Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Yishun District Orienteering Competition 2013

The 9 teams gathered at Fort Canning Park 
The first meeting of the year, turned out to a competition. It was my first time for an orienteering competition, so i was still quite uncertain about many things despite having already read the email about the location, rules and regulation and competing teams. It was a great opportunity to compete against Manta Ray Sea Scout Unit and Ahmad Ibrahim Warrior Scout Unit. I was also glad to meet up with some of my old friends from primary school who were in the various unit.
Choice of items to protect
First to hand in map get to pick
Last few gets what's left

The three unit gathered for competition at fort canning park. We were slightly late on that day as we travelled together and were delayed while waiting for two late comers. I was disappointed that we did not present ourselves well to the other groups. Not only were we late, a few of us did not come prepared for the competition, forgetting crucial things such as stationery. This is something that I will work on for the next competition to avoid making the same mistake twice. After settling down, we had a quick re-cap and briefing of the rules and instructions before we were handed 2 maps, 1 checkpoint clue list and a MGR(Map Grid Reference) list. We were told to mark out the MGR and from the MGR list given and then plan the route then transfer the information onto the other map. The fastest team gets to choose their item to protect during the hike and the slowest, take what's left.

My 3 man team planning on route and marking out MGRs
By the time we submitted our map for marking, we were left with two choices. An empty egg shell or an egg cracked into a glass jar and the egg yolk mustn't break throughout the hike. It was nearly impossible for us to keep the egg yolk safe from breaking therefore we could only manage to keep it in a damaged condition thus, we were only given 5 out of 15 points at the end of the competition.
Item to protect: Egg in the jar
Although i had revised my orienteering skills through the internet and some notes on my logbook, I felt that the actual thing was much tougher, i mislead my team into a region totally off the map. Soon I was about to break down in panic and worry, our Judge kindly gave us the advice to travel to the nearest MRT station and look and the map there. I followed his advice and with guidance from Akid, I managed to bring the group back on the map! We were so happy that we celebrated with a quick bite into our rations.

However, 2 hours had gone by while we were lost. With about half of the competition time gone, our judge gave us a little advice on pacing and we hiked our way following a new and shorter route from the original. Along the way we had to battle against fatigue and try to manage a smile on our faces to lift the spirits up. We managed to clear 4 checkpoints and 1 successful game. The game was to balance the coins by it's side. Seems easy at first until you reach the 5¢ coin. The game requires a load of concentration, patience and balance. Finally arrived at the end point to be the last group in, 3 minutes early of end time.

After hike
(with our judge Andrew)
We had a breakdown of the score, penalization and penalty before awarding the top 3 teams, none of which were won by any SE team. Later Serpent debrief us and i felt rather disappointed as we did not perform well. Offenses and punishments for the jay-walkers and those who came unprepared for the competition by neglecting the email where given out, while the rest sat aside and watched. I learn 3 things from that debrief.

1) Never Jaywalk, it is a very serious offense and punishment will be severe for offenders
2) Read our emails on updates on meetings not just come to the meeting blur and unprepared
3) Although winning the 1st place is not important, but come with the competitive attitude. Pose a challenge to the other teams, don't just come to take the bottom spots.

With these lessons and reminders, i will do my utmost best to apply this to the competitions in the future. Overall, it was a great opportunity for the units, to come together to bond and compete.

SE Team 1
Hidayat (Fox), Dayton, Jason, Shawn

SE Team 2
Ryan, Danish Tan, Zhi Xian, Elson

SE Team 3
Raphael, Hai Son(me), Akid

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Soaring Eagles Celebrates 15 Years with Wreck-It Ralph Movie Screening

29 December 2012 will surely be remembered as a day of fun. We were celebrating our 15th Anniversary by having an SE family day and the screening of the Disney movie, 'Wreck-It Ralph'.  The tickets for our members are specially sponsored by Disney Motion Pictures Singapore and Cathay Cineplexes!

Guests were also given a specially approved Wreck-It Ralph - SE Badge.
Event Badge
By 9.45 am, we were ready to welcome guests. We mingled and chatted with early guests while selling badges and t-shirts. At 10 a.m., the doors to cinema 6 opened for guests to take their seats after collecting their popcorn and drinks outside the cinema.

At 10.10 am, our MC’s welcomed guests and VIP's to this event and commenced pre-screening entertainment. The audience were playing a game where Cub Scouts have to put marshmallows into the mouths of their respective parents. With a mouthful of marshmallows the parents will have to say the phrase 'SE Scouts'. After the winners of the game were announced, we had a short screening of our anniversary video.

The movie started soon after. Mixed emotions aroused as i watched the movie. Some parts were really hilarious while others really tempted me to cry. At the end of the 101 mins, I really enjoyed the movie that I had lost track of time, it felt as though the movie started just a while ago. The movie and a very simple storyline yet it taught me a very important life lesson.

Just like any other game, there is always a hero and a villain. This movie taught me that it doesn't matter if you are the hero or the villain your role is as equally as important as the other. If a game only has the villain and no hero, the game can't be played. Likewise if there is only the hero and no villain in the game, the game can't be played as well.

Overall, I feel that it is a very good family movie. I would certainly recommend families to go watch it together and also, Happy 15th Anniversary SE!

Written by: Raphael
Edited by  : Hai Son

SE Annual Christmas Gathering 2012

We arrived excitedly at Republic Polytechnic for our Christmas Gathering 2012. As we arrived at the venue, it started to drizzle. We headed off to an open area before starting our Game of "Evil Santa".
Everyone was informed beforehand to prepare a wrapped gift of between $5 and $10 for ‘Evil Santa'.
The presents were placed in a pile while each person were told to draw lots. Serpent explained the rules of the game for the benefit of the new members. 

"Shake, shake..." Merry Christmas!
Each person drew a number and that would be their turn to take a gift from the pile (in ascending numerical order). A change this year was that the giver was to call out “Merry Christmas” when their present was being unwrapped. If someone before your number opened a present you liked, you could, at your turn, pass the person one of the wrapped presents and take that desired present as yours. That was where the Evil Santa came into this game.

After Evil Santa, we played a game of Ali bomb, the game starts when someone throws the bomb represented by a small ball. The catchers will have to retrieve the bomb and place it back at their home before allow to start the seeking of players. The players by then would have been hidden. When a player is spotted, the catcher will then race the player back to the ball and tap it shout bomb and the person's name. Once the player bomb he will have to stay put until another player mange to throw the bomb elsewhere, freeing all the caught players.

Group photo with the presents
After that, we played a game of fire and ice, also known as ice and freeze outside the campus. Overall, it was a fun day and cohesion for us, it was surely a day that all of us would remember.

Written by: Raphael
Edited by: Hai Son