Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Singapore Cuboree: Camp Possible 2013

Welcome to the Singapore Cuboree: Camp Possible 2013!
Day 0:
Cuboree started at nine for the camp staff,I was feeling very happy as it was a five day camp! This is long compared to the usual 3 day camps we normally hold.Once we were there,we were told to set up the large and heavy gazebos, we had to set up 14 gazebos and carry them to the designated areas.It did a fast job of making us tired quickly.

So tiring!


Few more to go! 

 We had our scrumptious lunch first before continuing to set up the tents,it was really vigorous and time consuming.

 Our dinner was next and then followed by the camp staff briefing. After the briefing, we did admin work as well as packing the goody bags for the cubs till very late. We showered and then hit the hay

Day 1:
The cuboree official starts on day 1 and the cubs began to pour in from 8am it was a long and tiring work but also really fun since we could interact and make new friends with the cubs.

Everybody is coming in with smiles on their faces!

Fox (Hidayat) is leading to cubs to their respective places

Cubs being briefed 

 First on the list was the open house where the cubs' parents can come to visit and see what the camp was about,there were many activities such as rock climbing, selling of ice cream and drinks and so on.

Kirsten and Jason selling Badges

Selling of ice cream and drinks

Cubs choosing what they want

Rock Climbing Team






 After the open house was a scrumptious dinner. The open ceremony cum campfire was next and the was a great deal of fun and happiness for the cubs as well as the staff members.

Mystifying Campfire opening!

Cubs enjoying themselves

After that, we had subcamp activities carried out by the subcamp chiefs and supervised by us. Lastly was shower time for the cubs and then lights off. The staff member stayed up to have our staff meeting and then finally at last, we were allowed to turn in for the night.

Day 2:
It will be a really fun and exciting day as the cubs can go for a outing! They went on a quest named the Power of the elements! There were five powers which are-Fire,Wind, Earth, Water and lastly Heart!

Singapore Zoo!

Sentosa Underwater World!

After they came back, it's was time for the cubs to shower and have their dinner. The cubs once again have their subcamp activities and then they hit the hay.

Day 3:
Today was the almost the same as day 2, we had farm adventures instead of the power of the elements. After the cubs came back, then had their shower followed by their dinner. Closing ceremony came next, it was really fun! Again, we had the subcamp activities and then a good nights rest.

Closing ceremony!

Day 4:
It was really mundane for the cubs and us is because all we had to do was to strike the tents as well as clean up. The cubs had their last debrief and ten, then it's home away! The staff continued to do the last clean up and then it's also home away for us! Overall it was a very fun camp, it had taught me things like coordination, cooperation and many other invaluable lessons.

Written by: Jason Tang
Photos taken from: Soaring Eagles Scout Group Facebook Page
Photo Credits to: SE Photographers

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Monday, 4 November 2013

SE Updates

Patrol Leader's Council 2014:

SPL - Seah Yi Hong (Blithe Otter)
ASPL - Le Hai Son (Beatnik Raccoon)


PL - Shawn Tang (Adroit Squirrel)
APL - Daryl Chan

PL - Teo Zhi Xian 
APL - Ian Fonseca 

PL - Dayton Leem (Boisterous Moose)
APL - Ximenez Soh

QM - Elson Tan (Altruistic Hyena)
Asst. QM - Raphael Ong 

Scribe - Jason Tang
Asst. Scribe - Marcus Wong

Scout craft names:

Le Hai Son, ASPL
Beatnik Raccoon
  Elson Tan, Quartermaster
Altruistic Hyena

Dayton Leem, PL Kingfisher
Boisterous Moose
Carolyn Philips (Carol), Venture Scout Leader
Fervent Manatee

Sunday, 3 November 2013

SE Standard Camp 2013

1st November 2013

Day 1:
The long awaited standard camp began on the 1st of Nov at 4 pm. I was having mixed feelings at the time, excited to be back to prove and used the skills and leadership lessons that I had learnt over the past year. Having been to Standard Camp twice before, there was something that the standard camp seasoned scouts had learnt, it was that every year's camp will hold a surprise for many of us. 
Horseshoe! 10, 9, 8, 7...

After we assembled at Hougang MRT station, we were given the MGR (Map Grid Reference) to the hike's startpoint. This was the infamous heavy vehicle car park (I entitled it infamous because the previous Standard Camp start point was there). After we arrived,we were greeted by the Ventures, mainly Tenacious Bear. We were told to do a layout, the first wasn't as good as we planned it to be. As a result, we re-did it till we had an acceptable layout, also we were encouraged by the Ventures as we did not impart the skill of "do it fast, do it once, do it right" an old lesson from the previous standard camps. 
Hong Joo and layout.

After that, we pitched our tents and proceeded to dig pits for backwoodsman cooking, it was fun but also tiring as the firewood was soaked wet. We were given 3 matchsticks per patrol. Eagle cooked and ate their food first as they got their fire up with a staggering record of 1 matchstick! That's a new record! Kingfisher came in second after 4 matchsticks, followed by my patrol, Swift.
Dayton - 1 matchstick record holder

After that we did area cleaning. At 11.50 pm, the shock of the day, when we were instructed to strike and pack the tents. Each patrol (10 - 12 members)  had to be split up into two subsequent teams (5 - 6 members). Each teams were given their first checkpoint's MGR and about (2-3 checkpoints more), eventually that MGRs woud lead to the endpoint at, Kallong Lakeside Park where we would be finally able to sleep. 

That's where we're going next.

Again, the two patrols Eagles were the first to reach, followed by another two by Kingfisher. But we only arrived at the checkpoint at 7am when the expected timing was 3am. At there, we were told to pitch the tents up again. We powdered ourselves up and slept in the tents.

Not sure if he's sleeping or posing for a photo.

Day 2:

The Ventures and leaders were kind enough, we found ourselves waking up at 9am instead of the designated time of 6am and had our notorious physical training. Serpent gave us a short reflection from yesterday that he cancelled as Swift came in too late. Breakfast was next and finally we proceeded to the next MGR, our next checkpoint we hiked a really long way before reaching our final checkpoint at Paya Lebar MRT station. We were then given our Ezlink card and told to go to Yio Chu Kang mrt station. 
10 seconds rest!
Squats? This is nothing!

We proceeded to the Yio Chu Kang Swimming complex, there the P6 recruits with us and some of the older scouts will swim 50m to clear a requirement for their Standards badge. The undisputed Eagles were the first, followed by Kingfisher and finally Swift. We did our 50m swimming test and we were allowed to relax and have some fun in the swimming pool before setting off to Endeavor Primary school. Having been tired of coming in last, we rushed from the MRT station and for once, Swift was the first to reach the endpoint! Not long after Eagle and Kingfisher patrol came in. 

Gotta test the water...

We were given a power nap for 20 minutes before we had to carry out the layout. After several tiresome attempts, we succeeded and were given the instructions to shower. 

Hurry up! 3 minutes for layout, carry on!

We had our dinners next, it was a good time for the patrols to sit together and talk the day out with one another, what went well, what did not a good opportunity to build up on patrol spirit, something that Serpent had talked to us about. After dinner we had the reflection of the day by Serpent then it was lights out.

Reflection time
Noting down thoughts and lessons of the day.
What I learnt from this camp...

Day 3:
Wakey wakey kiddo.
We woke up at 7.30 am for our physical training again which was very like any other PTs, vigorous, dreadful and tiresome. Breakfast followed next, prata and curry:) a camp favourite for the seasoned scouts and it was something that the recruits would learn to like. 
Suicides.. I want to die already..

That mow-hawk 

We checked the school compounds before packing our bags and a final area cleaning. 

Having 'fun' in standard camp was something that we did not expect, at least not that kind of fun. We were then told to take our water bottles and change into clothes we did not mind getting dirty in. We the proceeded to the field and played a special game, Fruit Ball. Captain ball game, played with fruits, best of all in a muddy field! It was truly a memorable game. From as small as a explosive Kiwi to a pineapple to a watermelon, it made the game only more fun. All in all, the game made us even closer forming bonder memories. 

I got this.. wait, where did it go?
Who needs abs when you can have..
..painted on abs!

Team SE!
After that we went back to the school for wash up before assembling into a horseshoe. 

The water's cold...brrrr...

Wash up
This is was it, the remaining 14 P6 recruits of the original 17, were finally moved up to scouts after surviving the standard camp and attained their Scout standards after fulfilling all the requirements. The rest of us were given our respective Scout Standards. 
On my honour..
Congratulations, you survived and earned the scarf.

Then there was the scout name giving, given to 3 of our seasoned scouts as well as our new venture scout leader. We celebrated with sparkling juice having survived the camp. Finally it was home sweet home!

In the end, I was really relief but also really happy. I learned a lot of things, I bet that my other scouts, especially the recruits had learnt a lot too from this camp. Before the camp I saw many new recruits still staying in the cliques from their old primary scout units, but now I see more seasoned scouts, bonded by standard camp. Officially they are no longer just scouts, they are SEScouts! Unfortunately, this would most likely be my last Standard Camp as I will be working toward my First Class Scout Standard Hike next year. Overall, call it dreadful, disliked or tiresome camp, all the tekan and all the hard times, driving most of us to our physical and mental limits, it is something that will stay in ourselves. This camp had forged a bond, a bond that only SEScouts can relate to, a strong bond, something that all SEScouts have in common. 

Team SE, "Stronk" till the end.

Written by: Jason Tang and Le Hai Son
Photos taken from: Soaring Eagles Scout Group Facebook Page
Photo Credits to: SE Photographers

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