Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tamasek Campfire

It was the first time we have been invited to Temasek Primary School's Campfire.  Oddly though, it was an indoor campfire despite the weather being perfect for an outdoor real campfire.  Later our GSL told us that the principal of the school was concerned about safety if a real fire was used.  LOL!

Group photo beside the cool indoor campfire
The campfire was unique though, as the entrance was a dark tent full of glow sticks.  It was beautiful.. an unforgettable sight.  The campfire pit was set up with firewood and instead of fire, it was lighted by candles. 

 Although it is indoor and we did not saw the fire burning the woods, it did not keep our spirits down. We have cheers perform by different Uniform Groups like Red Cross, Brownies and Cub Scouts!  The Campfire was held in conjunction with the school's UG Camp. We had to support our GSL to sing "Yogi Bear", which some of the Scouts learnt on the Camporee in Perth, Australia in 2011. 

                        It was my birthday.  I was given a literal birthday bash called "Tau Pok

Photo of "Tau Pok" shot in the scout den