Thursday, 13 December 2012

Combined Cub Camp 2012 : Avengers!

Day 1
It was the arrival of the participants for the combined Cub Camp. We gathered them in the canteen to meet their new friends whom they will be with for the next two days. After all the participants arrived we had our first flag break together as a Camp. After the flag break we settled down at the canteen for
Tea break.
Ryan and Hai Son locating the cubs to their groups

Then they went for Icebreakers where they got to know their friends it was a heart warming to see the Cub Scouts getting to know with each other.
Meeting their new friends
Simple Ice breakers

"Alright, who do we have here?"

Around 4 pm we all gathered in the field to pitch their tents. I could see that all the Cub Scouts were having fun pitching the tents under the guidance of the seasoned facilitators. 

"...and this one goes here."

I was happy to see that started a friendly competition among the groups. After tent pitching we had dinner and then headed to the hall for gang show planning. At first the cub scouts were not interacting as we planned but after some help from the facilitators, they were more or less hyped to come up with some creative ideas for their gang show. 

After that, they had finished they had their dinner. Then, we had a special activity meant for the Cub Scouts, "foamtastic". This activity was for each Cub to paint a small square of a picture that was cut up.
Painting in progress...

It was meant to teach the Cub Scouts on important values and life lessons. Such examples would be that everyone needs to do there part to paint well because if one person just paints his or her piece black, when put together the painting will not look nice, due to that one piece.
End product

Day 2

Rise and Shine Campers! It was the second day for the participants. They changed into their uniform and headed out to the field for Flag Break. After which we had our breakfast at the canteen. Finally it's the programme that we all had been waiting for … Combat Skirmish. 

"...remember guys, safety first"

The safety briefing took us 15 minutes before we headed for the mission. Then headed to play combat skirmish. After few hours of shooting their friends in pure joy and excitement, they had one last gangshow planning before campfire later in the evening, before lunch.

After that we had our dry telematch and the cub scouts had a great time at the various stations before and headed to the canteen for our dinner.

"Put y'all hands where I can see 'em!"
"We're outnumbered!"

"Target locked."
We headed to the parade square for the campfire. Our guest of honor for the campfire was none other than the, Assistant Cub Scout Programmes Commissioner, Mr. Edgar Wong. He shared a story with the participants a story before we kicked start our campfire. We had a couple of songs and cheers set up by the campfire staff and finally loud, vibrant gang show by the cub scouts. I was really proud that in the end my sub camp learnt to work together to put a better gangshow then as we prepared in the hall. 
After the campfire we gathered the cub scouts in the canteen to have their supper while their leaders took care of them. We were told to gather in full uniform, behind the extinguished campfire. To my surprise, Serpent gathered us for a ceremony. Scout name often shows others your traits and personality. That night two scout names were given away to two excelling individuals. After tonight, we will know Zhen Yu as Stalwart Deer and Ada as Erudite Wolf. 

Day 3

It was the final day of the camp, but wait it isn’t over yet. We woke the cub scouts and instructed them to change into uniform and we brought them to the canteen to gather them. And we headed out from Endeavour Primary walk just a few block down to take part in the Clean and Green event, we helped to do some litter picking during the Clean and Green event and few luckier once had the chance to help out in tree planting. After the event we went walked back to Endeavour Primary School.

Litter picking around the neighbourhood
Personally, this was my favorite part of the camp ever since and was a Cub Scout and still do now, it was the Wet telematch. The cub scouts were instructed to change into something they would be comfortable getting wet in. Soon the Cub Scout was having two whole hours of cold, wet and pure fun.

After being drenched from head to toe, they were brought up to the hall to change to a dry set of clothes and did their area cleaning, to clean up all the facilities of the school that they used. They were taught to always leave a place in a better condition when you first came upon it. It was heartwarming to see that the Cubs, strangers whom only have met one another for three days, work hand in hand to help out in the area cleaning.

"Splash me!"
"Brace yourselves!"
Lastly before they were dismissed, we had the prize giving to reward outstanding campers, teams and some nonsensical award, for example the smelliest pair of socks so the Cubs can leave the camp rolling with laugher.

I was glad that the cubs really enjoyed themselves in the camp and do hope to see them again next year!

"Smile for the camera!"
Written by : John Isaiah

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Album 1 ( Shot by Stalwart Deer)
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