Monday, 30 April 2012

Kayaking Star 1 Course

The day has finally come!  We will get to go kayaking with proper coaching!  The course which had been scheduled before NDP rehearsals commenced was delayed due to drilling works in the basin.

The course had to be rescheduled within the NDP rehearsal period.  We had to reluctantly miss one practice in order to complete our course.

For starters we were taught the parts of a kayak before going on to do some land practices, such as how to hold the paddle and how to paddle the kayaks.  For water confidence, we had to do a simple swimming test which required us to swim to another coach who was about 25 metres out at sea.  We had to swim to his his kayak, touch the bow (front of the kayak) then swim back to shore.

Before we could begin paddling, we had to carry our kayaks into sea.  While the kayaks look very light, it is actually very heavy.
Coach led us deeper into the water and taught us how to turn, go faster, slow down and stop the kayak. Since it was the first time for all of us, we were all quite slow.  We also learnt terms such as "rafting up".  To do this, one has to put up his or her paddle, and everyone else has to park their kayak beside each other and hold each other's kayak in order to stay together as a raft.  We even learned to turn 360 degrees on the spot!  
One of the highlights of the course was the Capsize Drill.  All of us had to take turns to capsize and be rescued.  Then we kayaked for another 1 or 2 hours then we called it a day. 
Day One was completed with washing our own kayaks and stacking it back on the shelves before taking a bath and retiring for the day.

The second day was an "expedition" where we had to have a formation and had to paddle for a very long distance.  When we reached our destination, Coach taught us more skills, even some from the Star 2 Syllabus!  After a long day, we paddled back to where we had launched our kayaks.  As usual, the  day was concluded with washing and stacking our kayaks
Serpent paid us a visit and snapped the picture of us with our coaches.  This was certainly a good memory and we are looking forward to our Star 2 Course after NDP!

Hosting Vietnamese Leaders

We played host to a group of Vietnamese Cub Scout Leaders who were visiting Singapore for a few days.  We brought them on a hike at the Southern Ridges, beginning with a short history lesson at Bukit Chandu.
Then we hiked towards VivoCity via HortPark.  It was a really hot day but we did conclude our adventure with lunch at VivoCity before sending them off to Sentosa.

Monday they will be hosted by Anderson Primary School Cub Scouts.  Have fun guys!