Sunday, 26 February 2012

Adiji Chief Scout 2012

25 February 2012 marks a special day for newly sworn President of Singapore, HE Tony Tan Keng Yam.  He was welcomed as the new Chief Scout of Singapore by nearly 6,500  Cub Scouts, Scouts, Ventures, Rovers and Leaders who had gathered at St Patrick’s School.  St Patrick's School was the Alma Mater of Dr Tony Tan.
Soaring Eagles Scout Group is proud to have been involved at the event.  We ran an Apple Bobbing game.  The game was simple: hands behind your back, try to bite a suspending apple only with your mouth.  At first, we had difficulties transporting our equipment and two heavy boxes of apples.  Despite the heavy loads and difficulties along the way, we were amazed when we reached the venue.  Personally, I was taken away by the huge structures that were set up by the other scout units. 

It was no lie that we had some difficulties when locating our secluded stall.  In no time at all, we rushed to set up the stall, it was a race against time but we managed to put the stall.  Soon after, we had our first customer of the day.  It was fun watching other people’s futile attempts of trying to trap the seemingly slippery apple in-between their jaws.
Soon after, the stall suspended business as Chief Scout had arrived at the event and the crowd cheered in anticipation to welcome him.  As he was escorted to his seat, the emcee and the crowd gave him a loud Adiji Yell to welcome Chief Scout to the event.  We went over to join the crowd to get a glimpse of Chief Scout and to trade scarves with the foreign Scouts who happen to be visiting Singapore.
After the ceremony, business resumed as usual.  As he took a walk around to visit the stalls, in hope that he would visit ours, we picked the best apple there for him.  Although he did not visit our stall, we had a great time there at the event and better still, the opportunity to contribute to such an important event. 
Despite difficulties along the way, we had a wonderful time manning the stall and had great fun as well. It was a good experience for us.