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Cub Scout Leadership Course 2013 (CLTC)

Day 1:
It was 0730 hrs and the first participants had already arrived. Soon the participants were separated from their various school mates and split into their camp groups.  This was to provide campers with a good chance to meet their new friends with whom they would spend the duration of the 3 Days 2 Nights with. I was happy to see some Cubs reach out to make a new friend.
Ice breakers!
Course Director and our GSL, Fiery Serpent and Camp Chief, Halcyon Stallion gave their opening addesses to welcome and introduce the camp staff, facilitators before we proceeded to the parade square for the first flag break of the camp.  The Sixers learnt the sequence of how a flag break is carried out and the proper way to carry out a Grand Howl.
"Akela, we'll do our best!"
Grand howl demonstration
Sixers taking part in the grand howl
Shortly after, we went on with our ice breakers for the Six to interact with one another and make new friends, in order to build and improve on teamwork and their relationship with one another. Here they chose their own duty Sixer and Sixer Second of the day, a temporary Sixer who will lead the group so that the Cubs will get a chance and taste of leading a Six.
You are hereby declared, the Sixer of the day!
The ice breakers was effective and the Cubs were already having fun within their Six. The Sixers next headed for their various leadership building lessons.  These included communication, conflict management, character and leadership. The lessons are taught by a short theory of the skill, then the Sixers would be broken up into groups and were given situations and were taught how to react to them. Also games and activities were carried out and played to demonstrate and show the use and importance of these skills.

Communication Lesson Activity
Leadership Lesson Game
"I can see now!"
After two lessons, they headed out to an open area for lunch. Much to their anticipation and excitement, it was an outdoor cooking lunch. Here Cubs will be cooking their Maggi Noodles lunch in a mess tin with solid fuel by themselves. Whether they were first timers or seasoned cooks, I was glad that they managed to do most of the cooking on their own and helped on another when in need.
"I need fire!"
Lunch time!
The unofficial food "taster"
After the filling lunch, they headed back to their various lessons. Upon finishing the lessons, they headed for camp development. Here the Sixers were taught how to pitch dome tents, which most of them had known. As well as a more difficult challenge, which was a Basha. We then proceeded to teach them how to do a proper layout and the why a layout is done. A layout is done to check what a camper has brought to camp, also to ensure that the camper does not bring any dangerous objects such as knives or lighters. Shortly after, they were all ready and prepared them for an inspection the following day.

Course Director was always on hand to help the Sixers reflect and apply the leadership lessons they had learnt from the sessions to each activity, be it outdoor cooking or Basha building.  One of the most important lessons was when he pointed out that leaders constantly waste their own time and effort focussing on the non-essentials while neglecting the important issues within their Six.
Pitching a dome tent
Basha 101
Clove hitch 
Teamwork in action
The Sixers then, headed to the canteen for dinner. I was glad that dinner time was chatty as the Sixers were now talking to their new group mates, getting to know one another, sharing experiences and talking about the day activities. Little did they know, the best activity of the day was yet to come. Once everyone was full, Course Director challenged the Sixers to keep the 5th Scout Law and overcome the challenges and persevere no matter how difficult they would be. After that we announced the final two big activities of the day - the 5 kilometers urban hike to test their mental strength and endurance; and a night trail into the jungle which tested the Sixers' courage, and ability to overcome their fears, teaching the Sixers to take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown. Both of which are important aspects when it comes to leading.
Dinner time
Scare team! Gahhhh!!!!
"What was that?!!?"
"Ahhhhh, ghost!!"
The day ended with a hike back to EDP, the Cubs then had their shower. They went on with supper and Sixers in council, as well as reflection. The Cubs shared their various experiences, the fears that they overcame as well as challenges they had faced. The various Sixes would head to either the tents or hall and it was time for lights out.

Day 2:
The Sixers rose early at 7 am, ready for the flag break. After just being taught one day ago, they manage to follow up the sequence and carried out a near perfect flag break and Grand Howl.
Grand Howl Day 2!
After a hearty breakfast, they boarded the bus and headed to SAFRA Yishun Adventure Centre for the next part of their training programme. Upon arrival, the various Sixes were then dispatched to the various stations for the Quest of the Cthulhu Tentacle. A wide game that incorporated fun while teaching the Cubs leadership, teamwork and communication.
"Peddle faster!!"
"Almost full!"
"Come on guys, work as a team!"
At 12.30 pm, the Cubs had their lunch at the park with their Six. Here they were briefed about the next challenge coming up. After a filling lunch, the Sixes where dispatched to their first aid station, where they would be equipped with basic first aider knowledge. At the same time, they would learn how to tie a turks head, also known as a woggle knot.
"After this is done, call an ambulance.."
The other group would headed to the high elements in the Adventure Centre. Here, they will have to overcome their fear of heights and carry out the activity. Which much encouragement, everyone of the Sixers managed to conquer the course.
The anticipation is killing me
Half way there!
"OMG, I'm next."
"Don't look down, and just smile:D"
At 6pm, the Cubs were once again buzzing and chattering with excitement about the high elements course as we boarded the bus back to EDP. Once they arrived, they were sent to plan for a gang show as a sub camp, while the campfire was being prepared by the camp staff.
Oh! Glorious food!
"Hungry, hungry..." ~ Makan cheer
Makan time
The Cubs then went down for their last dinner together, and the camp t-shirts were distributed and soon, the roaring pack of Sixers headed for the campfire. The campfire started with an Adiji yell to welcome our guest of honour, Mr Edgar Wong the Assistant National Cub Scout Programme Commissioner, who shared a story with the Cubs before proceeding with the ectastic campfire that Ryan Choo, our campfire in charge had prepared.
"Sub Camp 1, yo!"
Excited for campfire
Our Guest of Honour
"I declare the campfire, open!"
"Campfire's burning, Campfire's burning..."
Thousand legged worm!
Hey, look at me!
Campstaff's Gangshow!
After campfire, the Sixers were sent up to watch a short TV episode called "black and white" featuring Soaring Eagles Scout Unit that was aired on Suria in 2012. After that, they had a reflection based on the movie, and proceeded for their shower and supper. Then once again, lights out.

Day 3:
The Sixers woke up at 0730 today, slightly later than the day before. They headed for uniform inspection and now the last and final Grand Howl. After that, it was time for breakfast. The Sixers were then dispatched to their various areas to do the area cleaning and striking of tents. Here we taught the Sixers that a Scout always leaves a place better than when he first came upon it. With that in mind, the Cubs did an excellent job and cleared up the various venues that they had used.
Last day
Just when the Cubs thought it was time to break camp, we still had one last activity in store for them. This was none other the the annual wet games! No words can describe the fun we had, I'll just leave you to the photos!
Bombs away!
Take that!
"Good throw!"
"Who wants to get wet?"
After the Sixers got changed out of their drenched attire. We had a prize presentation to award the best Sixer from each Six as well as the Best Six of the camp. The Cubs then broke camp and went off back to their various schools. The Cubs said their good byes to their friends and wished one another well as they parted and gone their separate ways. Overall, I had a fun time with the Sixers! Hope to see you guys again soon.
Prize Giving Ceremony - Best Six Award!
CLTC 2013 - Training the next generation of leaders!

Written by: Le Hai Son
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