Monday, 26 November 2012

National Cub Scout Carnival And Gangshow

Our Hip Hop Dancers!

Yesterday, we helped to run the Cub Scout Carnival and Gangshow which was held at the Singapore Scout Association and the gang show performance representing our group was staged by Amin, Izzuan, Edmund and Ryan.

Some of us were stationed at the second floor, to take charge of the stations to check a worksheet that the participants were supposed to complete, then there is another station which the participants were supposed to put a badge puzzle while blind folded.
It's so dark.
Moments before going up to perform

then they will proceed to the final station where they will get the second piece of the event badge.

Event Badge

the first piece will be given to the participants upon registration.
the whole event ended off with an exciting performance by the rest of the schools performing their gangshow and the scout band with a surprise from a loud bang with confetti all over the room.

Friday, 9 November 2012

SE Scouts Standard Camp V (2012)

9th - 11th November 2012

When I first heard my seniors talking about Standard Camp, the first word that crossed my mind to describe Standard Camp was ‘TORTURE’! Then 5th Scout law dashed across my mind as a reminder, even if it was going to be ‘torture’, I must remember - A Scout has courage in all difficulties.

Day 1:

We were all assembled at a car park near Boon Lay MRT and we had to do a ’layout’, to take out everything from our gigantic camp bags and laying out all of it neatly on a ground sheet. We did it wrong multiple times as the ventures and serpents had very high expectations of us, but we did not meet their expectations so we had to do a punishment of 20 push-ups. 
Punishment and correcting the wrongs in our layout
One set after another, we had to push the ground another 20 times. So to my next bunch of juniors get fit guys! We changed into our swimming gear, wearing it inside our pants before heading for dinner.

Dinner with buddies
Dayton and Zhi Xian

Teaching Map Reading Skills to the new scouts
 Then we hiked to Jurong Swimming Complex. Unfortunately by the time we reached the swimming complex, it was closed, as we were too slow. After that, we hiked from the Swimming complex, all the way to our end point for the day from dusk to dawn. 

 Battling exhaustion and fatigue
During the hike, we had various checkpoints to go to. My patrol, Swift was quite slow as a few of us including me were walking, as we were very new to hiking. Often exhausted and our legs were aching badly. Before we moved off to the checkpoints. So we were given our MGR (Map Grid Reference) to go to our next checkpoint. For every checkpoint we went to, we received different MGR. At around 4.30 am, we finally arrived at our final checkpoint after Eagle Patrol and we pitched our tents on what ever spots left. We had our powder bath and were did a quick reflection before sleeping at about 5am.

Day 2:

Push yourselves,
Straining every muscle for Physical Training
When we woke up at 8 am, we quickly changed into our PT-KIT (Physical Training attire) and did our PT. We went to a coffee shop near Marsiling and we had a nice breakfast.
After that, we hiked to Woodlands Swimming Complex and had to complete a 50m swim. If you are a weak swimmer like me, you should start practicing now! After swimming, we had to hike about another 5 - 8 km to another two checkpoints before reaching Endeavour Primary School. At Endeavour Primary School, we had to do another ‘layout’ and this time, Serpent was even more furious as we did not learn from our mistakes the first time round, so we had to do more push ups again and again until we got it right.

Chicken's Cooking
After that, at night, we had outdoor cooking with backwoodsman. We cooked chicken, vegetables and cheese tofu, sadly and with much disappointment, the chicken was only cooked on the outside. Only the cheese tofu and vegetables were edible. Luckily Serpent had prepared some green bean soup, which tasted amazing, especially when you are hungry. As soon as clean up was done, we slept in the school hall for the night.

Day 3:
 I’m glad we had more sleep than the day before and changed into our PT-KIT and did our PT but this time around, PT was tougher than the day before. After that, we were separated into two groups - those who went for this year’s NDP (National Day Parade) and those who did not, mostly the Primary 6 scouts including me. Both groups did different drills. Soon, Serpent arrived and so did breakfast. Thank God, it was a hearty McDonald’s meal!
My lovely Breakfast

After that, we went back to do our last ‘lay out’ again but this time, we took between 1-2hours just to do it correctly which made Serpent show his fiery again, but I was glad he saw some improvement. After which we went down to the scout den for a personality test and a talk from Serpent. 

New APLs
Zhi Xian (Left) - Swift
Yi Hong (Right) - Eagle
After that we had a moving up ceremony for the Primary 6 and welcoming us into our separate patrols, appointment of our new APLs (Assistant Patrol Leader) Zhi Xian from Swift and Yi Hong from Eagle, current APLs promotion to PLs (Patrol Leaders) and handling down the jobs of Quarter Master and Scrib. After which he treated us to a generous helping of pizza for lunch. After lunch, we did area cleaning and finally we went home, home sweet home, and my lovely bed!

Awarding of the patrol badges to the new scouts
Was Standard Camp that torture? Having survived the camp and I though it was not that scary as it sound before to me. But who knows about next year, so it’s best to be prepared!

Written by Ian

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Yishun District Outdoor Cooking Competition 2012

As usual, we are back this year at the competition with 3 patrols.  Before the competition, our group had been to collect firewoods from places around our district during our usual training on Saturday to do some preparation.  After we brought back the firewood to Endeavour Primary School, we proceeded to separate the firewoods into kindlings, twigs and logs.  We went for our lunch and bought the ingredients we needed to cook.  That day was meant for us to experiment on what to cook and how to cook.  Unfortunately, we had to cook under the rain but we have Stallion and Ryan helping us to set up a shelter made out of groundsheet.  Thanks!

So we split into 3 different groups.  One group is to prepare the food and the other groups are taking care of the fire and cleaning.  We have to take note that if we are taking care of the fire, we must not come in contact with the food and we must not come in contact with the woods and ashes when we are preparing the food as the dirt and ash might touch the food and is unhygienic.  We should not blow the fire when we are cooking the food as ashes may come in contact with the food.  The other group who are cleaning did their job but sometimes we are playing a fool we are playing with water.  Although it is fun but it is not the right time and place.  We kept cleaning the place as there are mud all over the place due to the people who step onto the wooden platform with their shoe full with mud. So at the end we decided to take off our shoe.  Alright!  Let's talk about the competition.

Egg cooked in orange
The firewood was transported to Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School by Carol's car.Thank You Carol ! The rest of us transport there by bus.We had briefing then we had to lay out our cooking materials and ingredient for inspection.When we went there. we plot our place for cooking and we had to choose a group leader so that he can take charge of the group and make sure everything go smoothly. When the competition starts, we began to turf our spot. Our turfing skill was really bad...): So that is the part we need to work on it. We also took a long time to turf but we set up our fire fast enough. My group only use 2 matchsticks, which is good (from my point of view) but we can do better next time! we began to cook once the fire turn into ember.

Decoration for our plates
Different group have different method of cooking , for my group we cooked the chicken as a whole , the other group cook it in a way like 'Kebab'. We used Watermelons,chicken,potato(covered with mud) and eggs in orange . For my group, I did something that i had never done before. I used a rock to convert the heat like what Carol told me. I think is a good way in outdoor cooking and I can teach others too!. Everything went well and from my perspective, I think we did a great job and a big improvement compared to last year. At least some parts of our chicken are cook and we manage to decorate our dish.

Skewering our chicken
At the end of the competition, we did not win but at least we made an improvement.Honestly, I felt a bit disheartened. I will try to make more improvement next year and hopefully we can win prize or something like that. I felt  that we did not do our part on cleaning up as some of us choke up the basin . I do not know who did that but since the toilet is used by us most of the time , we have the responsibility to clean it.