Monday, 2 December 2013

Hosting WA Scouts in Singapore!

We hosted the winning patrol from Canning Sea Scouts from 28 November - 1 December 2013. As they had won a competition back in Australia which earned them this trip to Singapore. On the 28th November, we went to the airport early in the morning to welcome them. We were all very excited to meet them as we were all eager to make new friends and get to know more scouts around the world. After they arrived, we did not arrange for private buses to shuttle them back to the scout headquaters as we wanted them to have a taste of singapore's unique public transport, they were also quite excited as they wanted to try out our public transport too.

Trying out Singapore's public transport system
After we have arrived at the Singapore Scout Association, we let our guests settle down and unpack their belongings. When we were done, we set off taking the MRT again to Garderns By The Bay. there we bought our tickets to the "Cloud Forest" we went in there and take a look around before setting off to Orchard Road for our dinner. After dinner, we walked down Orchard Road just to expose our Australian friends to the buzzling night life of singapore.

Trying out some model poses 

On the second day, we went to Universal Studios Singapore, we first took the 'transformers' ride nearest to the entrance. The queue in there was very long, and we stood in the line for about an hour. Fortunately, for our Australian friends, they got the express pass and did not have to wait in the long line like us. Then we went to watch a live show together where we sat in the "wet zone" where we would all end up getting wet fom all the water effects of the show, and all of us ended up soaking after the show.

Soak up!
 After the show, we went to the different joyrides and attractions with different themes around USS for the rest of the day.


Group Photo!


On the third day, Singapore's National Patrol Camp and we walked around taking a look at the structures the scouts from all over Singapore had built. We also got to try out and climbed on a few of those structures! We also had a walk around the campsite with the Australian scouts to check out some of the cool shelters that the NPC participants had built.

Group photo at NPC!

Time flies so fast, before we knew it, it was the last night before our friends were going to board their flight back to Australia. Our Australian friends presented us with a wonderful token of appreciation.

Seah Yi Hong, SPL receiving the token from the PL of the Australian patrol.

The time came when we had to say our final goodbyes and took one last group photo. Overall, we were really glad to have been able to host our Australian friends. Despite the short 4 Day trip, we treasure and will remember every second spent with our amazing friends!

Last group photo

Singapore Cuboree: Camp Possible 2013 Videos

Here are two videos used at the Singapore Cuboree: Camp Possible 2013

Opening Ceremony, an embargoed video that was filmed over the days of the original Cuboree when the Western Australian Scouts who were supposed to be participants at the Singapore Cuboree attended a special contingency programme as the Cuboree had been unexpectedly postponed due to the haze.

Closing Ceremony, highlights from the Singapore Cuboree: Camp Possible 2013.