Saturday, 23 February 2013

10 Years Long Service Awards

Two SE Leaders, our GSL Fiery Serpent and CSL of SE Casuarina Black Bear received the Long Service Award for 10 Years of Scouting as a leader.
Serpent later posted this in SE FB:
This medal is, as always, dedicated to the fabulous bunch of Scouts of Soaring Eagles Scout Group.. especially to Calvin Lee Dominic Chan and Md Syakir who struggled through thick and thin with me for 9-, and Snowden Chang, Sampson Choo and Md Noorelfi who were there 8 of my 11 years with the group!  I would never have stayed this long if it were not for all of you!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy World Scout Day!

Happy World Scout Day everyone!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Standard First Aid Course and Annual Lo Hei

Today, tomorrow and 23 February, the whole unit is attending Standard First Aid Course.  We also have guest participants from Manta Ray, Temasek Raccoons, as well as leaders from CubSEC.
The Sec 1s and 2s are doing their first certification while the rest of the unit is doing a refresher.
Needless to say, since it is the CNY period, we did our annual Lo Hei ;)
Huat ah!

More photos on Facebook.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Cohesion Day (CNY Reunion and Steamboat)

Apart of the usual stuff, we were also told to bring a light heart and a bag full of laughter. It was our cohesion day!

We started with the usual flag breaking ceremony. Then we proceeded to pioneering. With the long gadget poles, we planned on pioneering a swing, in the school field. After building our two A-frames and started assembling the swing, we realized that there was a problem, a big one.

"Works in progress"
Do not disturb
The swing shook violently every time someone sat on it, comprising the safety of the user. We tried to solve the problem by re-enforcing the structure, add support of even untied and redo the parts of the swing. But our efforts went down the drain. The swing still shook violently and the swing looked slanted, disfigured and dangerous.

"I think this is tight enough..." 
The APLs and I moved further away to have an overview of the swing, we tried to identify the problem and soon, after discussing with everyone. We eventually came up with a solution that was to use guidelines. It turned out well, with the guidelines holding the swing to the ground, it stood upright and still, even when we had Ryan to test it out.

Group photo
We all got our fair share of swinging and took a group photo with the swing before disassembling it. After standing so long under the sun, Serpent and a few other members had set up our lunch table, with a wide spread of food from seaweed chicken to various kinds of fishballs, chicken patty and not to forget our vegetables.
Eat your greens

With the wide spread of food, no one went hungry. After eating our fill, we played some games, soccer, kite flying or even running man. We played until we were hungry and came back for seconds to finish our most of our leftovers.

"Where did the ball go?"
After the meal, we went back to the den, here Serpent appointed Jason to take over me as the new Scribe and Ian to replace Jerome as his assistant.  Ximenez is slated to be the 2nd assistant scribe.  The flag bearer and I lowered the flag as the meeting came to an end. We did the area cleaning, making sure everything was as neat as it was before we used it. It was surely a memorable cohesion.
"No one goes home hungry"

Article by: Hai Son
Photos by: Stalwart Deer

Friday, 1 February 2013


We welcomed about 30 P3 boys who are trying out Scouts for their CCA Experience.  Today we completed our Wrecktivities to earn the specially endorsed Wreck-It Ralph Badges!
Needless to say, we had lots of fun and boundless laughter!