Saturday, 27 October 2012

Food Donation Drive 2012

On this Saturday, we gathered at Woodlands Community Club to help out with the event, we were first given a T-shirt each, and a light breakfast before we were headed for the briefing.

Knock knock!
"Thank you!"
Soon we were dispatched into our designated blocks within our separate groups. Our jobs were very simple; go knocking on door to door to collect the donated food by residents around that area. The job was harder then it seems.

Stacking and packing
After a couple of hours, I was exhausted but glad that I collected quite a pile of canned food which was collated onto the pick up trucks and sent back to the community club where another group of volunteers sort the canned food.

The pick up truck
Once we cleared all of our blocks, we loaded ourselves for a ride on the pick up lorry for a short trip back to the Community Club. We had a short debrief before we started on our appreciation lunch, a big buffet. 

At end of the event, I was glad that we manage to help to contribute to this event. Not only did we managed to help some needy residents, I learnt that volunteer work can be quite rewarding, if there was more opportunities like this to contribute to our communities I would be more than glad to help out.