Thursday, 31 May 2012

Centenary Youth Award

We are pleased to announce that the following Scouts have been conferred the Centenary Youth Award in recognition of the meritorious service rendered at the JAMB100 / ASEAN Jamboree 2010.  This award is given two years after the event.. but better late than never!

  1. Akid Arsyad b Suraimi
  2. Calvin Lee Jin Liang
  3. Dominic Chan Jun Rong
  4. Edmund Tan Zhang Zhao
  5. Iskander Ismail
  6. Izzuan Shah
  7. Tran Tu Quy
  8. Md Noorelfi b Zakaria
  9. Md Nooraimy b Zakaria
  10. Md Syakir bin Abdul Talib
  11. Md Zulfadzli b Andul Aziz
  12. Noorhidayat b Abdul Wahat
  13. Ryan Choo Yan
  14. Sampson Choo
  15. Shaikh Abdullah Amin
  16. Shaikh Abdullah Aziz
The award was conferred by District Commissioner, Mr Barry Chua at our Campfire.

The same night, SE was honoured to have Guadalupe Sanmateau from Spain as a guest to the Campfire.  She found time to invest GSL Clarence Hoe as an Ambassador of the Messengers of Peace.
Congratulations to all award recipients!