all our equipment from the various places into a new centralised storage in the Den.  Serpent had also designed a section for us to hang our uniforms during our weekend meetings.
Soon, it was time for lunch - we had pizza before engaging in the cohesion games.  It was a good time for us to strengthen our brotherly bonds.  We had not met for over a month now.  We played Rollick which was a kind of reverse charades.  Two "guessers'' from each patrol remained while the rest of the patrol must engage in "acting out" the words.   After a few practice rounds, the patrols competed against each other.

We were particularly impressed with Beaver who was the only leader who was game enough to join our team.  Unfortunately, Eagle patrol emerged the winners.

After the competition, some of us played Munchkin while the rest of us continued playing Rollick but we were the "actors" while the two ventures, Sampson and Dominic pit their vocabulary to the test.

We left each other that day having shared lots of laughter and I'm sure we were even closer than before.